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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #12:Getting Better

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

  • Vivi , wondering why she didn't do this before, uses Aeth's telepathy to talk to Bea frog. "What is it?"

<mainstreet> "Oh, *now* you suddenly develop telepathy? Convenient. Hmmph. I wanted to wonder what you planned to do when you realized you have no ****ing clue how to do the ritual the Grand Mistress demands... not to mention it wouldn't even work in the first place if not performed by ordained clerics of Tiamat. She's going to spot your incompetence immediately. All your resting here is doing is giving Evangeline a chance to join her."

<Vivi> "And us a chance to rest," Vivi notes.

<Ascii> "Yeah, we're beat."

<mainstreet> "Yes. More time to lock me into this ****ing toad form. Do you actually want me to be useful or useless? Because, you know, this is about as useless as I can possibly be to you."

<Vivi> "Do you have a suggestion on how to ensure your loyalty if we turn you back?"

<Ascii> "Language. But yeah, you're right. We're clearly not going to fool anyone for long, so I don't see how we're getting through this without a fight. And we need to be in top shape."

  • FluffyRaven eyes the toad and yawns purposefully with his sharp teeth. "You are also useful as a snack."

<Ascii> "Fluffy!"

<Nenni> to Bea's taunts, Nenni feeds into the Aethnet: "Also just about as useless you can be to our enemies too."

<Ascii> "Look, Bea, I'm not going to leave you like this - that much I promise. But if I turn you loose now, you might go marching in there and tattle on us."

<mainstreet> "Let me put it this way: I've already been captured. With what I've *already* helped you with... I go in there and the Grand Mistress will probably just slaughter me. You're my only chance. Not to mention that... well, if you manage to take out Evangeline, I'm sole Heiress of the Winstara fortune. We were all united when we had each other as checks. Now..." Beatrice hops around a bit.

  • FluffyRaven lays down with a less fake yawn and stretch, keeping his antagonizing thoughts away from the toad this time. .o0(I'm surprised she had the strength of will to keep her mind in that little brain.)

<mainstreet> "I'm a cleric, of course I have a strong will, you moron."

<Ascii> "The spell doesn't do *that* for nearly another day."

<Ascii> "So what you're saying want us to kill your sister so you can become fabulously wealthy? ...well, wealthier."

  • Vivi sighs. "I don't suppose there's a way to ensure that NONE of the Winstara girls inherit their fortune? Maybe not settle for the least-worse guys this time around?"

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

<Nenni> "Who will inherit if all the heirs are Missing In Action when the time comes?"

<mainstreet> "Sure you can just kill me, or leave me a toad. Then kill Evangeline and the family won't have any Heirs. That just means they'll have to coporatize and it'll go to some idiot brownnoser."

  • mainstreet flips those lines

<Ascii> "She's got a point. The money's going to end up in *someone's* hands."

<mainstreet> "I don't think I need to explain how that will lead to idiotic mismanagement of the bank and probable ruination of the economy."

<Ascii> "With no guarantee they'll be any, evil."

  • Vivi grimaces. "I suppose so."

<Vivi> "So we settle for the Winstara who doesn't have a motive to worship Tiamat anymore, I guess."

<mainstreet> Lauren interjects, "Miss Winstara is correct. We need her. Or someone. If you're going to leave her, I'm going to have to demand, as an official GATO representative, that you do NOT kill the last sister, and if you do, you will be fined to pay for ressurection."

<mainstreet> "*Excuse* me, but I still worship my Goddess. I will simply oppose this cell's particular plan. Out of pure self-interest. Which Her Dark Majesty will respect."

<Vivi> "That's...not making a great case for yourself." Vivi turns to Lauren, "You sure there isn't another suitable substitute?"

<Nenni> "Sounds like a monopoly on the economy isn't in this land's best interests."

<Ascii> "Nenni, it's not our job to judge to socio-economic situation here. It's our job to kick ass, take names, and get paid."

  • FluffyRaven sits up with a sigh. .o0(Let us not tank the economy of your towns and cities with our actions today. I rely on a steady supply of magical utilities for.. study and exploration. We should keep her alive.)

<mainstreet> Lauren frowns. "We could try to resurrect one of her other sisters? You'd need her corpse though, and I doubt that would any better."

<mainstreet> "It would not." Beatrice assures your group.

<Vivi> "I doubt any of her sisters would be any less loyal to Tiamat. And several of those bodies are...unrecoverable."

<mainstreet> Lauren shrugs. "I'm not a fan of banks that are too-big-to-fail either, but it is what it is."

<Ascii> "At any rate, Lauren, like I said, I'm not leaving her like this for good. I just need to make sure we keep control of her until this upcoming fight is over."

