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Chapter 12: "I'll Drink to That..."

Out2lunch: How's it going Nem?

Nemesis: Ok ty.

Out2lunch: Good good. So what have you been up to lately?

Nemesis: Not much.

Out2lunch: Ah, the ever informative "not much". A true pylon of interpersonal relations, that.

Out2lunch: So, little is known about the illusive Nem. Feel like enlightening us further?

Out2lunch: If you say yes, then I can ask you questions and stuff. But if you say no, then I'll have to start talking to myself and frankly people think that I'm crazy enough as it is.

-> KajiFireson has joined ag-chat.

KajiFireson: I'm sorry I am late... but I am here, yes?

Out2lunch: Hi Kaji!

KajiFireson: Hello.

Out2lunch: *welcomes Kaji with song and dance*

KajiFireson: Uh... it's campaign day?

MH: Woah! When did it get so busy in here?

Out2lunch: E-gad! you're alive!

MH: Hehe. I was over in sq talking to BLusk.

Out2lunch: Ah, I was starting to think that you guys were ignoring me or something...

MH: How could we possibly ignore you - you'd just start talking anyway.

Out2lunch: Well yes... But it's less fun when you get no responses.

MH: Yes, but it's funny if you're the one doing the ignoring though...

MH: Not that I would ever do that...

Out2lunch: *is not convinced*

MH: *is shocked that anyone would think little ol' me could be capable of something like that*

Out2lunch: I think we all know what you're capable of...

MH: Hey! *turns away in a huff*

Out2lunch: *pats the huff, hoping that it will release MH*

Out2lunch: *turns her attention back to Nem, whom she is begining to suspect doesn't like talking about herself* Can't imagine why tho...

Nemesis: Ah darnit sorry. I dozed off.

Out2lunch: All is well then. As it seems the rest of the room has also dozed off.

MH: I'm still awake.

Out2lunch: Hardly.

MH: Although I'm wondering if Jeysie's asleep though.

Out2lunch: No, she's off noting stuff.

KajiFireson: *pokes Jeysie* Hello? I know you can't have run away... I was only ten minutes late!

Jeysie: *returns from cramming notes and eating* Well, technically I'm still eating.

Out2lunch: See? She was off noting.

KajiFireson: Ah.

Out2lunch: As last I recall, we were standing at an ominous door, looking into an ominous room, listening to an ominous voice.

Out2lunch: Um, why can't I see to the left of me in [ScreenMonkey]?

Jeysie: Problem fixed.

Out2lunch: Thank you. That was amazingly prompt.

Jeysie: Mainly because I was already working on it when you commented.

Out2lunch: I know.

Jeysie: (as Goblin) "Well, wizard says me have to fight you. Me would rather not..."

KajiFireson: Pyralis pipes in with... "Perhaps I could cast a weak spell on you... it wouldn't hurt you too badly, but it could still look like you fought us?"

Jeysie: (as Goblin) "Eh... that only work on me, though, not on friends. You know what? Me ask."

KajiFireson: Pyralis raises an eyebrow. [Friends?]

KajiFireson: Hm... there's something I wasn't expecting.

Jeysie: The voice bellows, "Hey! Flug! You get wizard in here!"

Jeysie: A pause, then another male voice calls from the room ahead. "WHAAAAAAT?"

Out2lunch: Khila'eru silently tries to guide Pyralis into a position behind herself, out of harm's way.

Jeysie: The voice in your room shouts again, "Get wizard! Tell him come in here!"

Jeysie: Another pause, then, "OK!"

MH: Do you think its time to run away?

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "You don't really have to bother him on our account..."

Jeysie: (as Goblin) "Nah, too late. Wizard come talk."

MH: Do you think its time to run away?

KajiFireson: As for Khila'eru's attempts, Pyralis remains stubbornly on the front line, but makes a note to retreat as soon as combat begins... if it begins.

Out2lunch: You must love getting hurt Kaji.

