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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #14: Blowing Up Rexy

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<Nenni> Nenni has been watching the scene unfold impassively, trying vainly to catch a glimpse of an elusive Teleport Rope but to no avail! He gives up and tries to Fuse the Flesh of Ravansell instead... it's almost like being Toaded, only more hideous and less permanent.

<mainstreet> Ravansell is squished, rolled up, and fused together! The nature of the scene before you is so horrifying I can't even describe it in this family game. Just... ewwww.

<Capn_Ascii> "Auuugh, my eyes! The True Seeing does nothing!"

<Hildyr> Even Hildyr flinches at the gruesome sight.

<Nenni> "Don't hurt her!" Nenni calls out in Tongues quickly!

<Capn_Ascii> "Hurt her!? I think you hurt her enough for a lifetime!"

  • Vivi almost pulls out her notebook to describe the effects of the transformation, but not even she can stomach the thought of keeping that image in mind.

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii decides to stay put, and proceeds to play the Anvil Chorus on the head of the nearby mook.

<mainstreet> *BAM* the mook is hammered a bit with the, ahem, "anvil".

<Capn_Ascii> ("No, no, the anvil is his head. My mace is the hammer.")

<mainstreet> ("Oooooooooh. Okay then.")

  • Hildyr flourishes her axe in an unnecessarily fancy manner, and then brings it down on Rexy!

<mainstreet> Rexy takes the axehack. He grunts a bit.

<mainstreet> A Wild Elf takes a slice at Hans!

<mainstreet> However, the hacks are indeed quite wild, and go nowhere constructive.

<BLusk> "Ow, eek, ouch, ack, oh. Never mind!"

<mainstreet> Evangeline passes beyond the mortal coil, unable to stabilize.

<mainstreet> Rexy attempts to bite Hildyr!

<mainstreet> The wolf attempts to bite the Wild Elf!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, the wolf only manages to slap itself in the face and fall over.

<mainstreet> Beatrice herself lines up and attempts to Hold Person on one of the Elves.

<mainstreet> The Elf is HELD in place!

<mainstreet> Lauren approaches one of the remaining elves and attempts to finish him off.

<mainstreet> The claw hits, but isn't enough to finish off the elf.

<Vivi> Aeth gives up on trying to have any affect on the enemies and flies back to his master in case she wants to deliver any touch spells in the future.

  • BLusk whips his rapier into the W4 dude(ette?).

<mainstreet> The rapier slices into the elf. He staggers around, barely concious.

<mainstreet> One elf fails to break the Hold Person spell, and he remains in place. Another elf makes his way to the altar.

  • Vivi drops a fireball near said altar.

<mainstreet> The fireball completely roasts the elf in range into oblivion, and gives Rexy a severe scorching.

<Vivi> "Surrender!" Vivi yells, somewhat pointlessly, at the remaining foes.

<mainstreet> The only elf free to move promptly drops his sword and falls to the ground, knowing how hopeless it is.

  • FluffyRaven hisses and charges, no longer feeling unable to approach and making a full charge.. leaping atop the great beast for it's spine with a pressure-point stunning slam!

<Nenni> Nenni spends a Swift Action to top up his temporary HP back to 11 after that chilly storm before!

<Nenni> Nenni hurls his mind at the lizard, sending it back to whenever it came from with a Mind Thrust!


<mainstreet> The mind thrust causes the T-Rex to "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAR" in pain and find itself back in the Jurassic Plane.

<mainstreet> Fluffy, no longer being perched on top of a T-Rex, falls suddenly back to the ground.

<Nenni> "We have a minute to bind up this tumour with ropes and nets and whatever we have at hand before she recovers her form. But if she's tied up, blindfolded, gagged, and has no Spell Component Pouch by the time she recovers, she'll still be at our mercy and we can start asking questions." Nenni says aloud with Tongues.

  • Vivi starts to move toward Ravansell, then decides to leave the grosser tasks to...anyone else.
  • FluffyRaven tumbles to the floor, because cats always land on their feet.. "Well that was brief but intense."
  • Vivi pulls out one of the Wand of Hold Person and casts it at Ravansell.
  • FluffyRaven trots on over to the fleshblob, humanoids already looked weird to him anyway. "I could just knock her out a couple of hours in the meantime."

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii moves over to Ravansell and starts by A) removing her spell pouch, and B) shoving one of his old socks into her mouth.

<mainstreet> Ascii: You've removed her spell component pouch and her symbol of Tiamat. You've put a sock in the only opening you can find in this ball. You really hope it's her mouth.

  • Hildyr walks over to the elf still affected by Hold Person and begins tying them up
  • Capn_Ascii then waits for the spell to wear off, ready to shackle her.

<mainstreet> Ascii: She morphs back into herself, and you quickly put on the manacles.

<mainstreet> You got lucky, the sock is indeed in her mouth, and not somewhere else.

  • Nenni suggests "We can blindfold her now too. If nothing else, just put a helmet on her backwards."

<mainstreet> Lauren reverts back into her human form. "Well done. This is much appreciated."

