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Chapter 13: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

-> MH has joined ag-chat.

Jeysie: Heya, MH!

Out2lunch: How's it?

MH: Hey all. I nearly didnt turn up at all.

Out2lunch: And miss the drinking? Whatever for?

MH: No reason, except me having a brain like a sieve. I watched Dr Who and then decided to do some cleaning, but got carried away...

Out2lunch: You mean...

MH: I just looked at the clock and realised what time it was.

Out2lunch: You *forgot* about us!

MH: I know it sounds pretty unbelievable.

Out2lunch: But you're here now! Yey!


Jeysie: *snorts*

Jeysie: Last week we left off with you folks just leaving the card-players to head over to the bar. Where along the trip do you all want to "pick up"?

MH: How about waking up the next morning without a really bad hangover?

Out2lunch: And miss all the fun?

MH: *curses Lunchie for being right*

MH: Lets start at the bar. Last one there buys the 1st round.

Out2lunch: *wonders just who *will* be paying*

MH: I'm sure we can con the dumbass goblins to pay.

Out2lunch: My mind just doesn't want to bend that way.

KajiFireson: But MH... they're just "dumbass goblins". How do they get money?

MH: They probably stole it off dead bodies.

Out2lunch: I don't think that we're the ones who should question where money comes from. Considering...

Jeysie: Actually... I have an idea.

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow* Oh?

Jeysie: If you pool your... persuasiveness, perhaps you can persuade the Academy to pay, one way or another. I mean, it *is* a test challenge...

Out2lunch: Who, from the academy? "We need you to pay for our drinking binge because..."

Jeysie: Lunchie obviously needs ranks in Spin Doctor.

Out2lunch: *hangs her head in shame*

Out2lunch: We could take a pool at the bar. What doesn't go to drinks goes to the winning bet.

Jeysie: Ah. You're running a gambling pool among the patrons on who will be the last person left standing.

Out2lunch: One idea anyway.

Jeysie: I like the way you think.

Out2lunch: But seriously, how could we convince anyone besides a stressed bunch of students that this is a good idea?

Jeysie: What, a gambling pool? Or conning the Academy?

Out2lunch: Conning the academy.

Jeysie: You just have to put the right spin on it. Lying your ass off doesn't hurt either.

Out2lunch: What teacher is going to just say, "Sure, here's some money to go get drunk with"?

MH: But we don't say its for drinking though.

Out2lunch: But we're all good aligned... And lieing is bad...

MH: Not necessarily - it depends what the lie is used for.

Out2lunch: Getting plastered is not one of those reasons.

MH: But its to help the academy - getting drunk is just a necessity.

Out2lunch: Not buying it. It feels wrong.

MH: Anyway - I can lie - I'm neutral.

Out2lunch: But Khila wouldn't be able to let you.

MH: But it would be a white lie - something to enable us to proceed.

Out2lunch: And you're also Lawful, as I remember.

Jeysie: Yeah, the only people in your group who could technically lie without feeling guilty about it are Wyatt, Glory, and Ayaka. Well, the Goblins would lie too... just nobody would believe them...

MH: That just means I can't do any unlawful acts - lieing is a moral choice, it has nothing to do with being lawful.

Jeysie: Actually, lying does have to do with being Lawful. Lawful characters are generally considered to be consistent and follow a predictable behavior code.

MH: But that doesn't mean they can't lie if there is a good reason.

Jeysie: True. They just prefer to pursue other methods first.

Out2lunch: And I still say that this is not a good reason.

Jeysie: So, we'll have to settle for money-making methods that don't involve the Academy, it seems.

MH: Ok, so we auction off one of us as date for whoever bids the highest.

Out2lunch: Or not.

MH: Obviously we wouldn't go through with it - when the time came we would just run away.

Out2lunch: And that's not wrong either.

Jeysie: It would give an excuse for the bar fight that every campaign must have...

MH: *blows giant sized raspberries at the spoilsports*

MH: Alright, here's a revolutionary idea - why don't we just explain the situation to the academy and try to make them understand?

KajiFireson: Academy: You want to have a drinking contest WHY?

KajiFireson: Us: Uh... we're trying to avoid a fight?

KajiFireson: Academy: Wimps! Denied!

MH: They should be pleased that we're using more than just our fists.

Out2lunch: And mussing up their well planned test?

MH: But part of the test is getting past this wiz, and who says we have to fight him?

Out2lunch: If we ask, they just might tell us. Do you *really* want to know?

