Geometric Archipelago:Dragons on Semicircle Island/Chapter 08

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #8: Battle for Castle Lamaranth, Part I

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

  • Vivi casts Mage Armor on herself and Aeth and then sends him off to the egg room, to warn her empathically if someone gets in.

<Ascii> Ascii, preparing beforehand and totally not forgetting until the last minute, set up a Glyph of Warding around the eggs. Anything that steps within arm's reach will get a nasty surprise, heh heh. Unfortunately, this costs him 200g worth of diamond powder. He was going to use it for body glitter, but sacrifices must be made in times of war.

<mainstreet> Kyle sets an antilife field at the front wall, and antimagic fields everywhere else.

<mainstreet> Kyle activates the suits of armor outside the wall!

  • FluffyRaven meanwhile, dispite the fact no one has known about him being here this entire time, has finnally choosen to lay a decisive paw in the parties favor. Laying low at the gate ready to intercept any who get through.

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven: You peer underneath the crack of the gates and get a good view of the orcs and clerics. Some of the clerics have capes... suspicious looking capes.

<Ascii> Ascii also casts Shield of Faith (+3 AC) and Bull's Strongth (+4 STR) on himself. No, wait, that's Bull's Strength.

  • Ascii arrives at the gate alongside the others, looking somewhat beefier than he was minutes ago.

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven: You aren't sure what those capes are, but you get the sudden feeling that allowing magic to pass through this wall is a very, very bad idea.

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven decides to stay quiet... for some reason...

<mainstreet> the clerics grab hold of the orcs and each other, mutter something... and vanish from your vision outside!

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven, Vivi, Terry: Why is there sound coming from the main courtyard?

<Ascii> "...goddammit."

  • Vivi hops on the broom and flies into the main courtyard.

<Ascii> "Oh, wait. I mean, Pelordammit."

  • Hildyr and Terry hoof it to the main courtyard

<mainstreet> You charge into the courtyard...


<mainstreet> You see the enemy in the main courtyard, all attempting to open different doors, except for one cleric who's remaining in the middle, commanding the effort.

<mainstreet> "Let's get these eggs and get out of here before that fool of a consort notices we're here."

<mainstreet> One of the other clerics turns her head back... and spots The Party. "We're not alone here!"

<mainstreet> Ascii: You can tell that all five humans are Clerics of Tiamat. You can also tell that the one in the middle (Adrienne) is of the highest rank and is clearly in charge here. There's one other that's also a step up from the rest (Charlotte), but we're splitting hairs here, there's not a *huge* difference in actual power between any of these five.

  • FluffyRaven is already on top of one with litteral cat like reflexes, aiming to pounce their leader to the ground in a "trip" attempt.
  • Hildyr angrily walks up to Adrienne and attempts to strike her across the head with the blunt part of her axe

<mainstreet> *BOOM*! A miniature crater appears in the stone right next to Adrienne. She looks contemptuously at her opposition.

<mainstreet> Charlotte starts chanting up a spell...

<Ascii> Ascii moves up while brandishing the wand at Charlotte.

  • Vivi casts Fireball at Charlotte and Jason.

<Ascii> Ascii grins and waggles the wand at Charlotte.

<mainstreet> Charlotte manages to resist the Hold Person, but doing so causes her to lose her concentration and her spell to falter.

<mainstreet> BOOM! The fireball blasts into Charlotte and Jason, forcing them to take a great deal of damage!

<mainstreet> Gork looks around and makes a CHARGE at Ascii!

<mainstreet> Fortunately for Ascii, the Greataxe simply dings harmlessly off Ascii's awesome armor.

<mainstreet> Mork sees his brother's actions, and decides it's good for him too! He makes a CHARGE at Hildyr!

<mainstreet> The greataxe slashes into Hildyr. It hurts! Ow!

<mainstreet> Beatrice gets a grin on her face and tries a very familiar looking action.

  • Terry saunters over and gives Gork the horns!

<mainstreet> Terry smashes into Gork, and it hurts! "Hey, none of that!"

<mainstreet> Adrienne looks around, and coldly mutters a spell, aiming right for Hildyr's throat.

<mainstreet> Fortunately for Hildyr, she misses. "Dammit just die already!" Adrienne growls.

<mainstreet> Deirdre actually moves a bit, and starts up a spell... firing it off in the direction of Ascii, Terry, and Gork.

<mainstreet> Jason tries to start up a familiar looking spell. Sheesh, what's with the obsession with attempting to summon dire wolves?

  • FluffyRaven goes for the mighty PAW of thr stunning variety!

<mainstreet> The first one Adrienne resists, and the second misses her. The third is just a normal swipe that cuts into her.

<mainstreet> Charlotte gives herself a quick chant... you see the flame wounds on her body start to patch up...

<Ascii> Ascii, annoyed by Gork and Terry standing there drooling at each other, calmly strolls over to Adrienne. As he goes, he casts another buff on himself.

  • Vivi casts Magic Missile, sending three of the darts towards Jason and two towards Beatrice, in an attempt to disrupt both of their spells.

<mainstreet> The missiles slam into Jason, toppling him over and leaving him unconscious on the ground. They *also* slam into Beatrice, causing her spell to be disrupted.

<mainstreet> Gork looks angry at Deirdre for attempting to spell him! He starts walking towards her angrily!

<mainstreet> Mork attempts to slash at Ascii!

<mainstreet> It doesn't go through that awesome armor, though.

<Ascii> *ting*

<mainstreet> Beatrice sighs and settles into something... else.... she vanishes!

<Ascii> Ascii glances around. "I'm sorry, did you want something?"

<mainstreet> Terry rumbles around and attempts to gore Deirdre with his horns!

<mainstreet> The horns hurt! "Well, this wasn't the best plan," Deidre gasps.