<mainstreet> Lauren raises her eyebrow at Vivi.

<Ascii> "Yeeeeaaaah, you're not getting those corpses back. They're goo by now."

<Vivi> "A ... very upset dragon took out her anger on their corpses."

<mainstreet> "I see," Lauren replies neutrally.

<Ascii> "The only reason Bea survived is because she got toad. ...get it?" He grins.

<Ascii> "...ahem."

<Ascii> "Anywho. So, Bea, if I turn you back tomorrow morning and then we go in there to kick butt, can I assume you'd be willing to help us insofar as it would help eliminate your primary competition?"

<Vivi> "Ok. So no un-frogging tonight. That would produce a suspicious extra body anyway. We already have one too many, since they want Gork or Mork here dead."

<mainstreet> "That doesn't matter. Either your extra goes invisible or Grand Mistress will suspect something immediately. One invisible and two invisible would make little difference. And that's assuming the Agent goes cat again, *and* the cats aren't noticed."

<mainstreet> "If you please, I would prefer to sleep human. Less chance for... accidents" Beatrice hops pointedly in Fluffy's direction.

<mainstreet> "But yes, I will help."

<Ascii> "I don't think so. You could sneak in there while we're asleep and warn them."

<Vivi> "*Does* anyone have a leftover invis spell? What are we going to do about our Gork problem?"

<Ascii> "What problem?"

<mainstreet> "Haven't I already explained why that would be an incredibly bad idea for me?"

<Vivi> "Ravansell wants 'Jason' to kill Gork."

  • FluffyRaven rolls his eyes. "I'm not going to eat you, I have an agenda and fortunately for you it means keeping you undigested."

<Ascii> "You'll be fine in my pack until tomorrow morning. Fluffy's just posturing anyway."

<Vivi> "If you go back in there as Gork, that will be a problem."

<Ascii> "Vivi, I don't think we need the disguises any more. We'll just ditch the hats and charge in there."

<Vivi> "Tonight?! I thought we were waiting until morning."

<Vivi> "She's expecting Jason to kill Gork *now*."

<Ascii> "So? I'll just take off *my* hat and hide under the covers or something."

<Ascii> "We're not going to sleep *right here* where they can see anyway."

  • Vivi looks doubtful. "You think you can sneak back into the caves without any of them seeing you?"
  • Nenni spends ten minutes watching the conversation and permanently gaining the ability to speak in Tongues.

<Vivi> "Or are you assuming we'll sleep out here? Won't they find *that* suspicious?"

<Ascii> "Vivi, I said, we don't *need* to sneak back in. We're going full assault."

<mainstreet> Lauren shakes her head. "They're not going to check. Ravansell and her pets don't leave the cave often."

<mainstreet> "I've been observing for over a week. Vardon -- the wizard -- goes in and out, but Ravansell and her pets... haven't left the cave since I've been there."

<mainstreet> "And when Vardon travels, he teleports. I don't know where."

<Vivi> "So Ravansell won't be expecting us to spend the night in the caves?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice snickers internally. "Please. We're aristocratic bankers. Would we ever willingly sleep in a cave instead of our luxurious bedchamber in our mansion?"

<Ascii> "I imagine she just teleports around."

<mainstreet> "Yeah, teleportation is a rather significant thing on this island, you may have noticed," Beatrice comments.

<Vivi> "Where *is* your mansion, and how do you normally teleport there?"

<mainstreet> "It's in Rainbow City, and we all have Boots of Teleportation."

<Ascii> "I gotta get me some of those."

  • Vivi frowns, noting that she removed armor, crossbow, wands, and hats from the sisters, but not boots.

<mainstreet> "Well a common thug like you probably can't afford them," Beatrice sniffs. "It's not like I could if I weren't a Winstara."

<mainstreet> "For what it's worth, Jason doesn't have that. I have no clue what he does. He's not like us, you understand."

<Ascii> "We gathered that. Mind filling us in on that whole deal?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice croaks out a laugh. "Let's just say Charlotte is... was very... persuasive... when she wanted to be. His primary interest was pleasing her. I guess they can have fun together in Hell."

<Nenni> "If they're on the same Level."

<mainstreet> "Ribbit."

<Ascii> "Eww."

<Ascii> "I get the feeling you sisters don't like each other very much."

<mainstreet> "We served a common goal, the glory of Her Dark Majesty... but we all are very much interested in money. And having more of it. Which, yes, means we would need to get other people, including our sisters, to have less."

  • Nenni wonders why anyone with that much money wants /more/ of it.