  • Vivi looks around at the various surrendered or tied up or toad-ed foes. "I guess we should decide what we're going to do with them. Question Ravansell first?"

<Nenni> "Psst Vivi", Nenni telepathises, "Let's grab the Wizard's spellbook to study later... he dropped it when he went all amphibious."

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven, Aeth: You see Beatrice trying to slowly skulk out the back of the tunnel.

<Vivi> Aeth alerts everyone of this.

<Vivi> "Stop!" Vivi shouts.

<mainstreet> Beatrice, realizing she's been spotted, sighs. "What? Haven't I helped? Can't I go now?"

<Nenni> "At least she doesn't have Teleport Boots or Rope", Nenni thinks.

<Vivi> "Not yet. Sit in that corner till we know what we're doing with the others."

  • FluffyRaven sits up and sighs, ready to take off fast as lightning if required.

<mainstreet> Beatrice grumbles something under her breath and sits down, sulking miserably.

<Capn_Ascii> "Oh, don't be like that. Look at it this way - you're not a toad, and you're also rich. Richer."

  • Vivi directs Aeth, who picks up the frog and drops it by Ascii for him to stick in his pouch.

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

  • Vivi then follows up on the cat's suggestion and looks for the wizard's spellbook.

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii puts the toad in Bea's former pouch.

<Capn_Ascii> He then crouches near Ravansell. ""

<mainstreet> Ravansell raises an eyebrow at Ascii, unable to do much of anything else.

  • Vivi makes sure Aeth is near Ascii for telepathy translations while she looks through the spellbook.
  • Nenni curls up beside her, purring as he looks over her at the book's arcane pages.

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii uses the standard Aethernet connection to talk to her. "I'm guessing things didn't quite work out the way you'd hoped here."

<mainstreet> "No shit, Sherlock," Ravansell sends back. "We would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids."

  • FluffyRaven gets curious and peeks at the book as well, before going to investigate the dragon eggs almost ritualed.
  • Vivi scratches Nenni's ear as she reads.
  • Nenni purrs.
  • Vivi scratches the other cat's ears too.

<Capn_Ascii> "Now, now. Be nice, or I'll make you eat the *dirty* sock."

  • FluffyRaven is currently investigating dragon eggs!

<Capn_Ascii> "So, what was the plan here? Create dragon slaves?"

<mainstreet> "Because that's totally a worse fate than what I'm going to get for failing Her Dark Majesty." Ravansell rolls her eyes.

<mainstreet> "Well, they're half-dragons, but yeah, basically, we'd be able to take control of the Island in short order with a half-dragon strike force. Especially with these soft politicians more concerned with each other than with the real threats out there."

<Capn_Ascii> "You haven't smelled my dirty socks, have you? Also, what real threats?"

<mainstreet> "Well, us of course," Ravansell mentally giggles a little bit. "Her Dark Majesty is always interested in power and control here on Kevlo. And I would be more than happy to be her representative."

<Capn_Ascii> "So just your bog-standard island domination plot? That seems boring."

<Capn_Ascii> "So how ar does this go? What else have you got cooking, and who's in on it?"

<mainstreet> "Trying to see an incentive to discuss any of that... it's... not coming."

<Capn_Ascii> "If she's going to punish you for failure, you could get back at her by pre-emptively betraying her secrets to us?"

<Vivi> "Aeth won't bite you repeatedly if you answer?" Vivi says distractedly, without looking up from the book. "Ever heard of Death By A Thousand Cuts?"

<mainstreet> "Um, no, if I stay loyal, I'll get punished, but I can get back in her good books. Eventually. If I betray her... there's no coming back from that. Really, though, the fact that you're here, you already know it all".

<mainstreet> Ascii: You get the sense that while she isn't necessarily telling you everything, there's certainly not more to what's going on right here.

<Capn_Ascii> "You'd be surprised at how little I know. This operation is shut down, but I bet she has fingers in other pies. What do you know about what else she might be up to on the island?"

<mainstreet> "*I* am Grand Mistress for this Island. *I* make decisions for Her Dark Majesty's followers on this Island. Well, her humanoid followers anyway. It was my plan here that became worthy of a Grand Mistress' attention, so I arrived to perform it."

<Capn_Ascii> "So it all goes through you, then. What about non-humanoid followers? Where's this dragon we keep hearing about?"

<mainstreet> "You mean Voranath? It was Her Dark Majesty's decision not to include her in this plan. It was presumed that she wouldn't approve and might betray her goddess."

<Capn_Ascii> "Not *that* dragon, the other one."

<mainstreet> "Well that raid failed. Obviously. Copper dragon eggs are only ever good for plans like this. But I guess you can't win them all."

<Capn_Ascii> "Wrong again. The *other* other one.*

<mainstreet> "I... have no idea what you're talking about."

<mainstreet> Lauren visibly facepalms. "Hello? I *told* you he's only been here a couple of weeks."