KajiFireson: Hey... I didn't say I'd STAY. I just said that I was ready to... strategically retreat.

MH: I think its time to run away!

Out2lunch: Oh, heaven forbid you should stand behind the person with the sword and shield.

KajiFireson: Now now... I didn't say I wasn't going to stand behind you... I said I would stand behind you... later. You can't blame a guy for wanting a good view of the guy he's going to be shooting magic at, can you?

Out2lunch: For all we know, he's a teacher. Or worse, the headmaster.

MH: I think Nem should be more worried that I'm standing behind her...

Nemesis: Worried? Why?

MH: With my luck at dice rolls you're right in my firing line.

KajiFireson: Lunchie, you are a paladin, right?

Jeysie: No, she just acts like one.

Out2lunch: Cleric. And a chaotic one.

KajiFireson: ...crap. I had a nice good line, but Lunchie has to be a pally...

Out2lunch: I'm working on acting more chaotic. Sence I've gotten in trouble for seeming too lawful...

Jeysie: Oh, you are Chaotic. I was just referring to the whole righteous anger thing.

Jeysie: (as Wizard) "Well... you know, I'd as soon be done with this myself so I can get out of here. This is barely worth the extra credit I'm getting. On the other hand, the Academy's not going to be too happy unless we put you through *some* kind of contest. Any ideas? There's a few of us here, so..."

MH: Ok, how are we going to solve this then? I was thinking about a drinking contest myself.

Jeysie: That could work, too. Bartender torture is always fun.

KajiFireson: The drinking contest will only work if Hiro is not allowed anywhere near it.

Jeysie: The only idea I have myself is that you challenge them to a bowling match.

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow* Bowling match?

Jeysie: The town has a bowling alley. That's where the other student party went to get their assignment, while you went to the barber shop.

KajiFireson: Ah. Nifty.

MH: The only other idea I had was that we bribe him with something more than er, money.

KajiFireson: ...

Jeysie: Um. *laughs*

MH: Jeysie - do you have an idea of what I mean?

Jeysie: I'm not sure that idea is going to go over well, especially considering the type of "henchmen" the student wizard is working with...

MH: Eeeww! But I was actually thinking more about the wizard himself.

Jeysie: Well, um. If you can talk the ladies into it without them killing you, it's one idea to consider...

KajiFireson: Yeah... which means we'll not be considering it...

Nemesis: Tell me?

MH: I'm too scared of Lunchie to even suggest it.

Nemesis: Then suggest it to me. I'm nothing to be scared of. Unless you're scared of little terriers.

MH: Nem, you really don't want to know...

Nemesis: Please. I do. I don't want to use my brain and work out what you mean. I feel lazy today.

MH: It has something to do with *bribing* the wizard.

Nemesis: Oh. That, hmm? Interesting. *purr*

MH: Not monetary bribes either... He's young after all - he probably wouldn't even last that long.

Jeysie: *falls over*

MH: *can't believe he actually typed that*

Jeysie: Looks-wise, I suppose [the wizard would] be close to a taller and older version of Neville.

Nemesis: Neville?

MH: And Neville is?

Jeysie: A Harry Potter character.

Nemesis: Oh. Longbottom. The almost squib.

MH: Is he one of the ginger brothers?

Nemesis: Nono. He's not a Weasley. No hand me down robes.

MH: Thats what I meant - Weasley.

Nemesis: The Weasleys are a poor pathetic family with too many children. *slytherin persona takes over*

KajiFireson: Back.

MH: Did you leave? I thought you were asleep.

KajiFireson: Who... me? If by "asleep" you mean "eating," then yes, I was "asleep".

MH: That was exactly what I meant.

KajiFireson: Oh... what DID you mean?

MH: I meant that I thought you were away eating, and not sleeping.

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow, confused* Um... eh... uh... nevermind.

Jeysie: Well, we have four ideas so far...

MH: 4 great ideas.

KajiFireson: *can't help but roll his eyes slightly*

Jeysie: 1. Bowling Contest.