<mainstreet> Adrienne looks at her options, and attempts to grab Ascii!

<mainstreet> When she swings at air, she grumbles "Dammit I need to brush up on my combat."

<mainstreet> Deirdre thinks her sister has a pretty good idea, and attempts to touch Terry with the same spell!

<mainstreet> She also, however, fails to even touch the GIANT OX RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER

  • FluffyRaven proceeds to start going down with a pawerful beat down of stunning and smashing hits on the cleric!

<mainstreet> Adrienne looks really slashed up now!

<mainstreet> Hildyr runs away from Deirdre again!

<mainstreet> Charlotte settles down and copies her sister, vanishing as well!

<Ascii> Ascii decides to take a swing at Adrienne now that he's sufficiently in the buff. Er, wait, I mean, sufficiently buffed.

<mainstreet> Adrienne takes the shot and looks really bloody now! It looks like a stiff wind might finish her, but she's not out of this yet!

  • Vivi casts Maximized Scorching Ray bolts at Gork and Deirdre.

<mainstreet> SCORCH!

<mainstreet> Gork, now able to act normally, realizes who he *should* be attacking, and swings at the ox!

<mainstreet> SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! Terry takes a severe beating from the mighty slashes!

<mainstreet> Mork takes a swing at Ascii!

<mainstreet> Unlike his brother, all of his swings are missing. Perhaps he should consider attacking someone easier to hit.

<mainstreet> Beatrice does... something...

  • Ascii just stands there as blows reflect off of his armor. He stifles a yawn.

<mainstreet> FluffyRaven: You hear Beatrice. She's around here. She's moving. You think you hear her starting a spell.

<mainstreet> "MRARRRR!" Terry roars incoherently.

<mainstreet> You can see the wounds on her body fade away.

<mainstreet> Deidre makes another attempt to touch Terry!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, all she manages to do is slap the wall in frustration!

  • FluffyRaven proceeds to turn tail and rush at the invisible cleric with a flick of his ear. Now the cat no one has seen before is fighting things no one can see.

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, invisibility is sufficient for the cleric to elude FluffyRaven!

<mainstreet> Hildyr babbles on.

<mainstreet> Charlotte moves a bit and starts up a spell.

<Ascii> Ascii, having anticipated this trick, holds up his mace in front of his face. "Mace of Clobbering! Give me sight...BEYOND sight!"

<mainstreet> Ascii can now see Charlotte and Beatrice just fine. Which explains what the cat was doing. It had apparently heard one of the enemies.

  • Vivi , sensing how close Adrienne is to death, and not wanting to give her the chance to recover, fires one magic missile at her. And the other four at Mork.

<mainstreet> Adrienne falls over, knocked out. Mork takes some more missile damage.

<mainstreet> "Mork no like magic!"

<mainstreet> Gork runs away from Deirdre.

<mainstreet> Mork takes swings at Ascii!

<mainstreet> Mork accomplishes nothing but managing to hit his own leg with those blows!

  • Ascii watches Mork's weapon ricochet off of his armor and hit its owner. He facepalms.

<mainstreet> Beatrice's casting finishes...

<mainstreet> a Fiendish Wolf appears near Vivi!

<Vivi> "Stupid invisible casting," Vivi mutters. "What IS their obsession with these wolves?"

<mainstreet> The wolf takes a snap at Vivi, but misses easily.

<mainstreet> "MRARRRR!" Terry roars incoherently.

<mainstreet> Deirdre sighs and starts healing herself.

<mainstreet> Beatrice starts another spell. *move this up a few lines

<Ascii> "They're clerics. they can't do much besides buff, heal, and summon."

  • FluffyRaven then goes in to a catastrophic flurry of paws

<mainstreet> The STUNNING PAW connects and Beatrice flashes visible, everything being disrupted as she is now STUNNED!

  • FluffyRaven kicks the invisible lady in the face with a feline backflip, using the propulsion to begin a a fast run to the next cleric, ending turn after 60 feet.

<mainstreet> Hildyr sees the nearest creature, the dying Jason, and turns Jason into a splat on the floor.

<Ascii> "NO! Pelordammit, Hildyr, we needed him alive!!"

<mainstreet> Charlotte summons a wolf in place to attempt to intercept the cat!

<mainstreet> Charlotte starts up another spell.

<Vivi> "Enough with the wolves!"

<Vivi> "Get Charlotte! Only you can see her!" Vivi reminds Ascii. "The orc mercs might leave if we can take all the clerics out."

<Ascii> Ascii isn't exactly listening. "GRRRAAAH!" He's clearly pissed off now that Jason is dead. "That's it! I have had ENOUGH of this! FUCK OFF!!" He extends his arm, points with a finger, then snatches it upward, as if pulling something upward. And indeed, that's exactly what happens - a roaring column of heavenfire erupts from beneath Charlotte!

<mainstreet> Ascii: Charlotte stumbles back into view, clearly severely scorched! She looks not far off getting knocked out.

  • Vivi casts Fireball at Charlotte and Gork and one of the wolves.

<mainstreet> The roaring flames ROAST Charlotte and the Wolf, leaving not much but a scorching mess. Gork is blasted as well, but he's a big, tough orc, and is still around.

<mainstreet> Gork babbles something.

<mainstreet> Mork takes some more swipes at the enemy in front of him! (Ascii)

<mainstreet> One of the slashes actually hits, and stings a bit!

<Ascii> Ascii looks even more pissed than before.

<mainstreet> "MRARRRR!" Terry roars incoherently.

<mainstreet> Deirdre does the unexpected: she does something *other* than cast a spell! She fires a pair of crossbow bolts at Vivi!

<mainstreet> One of them hits her. Wow, that's COLD, man!

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---