Geometric Archipelago:Dragons on Semicircle Island/Chapter 09

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #9: Battle for Castle Lamaranth, Part II

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

  • Hans frowns at the tactical situation, then finally slings a spell at Dierdre, singsong voice conveying magical power.

<Hans> < blindness, DC 15 FORT >

<mainstreet> Deirdre is so severely blinded she might as well not have any sight at all!

<mainstreet> Er, wait a minute... ;)

  • Hans celebrates the apparent effectiveness of his horrible curse.
  • FluffyRaven suddenly slides mid charge towards the once invisible cleric, springing off at the Orc and leaping 10 feet in to the air. Majestic! Coming down with a clawed kick to the orc's face.

<mainstreet> The orc is hit, but has the power to withstand the stun attempt!

<mainstreet> In fact the scratch doesn't even do any damage!

<FluffyRaven> "Oh meow.."

<Ascii> "...and YOU!" Ascii, clearly still angry raises his mace up, a ray of solar energy lancing out from the tip towards Beatrice. "GO TO HELL!"

<mainstreet> Beatrice is SCORCHED! You see her hair all frizzled, a vicious sunburn all over her body, and a general feeling of steam.

<Ascii> Ascii also takes a couple of steps toward Vivi's pet wolf, in hopes of possibly diverting its attention.

  • Vivi mutters Latin words that sound a little like 'bufo erit' and waves her hands at Beatrice. In her head, she debates whether a female wizard who turns people into toads should properly be called a 'witch'.

<mainstreet> "Ribbit. Ribbit." Beatrice croaks.

<mainstreet> Gork mutters something incoherent.

<mainstreet> Mork steps up and attempts to smack Ascii.

<mainstreet> The three swings of Mork's axe smack harmlessly off Ascii's armor.

<mainstreet> Beatrice hops away. "Ribbit."

<Ascii> "Hey, wait!" Ascii seems to feel kind of bad now. "We'll turn you back, I promise!"

  • Vivi , facing a wolf, doesn't feel very bad for turning its summoner into a toad. "Says you."

<mainstreet> The wolf tries to bite Vivi, but she dodges out of the way.

<Ascii> "We need prisoners, remember?" Ascii carries on the conversation even as Mork repeatedly strikes him in the back. "And besides, toading? That's awfully cruel even by my standards."

<Hildyr> After spending a bit of time swaying back and forth in confusion, Terry lashes out at Deirdre with his horns!

<mainstreet> Deirdre, already blinded, feels a sudden piercing in her gut. "OWWWWWWW!"

<mainstreet> Deirdre, unable to see, gulps. "Uh... I surrender?"

<mainstreet> She drops her weapons.

<mainstreet> Mork, seeing this, drops his axe as well.

<Ascii> Ascii nods. "We accept your terms. Prepare to be boarded." He blinks. ", wait. I mean, Vivi, help me with the captives. Hans, see if you can slap some sense into Hildyr and Terry."

  • Hans meanders over and takes Dierdre into custody. "Someone want to grab that toad?"
  • Vivi dashes over to the toad, picks it up, and puts it in her pocket.

<Ascii> "Vivi, hand her over."

<Vivi> "Aww." Vivi reluctantly hands the toad to him.

<mainstreet> "RIBBIT!"

<Ascii> Ascii (gently) tucks Toadtrice into a pouch. "I guess we need a place to put these guys..."

<Hans> "I don't suppose anyone knows some curse removal spells? I can only go one way on this one."

<Vivi> "Hey, at least she's easy to carry in this form. If you want to rescue her from the dragon's wrath, I just made your job easier."

<Ascii> "I can do it, but now until tomorrow."

<Hans> "Toading and blinding people is kinda rude."

<Hans> "...I mean, so is trying to kill them, but still."

<Ascii> "...wait, Hans, can't you just *dismiss* curses?"

<mainstreet> Kyle walks into the courtyard. "Well, it looks like you guys managed to handle it. Nice job. Shove them in some of the rooms. They can be locked from the outside. My beloved will want to... interrogate them."

<Hans> "Wait, what? CAN I? My old teacher didn't tell me that!"

<Ascii> "Pretty sure, yeah. At least, that's what I remember from Cursing 101."

<Ascii> "I wasn't even planning on taking that class, but I got it confused with something else."

<Ascii> "Yeah, about that. How merciful do you think she's going to be here? I mean, they did surrender."

<mainstreet> "I'm not sure what you think the alternative is. If you hand them over to Island authorities, you'll be charging them with egg theft."

<mainstreet> "Or, attempted egg theft, I suppose, which carries the same penalty."

<Ascii> "Which is?"

<Vivi> "That's...a relevant point," Vivi says, slightly unhappily.

<Vivi> "It's a capital crime," she reminds Ascii. "Penalty is death."

<Vivi> "Unless we're so committed to not letting them die that we take them on the run with us, I don't see any better options than letting Lamaranth taking her revenge."

<Hans> "...Well, a Kyle on Triangle just got his sight back. And Rochelle on... uh..." He looked around, then sheepishly said, "Well, that's not important. I'll dismiss Ms. Dierdre's blindness as soon as we have her settled down.

<mainstreet> "We do need to find the eggs that belong to my lady's opposite, as well. Whatever plan they had with them... we don't know that this has stopped it. I would be surprised if it has."

<Ascii> "Maybe we can convince her to strike a deal. After all, it's not them we want, it's their boss." He glances at Jason's corpse. "If they'd be willing to talk, maybe she'd be willing to spare them."

  • Vivi wonders morosely whether Beatrice would prefer being turned back into a human before being killed.