MH: They just want us to complete the test - its up to us how we do it.

Out2lunch: So we assume.

MH: How much money do we all have anyway?

Out2lunch: Taking bets is sounding better and better.

MH: Lunchie - how would the bet system work?

Out2lunch: Well, people would bet on who would be the last person standing. And what didn't go to booze, would go to the winner.

Out2lunch: Or something like that. Or they could win a prize.

Jeysie: Generally you need an odds scale, though. A prize raffle might be interesting, too.

Out2lunch: Raffels are easy too. Less math.

MH: But what do we have that anyone would want?

Out2lunch: Not a whole lot. But between the four of us, we can come up with something.

MH: Well, I'm a monk - I literally have no possessions.

Out2lunch: Mabey we could offer a service.

MH: This is why I mentioned *the date*.

Out2lunch: Like killing rats, or body guarding.

MH: Oh, right.

MH: So why don't we just ask if anyone has anything they need doing - we do it and they pay us - and then we drink?

Out2lunch: Or we could offer an openended service.

Jeysie: The barber did jokingly offer to hire you as entertainers...

Out2lunch: Ug.

MH: Karaoke anyone?

Out2lunch: Ga!!

Jeysie: Juggling? Dancing? Improv?

Out2lunch: Something we can put off until later? Why don't you pick jeysie?

Jeysie: Where's the fun in that?

Out2lunch: Ug, we might as well just fight. This is getting a little over complicated.

Jeysie: You could always hold the drinking contest, then start a bar fight when you need to pay and sneak out.

Out2lunch: Oh I *like* that.

MH: But Lunchie - thats deceitful!

Out2lunch: No, it's violent. And cheap.

MH: Sneaking out without paying - its as bad as lying. Its stealing.

Out2lunch: Not if we leave the wiz and others behind. Then they would be stuck with the bill.

MH: Aha! Now you're talking.

Jeysie: And probably report you.

Out2lunch: Drat.

Jeysie: If you go that route, I'd take the Wiz with you. And possibly Glory. And stick it on the goblins.

Out2lunch: How about we just set forth a "losers pay" rule?

MH: But what if we lose?

Jeysie: Then one of you starts the bar fight.

MH: Ok, sounds good to me.

MH: We're going to be in a bad state even if we win.

Out2lunch: I wonder what happens if we lose...

Jeysie: We'll burn that bridge when/if we come to it.

Out2lunch: Whee! Burning! When in doubt, light something on fire.

KajiFireson: In all seriousness, this could be a good chance for me to take out frustrations on bar-going NPCs.

KajiFireson: Of course, if we go to the bar to avoid a fight and end up getting into a fight...

KajiFireson: How the hell does that work?

MH: But we sneak away from the bar fight.

KajiFireson: Hmm... good idea in theory... but what happens if we bomb?

Out2lunch: Fire.

KajiFireson: *nods some* Hmm... fire...

Out2lunch: There was some mention of burnning bridges.

<- PyralisHughes has disconnected (Killed (NickServ (KILL requested by KenFulton)))

-> PyralisHughes has joined ag-story.

MH: Hiro looks at Pyralis in amazement. "That's a cool trick you know there."

KajiFireson: Pyralis raises an eyebrow. "Hmm? I haven't done anything yet..." Shaking his head slightly, he tentatively approaches the bar.

KajiFireson: What trick?

Jeysie: He's being OOC.

MH: Disappearing and then reappearing.

KajiFireson: *smacks MH* Bad MH! I am very particular about maintaining the wall between IC and OOC!

MH: *cowers and curses his "english" sense of humour*

Out2lunch: Wait. there's a wall [between IC and OOC]?

Jeysie: In the AG group, yes.

Out2lunch: Yes, I suppose there is.

MH: *apologises and bricks up the hole he made in the wall*

MH: Hiro wonders why no-one else noticed Pyralis suddenly disappear for a few seconds and then reappear out of nowhere.

Jeysie: *cuffs MH*

KajiFireson: *smacks MH again... but not so hard this time*

MH: Ok, sorry - but he asked for it.

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow* I responded to you saying something peculiar... that's not the same as confirming that I disappeared momentarily...

MH: I saw you disappear. It was right in front of my eyes...

KajiFireson: *smacks MH again* I don't know if you've noticed... but if you combine my desire to retain the fourth wall with my irritation with my internet... now is not the best time!

KajiFireson: Just how WILL the drinking contest work? I mean... I know we'll be doing some rolling... but past that... ???

