Geometric Archipelago:Dragons on Semicircle Island/Chapter 13

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #13: Fit to be Toad

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<mainstreet> You find yourselves preparing for battle!

<Ascii> Ascii casts on himself...*inhale* Chasing Perfection, Stoneskin, True Seeing, and Insight of Good Fortune.

<Ascii> Ascii appears to bulk up, getting stronger, beefier, yet also somehow more agile. And smarter. And...handsomer?

<Ascii> "Who want's Bull's Strength?" His voice seems oddly suave.

<mainstreet> Lauren grins. "I'll take it... but after I transform."

<Ascii> Ascii then grows a layer of stone armor, until he looks like a statue of himself.

<mainstreet> Lauren shifts... and a tiger appears before you. She growls softly.

<Ascii> "Gah!"

<Ascii> "Hey, wait! You can turn into *any* cat?"

<mainstreet> Lauren sends through the Aethnet "*I* can turn into more or less anything I please."

  • Vivi resists the urge to suggest she turn into a dragon, then.
  • Ascii shrugs, and strongths her.

<Ascii> Ascii also casts Shield of Faith and Enlarge Person on Hildyr.

  • Vivi looks up at Hildyr, wondering what it would be like to be so much larger than others. She makes a note to ask Hildyr for details later, to be transcribed in her notebook.
  • Vivi instructs Ascii to use the Hat of Disguise to look like Jason...and then suddenly realizes that a Large Hildyr might have trouble passing for Deirdre.

<Ascii> "Yeah, we're past the point of disguise now."

<Ascii> "We charge in there and start kicking ass."

  • Vivi shrugs..."I could try to pass myself off as Deirdre instead. We don't have to *stay*'s just to get the jump on them. I could also cast Invisibility Sphere on all of us...but you're kinda noisy. Might be better if you pretend to be Jason walking in by himself, until you get close enough to surprise them."

<Ascii> "I'm tired of hiding, and these buffs don't last all day. Let's go." Ascii marches toward the cave.

  • Vivi shrugs and follows, not bothering with the invis sphere since he hasn't made himself look like Jason.
  • Hildyr tags along bigly
  • Vivi quickly hands Beatrice one of the Summon Monster wands.

<mainstreet> Beatrice smirks thinly. "This will help, yes."

<mainstreet> You're in the tunnel, just outside the cave proper. You can see two wild elves guarding the entrance.

  • Vivi quickly casts Invisibility Sphere and hopes Ascii doesn't clunk too loud.

<Vivi> The group creeps up, invisibly, on the guards.

<mainstreet> As you get close to the guards threat range, you can see inside the main chamber. You see Ravansell, Evangeline, Vardon, and the 4 guards.

<mainstreet> "Dammit!" Ravansell yells. "They're here! Invisible targets in the tunnel!"

<mainstreet> Ravansell hums to herself.

<mainstreet> All of a sudden, a t-rex has appeared! You also notice Ravansell has doubled in height and looks much heavier now!

<mainstreet> Beatrice tries to eliminate some of that spellwork...

<mainstreet> unfortunately, the Dispel attempt fizziles. Ravansell laughs. "Really, Beatrice? You really thought you could cancel MY spell, traitor?"

<mainstreet> Lauren, seeing her first plan busted by the sudden presence of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, turns on one of the guards.

<mainstreet> Her mighty pounce completely annhiliates the elf in one utter mauling! "ROOOOOOOOAR!"

<Ascii> "Damn."

<mainstreet> Vardon launches a powerful arc of lightning from his fingertips! It sizzles at Lauren and spirals off to the rest of you!

<mainstreet> "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!" Lauren screams in extreme pain, barely surviving the blast.

<BLusk> "Ow!"

<Ascii> "Nggh!" Ascii, sizzling a bit, shrugs off some of the damage thanks to his stoneskin. He also shoves a palm out at Lauren - a brief magic field flares into existence, just long enough to scatter some (though not all) of the lightning.

<Vivi> Aeth flies straight toward Ravansall, to sting her.

<mainstreet> Aeth *attempts* to fly straight towards Ravansell, but finds himself unable to get closer than 20 feet of her.

<mainstreet> However, he *is* able to give Rexy the sting!

<BLusk> Hans darts forward and casts Grease on Vardon.

<mainstreet> Vardon falls flat on his face. His response is not fit to print.

<mainstreet> One of the Wild Elves steps up to hack and slash at Ascii!

<Ascii> The elf's weapon makes resounding *CLANG* as it slams into absolutely nothing in mid-air.

<mainstreet> Another elf attempts to shoot a tiger!

<mainstreet> However, they fail to penetrate the tiger's thick fur.

  • Vivi casts Black Tentacles behind Ravansell.

<mainstreet> Ravansell, Evangeline, a Wild Elf, and Rexy all feel the wrath of the tentacles!

<mainstreet> Evangeline grimaces, realizing she has no viable options while grappling.

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, the tentacles have her firmly in their grasp.

<Ascii> Ascii finds himself forced to attempt the one thing he swore he would never do as a cleric: heal!