  • Vivi finishes skimming the spellbook and closes it with a snap. She stands up. "There's no one higher up than Ravansell here in the plot. If there are any underlings, I imagine they will report to Bea here from now on. So shall we let V know where her eggs are now?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice yawns. "You killed everyone else. I'm the last cleric of Tiamat left on the Island. Well, I guess the Grand Mistress. Technically. I think I might be switching religions fairly soon, though."

<Vivi> "A wise choice, most likely."

<Capn_Ascii> "I would. Also, I'd make it a point to avoid Lamaranth from now on."

  • Vivi walks out of the cavern and looks up at the sky. Doing her magic thing, she creates a gigantic image in the sky. It says "Eggs", with a downward pointing arrow. She makes it rotate for maximum visibility.

<mainstreet> Beatrice sighs. "That... is going to be a problem. And one I have no clue how to solve. Because I'm going to be running the bank eventually. And both Lamaranth and Voranath have accounts."

  • Nenni begins making The Call. It takes 10 minutes to dial.

<Capn_Ascii> "Well, technically, I don't think anybody knows you were there at her castle...?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice stares at you, pointing at her armor, the altar, and the eggs in turn. "This is... not exactly a secret at the moment."

<Capn_Ascii> "Most of these poor bastards are going to be dead in a half-hour or so."

<mainstreet> "Which is going to include me if I'm still here at the time. Can I go now?"

  • Vivi uses Aeth to relay the message that Bea should probably get out of there before V shows up.

<Capn_Ascii> "Plan B: withdraw what you can, leave the island, and start a business elsewhere."

<mainstreet> Lauren sighs. "It's a good idea. Because we still do need her. Let her get out of here, please."

<mainstreet> Lauren shakes her head. "She could, but that's still going to leave the bank without an Heiress and cause major problems down the road."

<Capn_Ascii> "Hmm. What about Voranath? You did help rescue her eggs. Maybe you could use that to get some pull with her and keep Lamaranth at bay?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice frowns. "Maybe. Worth a shot, I suppose. She's going to have a serious crisis of faith, though, regardless. Which probably means she'll be unpredictable."

<Capn_Ascii> "Point out to them that you're needed to run the bank or else everything here goes to shit?"

<mainstreet> Nenni: You search for Ravansell's gear, and find a *very* ornate-looking and likely highly magical rapier. You also find a Hat of Disguise, a pair of thin leather gloves, and a long cape of blue feathers.

<mainstreet> Beatrice frowns. "Could work, I guess. It's going to be adversarial, at best. And I still want to give Voranath a chance to calm down. I'm... not sure I'd want to be in this cave, once she knows the eggs are here, even if all I did was help. Just free advice."

<Capn_Ascii> "Oh, absolutely. I'd get the hell out of here until things calm down. Go on, git."

<mainstreet> Beatrice quickly leaves.

<Nenni> Nenni waits until Vivi returns and points out to her the four ornate items Ravansell discarded.

<Capn_Ascii> "As for you..." He addresses the toad pouch. "Behave and maybe you can get un-toaded too."

<mainstreet> Nenni: You make contact with Carolyn.

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

<Nenni> "Hello Operator?"

<Nenni> "Operator: I'd like you please to relay through a message that we have located the eggs. There are three of them. They are apparently unharmed. We are at gridref X.Y.Z as marked on your map by a huge neon Silent Image in the mountains."

<mainstreet> Carolyn gasps. "You'd better not be lying... I'll send immediately. Anything else?"

<Nenni> "Sure. Check it out. Not lying for reals! Honest. A means of returning / teleporting back to Rainbow City would be appreciated."

<Capn_Ascii> "Yeah, we're kinda stuck in the boonies otherwise."

<Capn_Ascii> Ascii goes to paw through the wizard's stuff.

  • Nenni ambles over to the wizard's pile of clothing, grateful his underwear weren't transformed too, and helps Ascii sift through the discarded gear.

<Nenni> "Over and out, Carolyn!"

<mainstreet> Nenni: You find an iron rod, a Hat of Disguise, and a headband of some sort. You also find a crossbow, some bolts, and a rapier, but these seem to be quite mediocre in quality.

  • Vivi changes the color of the arrow a few times, flashing from red to yellow to blue-and-green plaid.

<Nenni> "I wonder if this headband stacks with any Vivi has?"

<mainstreet> A while later... you hear a loud roar. A shadow darkens the entrance to the cave.

<Capn_Ascii> "We should go."

  • Nenni uses Telekinetic Force to move all the loot out to the cave entrance.
  • Vivi quickly grabs up the loot from Nenni and backs away from the cave entrance.

<mainstreet> A huge, glistening green dragon slowly plods her way towards you. Her body looks as sleek and maintained as her rival's, and she looks ready for a fight, carefully scanning the walls as she approaches.

<Vivi> "That way," Vivi says, pointing inside. "We stopped them before they did the ritual, so we think your eggs are ok."

<mainstreet> Voranath nods slowly at them, and proceeds along into the cavern.

  • Nenni telepaths to Ascii, "Here, let me wrap the toad in Quintessence. That way we have all the time in the world to reverse the curse or decide what to do with it."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---