Jeysie: Give me a moment, and I'll come up with BLusk's suggestion...

Jeysie: "Starting DC for liquor is 10. If you miss it by 5 or less, the DC for your next drink goes up by +1. If you miss by more than 5, you pass out. Each successive drink gets harder as well. So, the first drink is DC 10. Second DC 11. Third DC 12."

Out2lunch: But if you don't miss it doesn't go up?

Jeysie: It goes up with each round *and* whatever you get from missing. So, second drink is DC 11... and DC 12 for anyone who "missed" the first round.

KajiFireson: Also... are we rolling Fort saves? Will saves? CON checks? Bluff checks? ...Okay, maybe not that last one.

Jeysie: Fort Saves for the drinking part.

MH: I don't like the sound of that.

KajiFireson: Let's see... Pyralis, Khila, Glory, Wyatt, and four goblins. (Ayaka doesn't wish to drink and I'm not letting Hiro anywhere near this contest...)

KajiFireson: *looks at the list of drinkers* Hmm... does this look like a handi-cap match to you, or what?

Out2lunch: Are we going to do a "one on one" thing?

Jeysie: Well, you buy a round of drinks for everyone participating. Everyone quaffs their round, and we make the checks. Then we buy another round... and so on until one person's left not passed out.

Out2lunch: Including Glory? because we already beat him...

KajiFireson: Hmm... maybe we can con him into being on our team, since we've already gotten past him?

Jeysie: Well, there's three of you drinking, yes? So it's only fair to have three from the other "side", and everyone else does... whatever.

Jeysie: The bartender arrives with the rest of the drinks, then says to Pyralis, "So, any of your 'companions' got a tab with us? I know I ain't seen *you* before. Or, better yet, money up front?"

MH: Kaji - tell him the goblins are paying.

KajiFireson: Pyralis furrows his brow in concentration. "I don't think--wait." He turns to the table with the goblins... and Glory. Grinning slightly, he points him out to the bartender. "I'm sure that guy has been here before... put it on his tab."

KajiFireson: Well... considering I posted before reading MH's suggestion, I'd say I got pretty close.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru skillfully gathers the glasses and sweeps off to the table.

MH: Hiro picks up the remaining glasses and follows Khila to the tables.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru deposits the glasses on the table.

MH: Hiro follows, amazingly not spilling a drop.

Out2lunch: That *is* amazing MH.

KajiFireson: *glares at MH* What... the part where I haven't hit him yet?

MH: Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Lunchie?

Out2lunch: Who me? never.

Jeysie: "We drink now?" one of the Goblins says.

MH: Hiro sneers at the Goblin. "Yes, we drink now."

MH: Who goes first?

Jeysie: I was thinking someone offers a toast, and you all just glug at the same time.

KajiFireson: Pyralis hmms. "I suppose we could all go at once and see who is still in it." He nods a bit to signify that the first round can begin, then he begins drinking his ale.

Out2lunch: "To graduation!" Khila'eru knocks back her drink.

Jeysie: Glory holds out his own mug. "To beer!" He then glugs the drink.

Jeysie: OK, Fort saves, everyone but Ayaka.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+2) = 22>

KajiFireson: Damnit! I had to waste my natural twenty in the FIRST round of the DRINKING contest!

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+5) = 8>

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+5) = 7>

Out2lunch: Gah!

MH: *laughs* We suck!

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+2) = 7>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

Jeysie: Glory:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>

Jeysie: OK, let's see. DC is 10. That means...

KajiFireson: Dude, I should automatically win for rolling a twenty... *is bummed that he wasted his 20 already...

Jeysie: I'll give you a -1 for that. So next round you're still at 10.

KajiFireson: Hmm... that works.

Jeysie: Next Round:

Jeysie: Team 1: Pyralis: DC 10, Hiro: DC 12, Khila: DC 12, Glory: DC 11

Jeysie: Team 2: Goblin 1: DC 12, Goblin 2: DC 11, Goblin 3: DC 12, Goblin 4: DC 12

Jeysie: In other words, Pyralis, Glory, and Goblin 2 "passed". Everyone else got a bit tipsy.

KajiFireson: *is damn proud of his natural twenty*

Out2lunch: Barkeep! Another round!

Jeysie: Barkeep's staying behind the counter. You could either have Wyatt and Ayaka run drinks, or maybe accost the janitor.

Out2lunch: Yes I know. I just can't be funny to save my life tonight.

MH: We are drinking pints of ale aren't we?

