Geometric Archipelago:Dragons on Semicircle Island

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Dragons on Semicircle Island is the seventh campaign in the Geometric Archipelago campaign series. This campaign is a sequel to The Hunting Ground of Septagon Island by virtue of using (mostly) the same characters.


This campaign will begin July 7, 2017. It is slated to have 5 Player Characters, played by Capn_Ascii, Iethloc, BLusk, annafirtree, and MeatDog.


Map 1: Semicircle Island

Pre-Game Instructions

Level: 10 - 46,000 XP
Stats: 5d6, drop lowest 2 dice, reroll 1s.
Gold: 27k

Current Experience Status

Current Level: 10
Current EXP: 600 / 10,000 - 6%


Chapter Title Played EXP
Chapter 01 Missing Persons Report July 7, 2017 200
Chapter 02 Curiosity Thrilled the Cat July 14, 2017 400
Chapter 03 Not Played Yet July 21, 2017 0
Chapter 04 Not Played Yet July 28, 2017 0

[+] Level up for Player Characters.


Player Characters

Character Level Class Race Player
Hildyr the Invincible 10 Warblade Human Iethloc
Vivi Page 10 Wizard Human annafirtree
Ascii 10 Cleric Human Capn_Ascii
Nenni 10 Erudite Tibbit MeatDog
Hans Tevor 10 Shadowdancer/Bard Human BLusk