Jeysie: 2. Drinking Contest.

Jeysie: 3. Um, MH's idea.

Jeysie: 4. You can get the wizard to change his mind about joining you.

MH: What do you think a young wizard is most likely to go for - bowling :(, drinking :(, helping because we asked him :(, or... :)

KajiFireson: *can't help but roll his eyes more notably*

Nemesis: *snickers* I'd say idea 3. But then I'm... Well yeah...

MH: *watches as Nem digs a hole for herself*

KajiFireson: Don't get too cocky, MH... she may be digging a hole for herself, but I'm sure there'll be someone willing to throw you in with her...

KajiFireson: Actually, I was thinking slightly about a contest of magic between myself and the wizard...

MH: Do we know what level the wizard is?

Jeysie: You could ask him.

KajiFireson: The wizard knows what LEVEL he is? Isn't that like breaking the fourth wall... and the fifth wall... and a good deal of the sixth wall?

Jeysie: BLusk suggests a chocolate eating contest. *laughs*

Nemesis: Lol, typical.

Jeysie: You could hold a singing contest... *evil look*

KajiFireson: NO!

Nemesis: *cringe*

Jeysie: Muahaha. OK, I'll behave.

MH: We could always play Twister?

Jeysie: You could play cards. Poker, perhaps. Or Hearts.

MH: Yay! Snap!

KajiFireson: I prefer Blackjack, personally... but I'm not sure how well that would work...

Jeysie: Darn. If this was an offline game, I'd suggest charades. BLusk also suggested a dancing contest.

Nemesis: Arghh! He would.

MH: Arm wrestling?

Jeysie: Only if it's Pyralis doing the arm wrestling.

MH: I would have thought you would want someone strong to arm wrestle?

Jeysie: The wizard isn't dumb enough to arm wrestle a monk, dearie.

MH: I could always use my left hand...

KajiFireson: Hey... I'm pretty strong for a sorceror... my STR mod is POSITIVE!

KajiFireson: Wait... I'm sorry... it's not. It's not negative, though!

Jeysie: Kissing contest: The wizard and either Hiro or Pyralis both kiss Ayaka, then she votes who she liked better.

Nemesis: I like the sound of that.

Out2lunch: I'm finally back!

Jeysie: We have several ideas for you to catch up on.

Out2lunch: Would you mind summing them up?

MH: Well, the outcome was that we are going to offer you as a bribe for the wizard. We all voted for it in your absence.

Jeysie: 1. Bowling Contest.

Jeysie: 2. Drinking Contest.

Jeysie: 3. Um, MH's idea.

Jeysie: 4. You can get the wizard to change his mind about joining you.

Jeysie: 5. Chocolate eating contest.

Jeysie: 6. Singing contest.

Jeysie: 7. Twister.

Jeysie: 8. Poker.

Jeysie: 9. Dancing contest.

Jeysie: 10. Kissing contest.

Out2lunch: Um...

Jeysie: I never said it was a great list, but it's a list.

Out2lunch: No it sounds great.

MH: See, Lunchie agrees - she's chosen No. 3 - um.

Out2lunch: But I'm just wondering what you ment by "me as a bribe"?

MH: Lunchie - please don't make me spell it out for you.

KajiFireson: You don't want to know. And if you do, you should be prepared to smack MH in the face.

MH: Hey! It was a joke proposal after all.

Out2lunch: *doesn't ask but smacks MH on principle*

MH: Oww!! Not fair!

Out2lunch: I'm a *cleric*!

Jeysie: Well, it seems Nem likes the idea of the kissing contest. Any other votes/ideas?

Out2lunch: I like the drinking contest.

MH: I like that one.

Jeysie: OK, Lunchie and MH like the drinking contest. Thoughts from Kaji?

MH: Please don't ask me to drink though...

KajiFireson: I wouldn't mind a hand or seven of good old 5-card Poker... but I think I like the drinking contest also... I've schooled Hiro in drinking, might as well do it again.