<Ascii> Channeling spell energy into an outward wave, he gives the entire party a shot in the arm.

  • Hildyr takes a giant step towards Rexy, and then whirls her also-giant axe around like a maniac, hitting both Rexy and the elf next to her!

<mainstreet> *slice*slice*

<mainstreet> A Wild Elf steps up and takes a slash at Hans!

<Vivi> While Hildyr is chopping up enemies, Vivi thanks Ascii for the heal.

<mainstreet> *SLASH* The sword slashes into Hans. A bit. He barely feels it.

<BLusk> "Ow ow ow ow ow? Oh, never mind."

<mainstreet> Ravansell tries to escape the tentacles but fails to do so.

<mainstreet> Rexy tries as well... and fails miserably!

<mainstreet> Beatrice calmly begins a spell.

<mainstreet> Lauren circles around to the back, and inspired by her newfound teammate's actions, aims a spell at Vardon...

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

<mainstreet> Vardon has been turned into a toad!

  • Vivi cheers enthusiastically.

<Ascii> "Hah!"

<Vivi> Aeth gives up on trying to poison the ginormous dinosaur and instead heads for the neglected, and smaller, elf.

<mainstreet> The wild elf feels a small sting.

<Vivi> Aeth growls in frustration at his ineffectiveness. Vivi mentally comforts him, pointing out how much they rely on his mental telepathy outside battle.

<BLusk> Hans attacks W4 with ferocity!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, they bang off the elf's full plate armor.

<BLusk> Hans' ferocity is apparently fauxrocity.

<mainstreet> Wild Elf #1 atempts to stab Hildyr!

<mainstreet> It pokes at Hildyr, not really hurting.

<mainstreet> Wild Elf #3 tries to get out of the grapple.

<mainstreet> It cannot do so. These tentacles are tenacious.

<mainstreet> The tentacles SLAM into the enemy, hurting Ravansell, Evangeline, and the Wild Elf. Rexy manages to avoid damage.

<Vivi> Feeling a sense of turnabout-is-fair-play, and only wishing the wizard were getting some of this, Vivi launches her own Chain Lightning at Ravansell and her nearby cronies.

<mainstreet> The lightning *sizzles* and hammers into the enemy's field.

<mainstreet> Evangeline tries once more to break free!

<mainstreet> That leads her nowhere constructive once more.

<Ascii> Ascii decides to clock the elf who's standing next to him.

<mainstreet> He decides to *try* to clock the elf, rather. Clearly, his clocking skills need some work.

<Ascii> Ascii is startled as his weapon rebounds! "So *this* is what it feels like..."

  • Ascii is clockblocked.
  • Hildyr puts all her power into an overhead swing at Rexy!

<mainstreet> *SMACK*

<mainstreet> "ROOOOOOOAR!"

<mainstreet> A Wild Elf takes a slice at Hans!

<mainstreet> However, as he swings, his sword ends up missing wildly and getting stuck in the cavern floor. He grunts and pulls it out, but isn't able to finish his attack.

<mainstreet> Ravansell *finally* manages to free herself from the tentacles. She books it for a place outside them.

<mainstreet> Rexy *also* frees himself from the tentacles and stomps outside their range.

<mainstreet> A wolf appears next to the wild elf near Hildyr!

<mainstreet> Beatrice quickly heals herself as well.

<mainstreet> Lauren attempts to charge towards Ravansell!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, she finds herself unable to continue towards her.

<mainstreet> Growling, Lauren goes to Plan B... an Ice Storm is generated!

<mainstreet> Evangeline instantly drops at the pounding hailstones. and the elf also looks pretty beat. Ravansell doesn't seem too badly affected, but she definitely takes damage from it.

<Vivi> Aeth makes another probably-futile attempt at poisoning the elf.

<mainstreet> The elf takes the prick of damage, but does not succumb.

<Vivi> "I will take you down, one health point at a time!" thinks Aeth.

  • BLusk tries to make up for his previous failure by attacking W4 again

<mainstreet> Wild Elf #1 takes a stab at Hildyr!

<mainstreet> Wild Elf #3 desperately tries to escape from the grapple...

<mainstreet> It's not very good, but the tentacles are somehow even worse.

<mainstreet> The elf stumbles out of the tentacles.

<Vivi> Since all the targets are knocked out or escaped, Vivi dismisses the Black Tentacles spell.

  • Vivi then boldly, and probably foolishly, tries to make Ravansell join the toad crowd.

<mainstreet> Ravansell raises an eyebrow in amusement.

  • FluffyRaven now comes out of the fray in his.. usually overly dramatic manner, diving /in/ to the Ice Storm and against the repulsion radius, or at least trying.

<mainstreet> He... tries... to do so... but can't find the willpower to make it through.

  • FluffyRaven growls loudly, but even that isn't enough.. now taking up his pent up rage on another elf instead with a surprisingly strong slam.
  • FluffyRaven for a cat, anyway.

<mainstreet> The elf is stunned by the STUNNING PAW!

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---