<mainstreet> "Perhaps. Since they did not, in fact, disturb her eggs, she might be a little less inclined to simply melt them on sight."

  • FluffyRaven begins cleaning himself, a mere unasuming feline in the battlefield.

<mainstreet> Ascii: Hey wait a second, why does Mork appear to be searching Adrienne?

<Ascii> "HEY! The *hell* do you think you're doing!?" Ascii storms over and gives Mork a kick to get him away from Adrienne's...body? Is Adrienne actually dead or not? Hmm, he makes a note to check the conditions of the 'corpses' later.

<mainstreet> Adrienne is definitely not dead, since most of the damage she took was from Ascii's Merciful weapon.

<mainstreet> Mork steps back, and you see a very familiar-looking rope sticking out of Adrienne's bag...

<mainstreet> Indeed, it's a teleport rope!

<Ascii> "Gimme that..." Ascii snatches away the rope. "Bad orc! Bad!"

<Ascii> "Hey, Kyle, how do these things work?"

  • Vivi turns to Diedre. "Can you give me precise information on the arcane workings of this teleport rope?"
  • FluffyRaven earperks and trots over to the rope. "If they can't, I may be able to help you with that one."

<mainstreet> "Hmmm. Usually those things take you to a set location," Kyle muses. "If that's how they were planning on getting the eggs out... then that might be able to take you straight to where they were going to take the eggs."

<mainstreet> Deirdre doesn't seem interested in talking to her captors.

<Ascii> "Interesting. Looks like we've got ourselves a lead."

  • Vivi waves at Hans. "If you're done giving people their sight back, maybe you should escort the orcs back to their cells." She stares hard at Deirdre as if she could extract the information directly from her brain through an Eye Glare spell.

<Vivi> Then Vivi remembers that she DOES have a spell that does something like that, and casts Detect Thoughts.

<mainstreet> Deirdre is mostly ashamed of her failure, mixed with a bit of resentment that no one considered there would be other defenders here.

<Vivi> "How does the rope work?" she asks again.

  • FluffyRaven huffs in that dignified manner only a cat or elf seems to know how to make. "Or ignore the talking animal I suppose."

<Ascii> "We already have a talking cat. Speaking of which, who the hell are *you* and where did you come from?"

  • Hans turns Dierdre over to Vivi and takes Orcs directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 gold pieces.

<mainstreet> Deirdre frowns. "I dunno, I didn't make it."

  • Vivi idly pets the cat while listening to see if Dierdre's thoughts provide any useful info on either the arcane workings of the rope or the specific destination it leads to.

<Vivi> "Where does it go?" she asks to help prompt such thoughts.

<mainstreet> Vivi: Deidre's audible response is not fit to print. You get a vague feeling of a cave somewhere.

<Vivi> "Who are you working for?" Vivi asks.

  • FluffyRaven suddenly finds himself being pet and.. doesn't resist more out of surprise. "Y-yes your fellow, I suppose I am old news then, and I've been following you all and your exploits for some time. Your accoceation with the dragon amuses me."

<mainstreet> "The glory of my Goddess. Nothing more, nothing less." Deirdre replies smugly.

<Vivi> "Is there a third dragon on the island, that you know of?"

<mainstreet> You can tell the idea surprises her. "No."

  • Vivi suppresses a pang of disappointment. "Who else is working with you?"

<mainstreet> "No one." A distinct sense of a lie from Deirdre now.

<Vivi> "Where are Voranath's eggs?"

<Ascii> Ascii gently nudges Adrienne with his foot.

<Ascii> "Wake up."

<Ascii> "Wake uuuuup."

<mainstreet> Adrienne slowly wakes up. "Uhhh... bluh... oh ****."

<mainstreet> "Why the **** was there a whole team here? Oh no..."

<mainstreet> Adrienne reaches into her bag... and what she's looking for clearly is no longer there.

<Ascii> "Too late."

<Ascii> "Now..." Ascii kneels down. "Care to talk to us?"

<mainstreet> "Not really, but I don't think I have much choice, do I?"

<Ascii> "Not really."

<mainstreet> "Right. Well I'm not going to make this easy."

<Hans> Hans strolls back in.

<Ascii> Ascii shakes his head. "For who, us? We're not the ones you should be worried about."

  • Vivi turns her Detect Thoughts spell towards Adrienne.

<mainstreet> "Oh please. When the dragon shows up she's going to melt me on sight. Then I'll be in the arms of my goddess. You don't have as much as you think you do."

<mainstreet> Adrienne's thoughts are quite secure from Vivi's probes.

<Ascii> "What about your followers?"

<mainstreet> "I'm sure all of us will be rewarded by our Goddess for our efforts. We tried our best."

  • Vivi mutters discontentedly under her breath about people with Will saves.

<Hans> "Wait, did she really just say what I think she said?"

<Vivi> "Your goddess respects failure?" Vivi says in surprise.

<Ascii> "Beatrice got turned into a toad."

<mainstreet> Adrienne smirks. "We didn't fail. Success was already guaranteed before we came here. This was a bonus."

<Vivi> "You mean Voranath's eggs are enough? Where are they?"

<Hans> "That's just bluster. She's looking at a lot of hard explanations to her Goddess... and most of them don't end pretty. Ah, well."

<mainstreet> "Ah, now *that* might be the one thing that I can't afford to tell you."

  • Vivi curses the failure of the Detect Thoughts spell.

<Ascii> "I'm guessing this rope totally won't take us right where your plans are taking place, huh?"

<mainstreet> "We're not dumb."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---