Out2lunch: We should just get a pitcher.

KajiFireson: Hmm... probably. How many cups in a pitcher?

Jeysie: Er.

KajiFireson: Well, looking at the PHB, a pitcher weighs 8 times what a cup does. I'm guessing it will have 8 cups?

KajiFireson: Well... a gallon. Whatever. It's a gallon pitcher.

MH: Ok, that makes sense.

Jeysie: So, a pitcher per round.

Out2lunch: Or one for each table. Fewer trips.

Jeysie: Yeah.

MH: I'm beginning to think that Ayaka could probably use her feminine wiles to charm Wyatt so we don't have to go through with the contest.

KajiFireson: Perhaps... but then we'd have to fight the Goblins and Glory for denying them booze.

MH: Not really - Wyatt is in charge of them so they'd have to do what he says.

KajiFireson: Okay... we'd have to fight Glory for denying him drink.

MH: Glory could stay and drink if we wanted.

KajiFireson: Okay... well... well crap. I've not got an answer to that.

Jeysie: Look at it this way... If that's the case, you're all going to sit around and drink anyway. Worry about the seducing if it looks like you're gonna lose.

MH: Sounds like a plan to me.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

MH: I'm too scared to roll.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+5) = 23>

Out2lunch: Whoot!

Jeysie: C'mon, MH. Roll away.

MH: *prays*

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 16 <Total: 16(+5) = 21>

Out2lunch: *cheers*

Jeysie: Glory:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+4) = 21>

Out2lunch: Yeah!

Jeysie: Your side all passes...

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+2) = 7>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+2) = 13>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+2) = 11>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+2) = 21>

Jeysie: Two Goblins pass.

Out2lunch: Just 2?

Jeysie: Yeah. Basically, if you "pass", the DC goes up by 1 for next round. If you fail by 5 or less, the DC goes up by 2. If you fail by more than 5, you're out for the count. If you get a 20, your DC doesn't go up next round.

Out2lunch: Yes, I see.

Jeysie: Next Round:

Jeysie: Team 1: Pyralis: DC 11, Hiro: DC 13, Khila: DC 13, Glory: DC 12

Jeysie: Team 2: Goblin 1: DC 14, Goblin 2: DC 12, Goblin 3: DC 14, Goblin 4: DC 13

Jeysie: In the meantime, throw another set of Fort saves so I can start calculating.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+5) = 24>

MH: *prays again*

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+5) = 17>

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+2) = 10>

Out2lunch: Gasp.

Jeysie: Zing!

Jeysie: Wyatt plucks at his sleeves a bit. "So, how is your test going so far? Wouldn't mind knowing what's in store for me."

KajiFireson: Pyralis turns to Wyatt. "It's going all right. But let me let you in on a little secret... you'll REALLY know how it's going if you look into our eyes. That's how you tell who's winning."

Jeysie: Wyatt raises an eyebrow, considers the bunch, and says, "Do I get to pick whose eyes I can stare into first?"

KajiFireson: Pyralis grins a bit. "Be my guest... just not mine. That lady over there at the bar was down-right disturbing..."

Jeysie: Wyatt turns to Ayaka and offers, "Well, since you're closest, how about I give you the 'winning eyes test' first?"

Nemesis: Ayaka snickers. "OK."

Jeysie: Wyatt smiles a bit dreamily and settles into staring into Ayaka's eyes for a while.

KajiFireson: I would look at Wyatt and roll my eyes if I hadn't just failed my Fort save...

Out2lunch: And you guys think that Khila's a flirt...

MH: Khila's an *obvious* flirt, whereas Ayaka is a little more subtle.

Out2lunch: Oh yes. *Very* subtle.

Jeysie: Glory:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+2) = 13>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+2) = 6>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 11 <Total: 11(+2) = 13>

Out2lunch: Whoo hoo!

Jeysie: Well, Goblin 3 is out for the count. Glory's a bit tipsier now...

Jeysie: Next Round:

Jeysie: Team 1: Pyralis: DC 13, Hiro: DC 14, Khila'eru: DC 14, Glory: DC 14

Jeysie: Team 2: Goblin 1: DC 15, Goblin 2: DC 13, Goblin 4: DC 14

MH: Hiro turns to look at Pyralis and mutters to himself. "Well, I guess I'm not the only one who can't take his drink."

KajiFireson: I want to retort to MH, but he muttered, so I feel like I should make a listen check first...

KajiFireson: Screw it. One retort, coming up.