<Vivi> "So what are WE going to do tonight? We don't have teleporting boots."

<Nenni> "But we can Teleport none the less."

<Ascii> "What are we going to do? We're going to sleep, for starters."

<Vivi> "Where?" Vivi looks confused. "Didn't we just agree we're not going back in the caves tonight?"

<Vivi> A look of dawning horror comes over Vivi's face. "You don't mean...out you?! But I thought we would be sleeping at Lamaranth's castle tonight and I didn't prepare Secure Shelter!"

<Nenni> "Where do you sleep, Lauren? As a cat in the cave with the eggs?"

  • FluffyRaven sighs and quietly grooms his thick coat, has slept outside plenty.

<Hildyr> "Not used to sleeping outdoors, eh? I used to do that all the time."

<Ascii> "Yes Vivi, we're going to sleep out here tonight. Outside, in the open, beneath that horrifying expanse of emptiness above they call the sky."

<Vivi> "I'm an intellectual. I haven't slept outside since I learned that spell, at the very least. Who would want to do that?" Vivi says, with a slightly whiny tone to her voice.

<mainstreet> Lauren nods. "I have been sleeping as a cat in a tree, actually. They think I'm a regular cat and are used to my coming and going."

<Ascii> "Better pray that gravity doesn't spontaniously fail while we're asleep..."

<Nenni> "Can you maintain cat form indefinitely, Lauren? You don't sometimes wake up human by mistake?"

<Vivi> "I...I don't even have a bedroll."

<mainstreet> Lauren shrugs. "I can sleep in a tree as human, just as well. Just don't ask me to climb it as one."

<Ascii> "You can borrow mine."

  • Vivi tries to get her mind off a cold and uncomfortable night ahead by focusing on a tactical problem. "So, is the cat still going to contact Voranath? Do we want her here?"

<Vivi> "Thanks," she says to Ascii with gratitude.

  • FluffyRaven earperks as he listens to the other sort-of feline. "Someone has a good outlook on things."

<Ascii> "That's a good question. Having her here makes the situation a lot harder to control. I'd just as soon leave her out of this."

<Vivi> "Maybe after the battle tomorrow, we can cart away anyone who's alive before letting her know where to find her babies?"

<Nenni> "I would think if she arrived here, there wouldn't /be/ a battle. I'd prefer to avoid bloodshed with intimidation if at all possible."

<Vivi> "If Voranath arrived, there might not be much of a battle, but there wouldn't be any survivors, either."

<Vivi> "Just look what Lamaranth did...and they didn't even HAVE her eggs."

  • Nenni ponders this.

<Nenni> "What's going to result in the least net suffering?"

<Vivi> "Remove any survivors from tomorrow's battle before telling V where her eggs are. Unless you have a better suggestion?"

<Vivi> "Not that I know what we'd do with them. Just like with the Winstaras...egg-stealing is a capital crime."

<Ascii> "The important thing is that we need to *interrogate* them.

<Ascii> "We can't do that if they're all smoking piles of goo."

<Nenni> "If the party waltzes into the egg cavern tomorrow, and the battle goes against the eggnappers they might just use their rope and obviate interrogation anyway."

<Ascii> "But if we call the dragon, we absolutely WILL NOT get any info out of them. They'll all be dead, and nothing we can say or do will stop Voranath from making that happen. It's like calling in Godzilla - last ditch effort ONLY."

  • Nenni produces a few marbles of quintessence and bats them around on the grass while debating, pouncing on them and pinning them under a paw.

<Nenni> "Well, you guys decide. I can phone her henchman up if it will help, or not if it won't."

  • Nenni practises speaking aloud now he finally has Tongues. He tries saying "Mork" in Orc to see how it sounds.
  • FluffyRaven earperks at the distinct sound of pouncing, eyeing the spheres instinctively.. before snapping out of it for now. "You have no spells for speaking with the dead?"

<mainstreet> Nenni: Funnily enough, "Mork" is the same in Orc and in Common.

<Ascii> "I would greatly prefer keeping all of the dragons out of our operational affairs whenever possible."

<Vivi> "Ah well. I was kinda looking forward to using a Silent Image spell to create a giant arrow over our heads that Voranath would be able to see from miles away and find us...but I think you're right."

  • Nenni starts composing a poem where each word is in a different language. Kind of like the strange glyphs on the cave floor were sigils mixed from various languages, only his poem is significantly less useful.

<Vivi> "Well, I guess that's it then." Vivi takes Ascii's bedroll and looks for a good spot to settle in.