MH: Oy! you can't retort - you couldnt have heard me.

KajiFireson: *clears his throat roughly* Well... that's not saying much... not when you consider the fact that SOMEONE we know is known to have responded to things I didn't even SAY, let alone aloud. Besides, you're buzzed, going on drunk. You might have muttered more loudly than you think.

KajiFireson: Besides, you owe me for the whole "disappearing act" thing earlier.

Jeysie: Wyatt comments in a dreamy voice [while staring at Ayaka], "I'm sensing winning here, I think... just let me make absolutely sure..."

Nemesis: What's the roll I need to make?

Jeysie: Roll?

Nemesis: Fort roll or whatever. I'm taking it that this is Ayaka's challenge?

Out2lunch: Against seduction?

Jeysie: Nah, Wyatt's just flirting with her.

Nemesis: Lol OK.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+2) = 9>

KajiFireson: *starts to curse for missing, but then notices how close he came to MISSING* Phew...

MH: *prays yet again.

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+5) = 10>

Jeysie: Glory:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+4) = 12>

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 9 <Total: 9(+2) = 11>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+2) = 17>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 2 <Total: 2(+2) = 4>

MH: Is Lunchie going to roll?

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+5) = 17>

Out2lunch: You bet.

Jeysie: Pyralis, Hiro, and Glory all fail, though not for good. Khila passes.

Jeysie: One goblin fails, one passes, one passes out.

MH: *screams* Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

Jeysie: Next Round:

Jeysie: Team 1: Pyralis: DC 15, Hiro: DC 16, Khila'eru: DC 15, Glory: DC 16

Jeysie: Team 2: Goblin 1: DC 17, Goblin 2: DC 14

Jeysie: OK, more rolls, peeps.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+2) = 17>

KajiFireson: Yay, I passed one!

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 8 <Total: 8(+5) = 13>

Out2lunch: Doh.

MH: *prays*

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+5) = 8>

MH: Damn!!!

KajiFireson: Oh... the monk goes down...

Out2lunch: Night night.

MH: That really sucks.

Jeysie: I expect an entertaining passing out, MH.

MH: You'll need to give me a few seconds.

KajiFireson: Well... we all knew the monk would be the first PC to drop...

Jeysie: Glory:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+4) = 7>

Jeysie: D'oh!

KajiFireson: Uh-oh. There goes Glory...

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13(+2) = 15>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+2) = 21>

Out2lunch: GAH!!!

KajiFireson: ...

Jeysie: One passes, one fails. So it's two on two now.

KajiFireson: *kicks the dice-bot* Damn you, you're supposed to let us win!

Jeysie: Goblin 2 is a pretty strong Goblin, it seems.

Jeysie: We'll say there's enough left in the pitchers for one more round.

Jeysie: Mainly because I've lost track of drinks.

Jeysie: Next Round:

Jeysie: Team 1: Pyralis: DC 16, Khila'eru: DC 17

Jeysie: Team 2: Goblin 1: DC 19, Goblin 2: DC 15

Jeysie: All right, Fort checks, Lunchie, Kaji.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 1 <Total: 1(+2) = 3>

KajiFireson: Uh oh... Not only did I fail...

Jeysie: Oh my.

KajiFireson: Not only did I pass out...

Out2lunch: Oops.


MH: Kaji - 1 - ?

Jeysie: Well, when you pass out, you do it spectacularly, yes.

MH: ONE ??

KajiFireson: Give me a moment... I'm going to have to make this one a good one...

Jeysie: OK, Lunchie, let's try you...

Out2lunch: I don't have any beer yet.

KajiFireson: Pour it yourself... I did. Of course, I spectacularly failed... so... eh...

KajiFireson: Khila'eru, you must succeed! For the Alliance! (Because we're fighting the Horde...)

MH: One more bad roll and she'll be out too. I just hope that Ayaka is ready to do whatever it takes.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+5) = 10>

Out2lunch: Drat.

Jeysie: Goblins:

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+2) = 7>

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+2) = 14>

MH: Bugger.

Jeysie: Wow.

Out2lunch: Extra drat.

KajiFireson: Well... at least we only got beat by one of them...

MH: So - what do we do now?

Out2lunch: It's up to Ayaka. She's our only hope.

MH: As I said before, *whatever* it takes.

Jeysie: Wyatt stands behind the last Goblin, gestures to Ayaka, then pantomimes bonking the last Goblin over the head.

Nemesis: Ayaka smirks a bit then nods and stretches, clonking the goblin on the head in passing, her eyes closing now.

Jeysie: The Goblin's eyes roll back into his head, and he passes out.

Out2lunch: How come she didn't have to risk a lousy die roll?

KajiFireson: 'Cause the goblin is drunk, yo.

Jeysie: The Goblin has 8HP, and he's drunk, and she gets a sneak attack.

Jeysie: I'm being gracious.

Out2lunch: How long does drunkeness last?

Jeysie: Er.

Nemesis: At leaast 8 hours.

Out2lunch: 4 for me?

Jeysie: *chuckles*

MH: I think we're all going to be out until the morning.

Nemesis: I do too.

Jeysie: Well, I say we call it a session, so we can think of some way for Wyatt and Ayaka to haul off the drunken louts.

Out2lunch: So it was a draw?

Jeysie: Technically they won.

Out2lunch: Poo.

MH: And we spent a whole night drinking for nothing? We didn't even score...

Jeysie: Because Goblin 2 was a freak.

MH: Doublepoo.

Out2lunch: So now what? do we fail the test?

KajiFireson: Of course not... Wyatt is so taken with Ayaka... I'm sure we'll work something out. And before you say anything, MH, I'm not thinking along THOSE lines.

Out2lunch: Get a really bad grade and have to take jobs in community service?

Jeysie: You can be like the Goblins and have to help test adventurers...

Out2lunch: Whee.

Out2lunch: Not.

Jeysie: Wyatt looks around at the numerous sprawled out bodies. "So, er, I don't suppose you have any ideas on how to haul around 8 bodies?"

Nemesis: Ayaka shakes her head. "I think we should somehow haul our friends out of here and leave the goblins as they are..."

Jeysie: (as Wyatt) "OK, 4 bodies. Hmm."

Out2lunch: Mr. wizard doesn't have a levitation spell or anything?

Jeysie: No, unfortunately.

Out2lunch: We stink! *cries*

MH: We really stink considering I've puked on the table and I'm laying in it.

Out2lunch: That was nasty. Why'd you have to go there?

MH: So - are we really any better off than we were last week?

Out2lunch: Looks like worse off to me.

Out2lunch: Well except Hiro. About par for him.

KajiFireson: From where I'm sitting... or lying, whichever you prefer... no, not that I can see. We haven't passed the test... and we're all drunk but Ayaka.

Out2lunch: *dislikes the bitter taste of defeat*

Jeysie: Eh, buck up. Everyone loses once in a while.

Out2lunch: Yeah yeah.

Jeysie: At least in your case it was just a drinking contest.

Out2lunch: True.

Jeysie: So, GBU?

KajiFireson: Good: We don't have to pay for the booze. Bad: We lost. Ugly: Spectacular drunken failure!

MH: Good - downing 2 drinks without lapsing into unconsciousness; Bad - being beaten by a stupid Goblin; Ugly - falling asleep in my own vomit.

Out2lunch: Good: Whitty dialogue. Bad: Goblin of iron liver. Ugly: Hiro. Eeew.

MH: "Ugly: Hiro" - Why????

Out2lunch: Because of "eeew".

MH: "Eeew"?

Out2lunch: Yes.

MH: Spell it out.

Out2lunch: Not going to happen.

MH: The drinking contest wasn't my idea you know.

Out2lunch: Who's idea was it?

MH: I don't know - but not mine.

Out2lunch: And we all know what *your* idea was MH. Tisk tisk.

MH: *giggles like a schoolboy*

Jeysie: Look at it this way, folks... I, at least, found this more entertaining than combat.

Out2lunch: Then a big Huzzah! for drinking.

MH: Of course, it was way funny.

Out2lunch: Why is it that falure is more entertaining than success?

Jeysie: Well, I wasnt hoping you'd fail...

Out2lunch: No, but it's true. Like Hiro's hitting. Or lack thereof.

MH: Heh! I had some good rolls tonight.

Out2lunch: You did indeed. But they were not as funny as when you made bad rolls.

MH: Well yes, the bad rolls are always funnier in the long run.

Jeysie: Poor Kaji...

KajiFireson: I STILL think I should have automatically won for wasting my first natural 20... ever, I think... on the FIRST ROUND.

Nemesis: Night. Ty for the rp.

Out2lunch: G'night nem. Thanks for saving our butts.

Jeysie: Thanks for putting up with Wyatt and the drunken louts.

Nemesis: *snicker* Np. I think Ayaka likes Wyatt anyway.