  • FluffyRaven earflicks, before lowering his ears with a flick of his tail. "Are you.. speaking?"
  • Ascii puts Beatrice securely back into her pack-prison, then finds a pot that doesn't look *too* filthy to lie down.
  • Nenni clears a furball from his throat then says in Common, aloud, "Yep, speaking, coming through loud and clear."

<Ascii> "Be quiet, Nenni, it's time to sleep."

  • Vivi scratches both the cats' heads and settles in to sleep.
  • FluffyRaven seems more slightly distrate then mad. "But.. I was the only speaking cat on this island."

<Nenni> "I can find my own island, if you'd like?"

<Nenni> "But not for a while yet... I don't want to land in the sea."

<Nenni> Since Vivi has always been so supportive and affectionate toward him, Nenni starts constructing a bedroll and tent from a tiny bit of dried grass, on a stable section of ground. If it turns out alright, he'll offer it to Anna. If it looks like a Bush Turkey's nest, he might pretend he was just chasing sticks.

<FluffyRaven> "Relax, I have other places to be as well. Rest well, tommorow will be chaos." He simply curls up, his thick coat a pillow of it's own.

  • Nenni looks at the cotton wool beanbag produced and invites Vivi to try it out for size.

<Vivi> "Oooo." Vivi gives Ascii his bedroll back and spreads out on the somewhat more comfy cotton.

<Vivi> "Thanks, both of you."

  • Ascii shrugs, and simply rolls over onto the bedrool where Vivi's dropped it next to him.
  • Vivi wraps herself in cotton and sleeps.
  • Nenni gathers the quintessence he was playing with earlier and prowls up to Bea the toad. "Hold still, and this will protect you from the passage of time while we sleep, giving you 8 or 9 more hours to be rescued." he tells her via his telepathic psicrystal. Then he covers her in quintessence.

<mainstreet> Lauren returns to cat form and sleeps.


<mainstreet> After a good night's rest, the sun starts to rise. You start to stir awake.

  • Nenni tries to snuggle up to Lauren in the tree.

<mainstreet> Lauren idly bats at Nenni to keep him off her.

  • Nenni licks himself clean and settles down nearby.
  • Vivi sits up and immediately opens her spellbook and begins studying.
  • Nenni sleeps for 59 minutes longer, and then spends a full round action to get his mana bowl full.

<Ascii> Ascii wakes up and spends a few minutes paying lip service to ol' whatsisname. Pelor! Yeah, that's it.

  • Ascii removes his disguise hat.
  • Hildyr sleeps in while others are doing spellcaster things

<Nenni> If Lauren heads into the cave at a particular time, he'll accompany her then.

<mainstreet> Lauren leaps down from the tree, transforms back into human, and waits for the rest of the group to get ready.

  • Hildyr finally gets up and prepares her gear
  • Vivi digs some somewhat stale rations out of her bag and fortifies herself for the fight ahead.

<Nenni> "Once you've finished with the cotton wool, perhaps boot it down the hillside. It'll biodegrade in 14 more hours"

  • Vivi complies with Nenni's instructions.
  • Ascii takes Beatrice out. "Alright, so. I'm going to turn you back now. We've got you stuff, minus the boots, I think. You can help us with this fight, or you can...I dunno, hide or something.

<Ascii> "Just be aware that A) you can be re-toaded if you try to double-cross us, and B) Lamaranth is probably going to want to know where you were last night when the attempted egg-napping occured. If I were you, I would come up with a *very* good alibi."

<Ascii> "Because I think you know what she'll do to you if you don't."

<mainstreet> "Yeah, yeah, just get on with it. And don't be a pervert."

  • Vivi pulls out Beatrice's armor and holds it in front of the toad for modesty's sake.

<Ascii> Ascii dispells Bea's warty form. He can do nothing about her ugly personality, however.

<mainstreet> Beatrice returns to human form and quickly dons her armor.

<Ascii> "Feeling better now?"

<mainstreet> Beatrice sniffs. "Let's just get this done."

<mainstreet> She holds out her hand. "Crossbow, please."

  • Vivi hands one of them over, along with a hefty supply of bolts.

<mainstreet> Beatrice takes them without comment.

  • Vivi holds her Broom of Flying, looks at the lady she recently turned into a toad, and uses the Hat of Disguise to make the hat look black and pointy.

<Nenni> "Is there a Familiar in the house?"

  • Vivi looks at the cat. "Aeth is here; why?"
  • Vivi looks at Aeth and wonders if a Hat of Disguise could turn him into a black cat, but decides he's cooler the way he is.
  • Vivi casts Mage Armor on herself.
  • Nenni buffs himself with Inertial Armour, Chameleon, Heroics and Heroism the moment before the team moves into the cave.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---