Out2lunch: So if we agree in here, does that mean that [the wizard] will agree?

Jeysie: I'm willing to let you use any of the ideas on the list.

Out2lunch: Oh...

MH: He *might* prefer the kissing idea though.

Out2lunch: *You* would, don't you mean MH?

Out2lunch: How would the mechanics of that work?

Jeysie: The drinking contest would basically be a lot of Fort checks.

MH: Even I could prob outdrink the wizard.

Out2lunch: Not Will saves?

Jeysie: It would be Will saves to remain functional during the contest... And Fort saves on how drunk you'd get...

Out2lunch: Ahhh. I like it.

Jeysie: And if we play an actual drinking game, like tossing quarters, it could get even weirder.

Jeysie: Er, tossing copper pieces, that is.

Out2lunch: Yes, I vote for getting drunk on cheap booze.

MH: Maybe I'm being awkward here, but where do we get the booze from?

Out2lunch: Pub?

Jeysie: The bar. The Inn wouldn't work, but there is a full bar in the city.

Nemesis: I don't know about the drinking one...

Out2lunch: Come on... it'll be fun.

MH: *thinks that Nem just wants a *snog*

Out2lunch: *evil grin*

Nemesis: *blushes*

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "Sometimes this uu'handa human school just makes me want to go get flerking drunk." *sigh*

Jeysie: (as Wizard) "Yeah, tell me about it... I could use a drink after dealing with my 'henchmen' here..."

KajiFireson: Pyralis glances sidelong at the Elven Cleric. "Drunk, huh..." Pyralis turns to the wizard as he makes his comment. "Could use a drink, huh? How about a lot of drinks?"

Jeysie: The hidden voice pipes up, "Me like drinks..."

Out2lunch: Hehehehe!!!

Jeysie: You laughed, Lunchie?

Out2lunch: "Me like drinks"...

Jeysie: Well... He does...

Out2lunch: It was great comic timing.

Jeysie: There's a cheer and over the next few minutes, the wizard's "henchmen" file into the room. It turns out to be a foursome of short, sorry-looking, orange-skinned, yellow-eyed goblins wearing ill-fitting padded armor. They all are chattering excitedly about the prospect of drinking. One hands the wizard his backpack. Two of the goblins come from the rooms beyond, while the other two step out from behind the pillars in the room.

Jeysie: The wizard gestures at the group. "Now you see what I had to deal with, eh?"

MH: Hiro nods in sympathy. "I've dealt with them before - they aren't really the most intelligent creatures I have come across."

Out2lunch: Khila'eru thumps Hiro on the head. "Did they teach you *no* manners at that monastery of yours?"

Jeysie: One of the goblins blows a raspberry at Hiro. The others are too busy being thrilled over no fight and lots of drinks to care overmuch.

MH: Oy! I was just agreeing with the wizard that goblins are mostly stupid.

Out2lunch: You just told a room full of goblins that they were stupid.

MH: Well they are aren't they? You just need to see their response to realise that they aren't really a problem.

Out2lunch: It never hurts to behave yourself. *tries to look innocent*

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "You are not all that bright either, when it comes down to it."

MH: Hiro glares at Khila. "Did you manage to work out how to open that door earlier? I think not!"

Nemesis: Ayaka narrows her eyes. "Enough with the squabbling already." She turns away then.

MH: Hiro composes himself and tries to ignore Khila. "Yes, let's concentrate on the problem at hand."

Out2lunch: Khila'eru ignores Hiro and bows to Wyatt.

Out2lunch: Grace in triumph is as good a quality as grace in defeat.

MH: *blows a raspberry at Lunchie*

Out2lunch: I don't know what it is about Hiro that gets to Khila...

Out2lunch: Every week I tell myself that I won't act rashly. And every week I let myself be provoked.

Jeysie: And I, at least, love you for it.

Out2lunch: At least there's that.

MH: Maybe it's because he knows how much elves tend to be up their own asses.

Out2lunch: Heh.

MH: He was brought up by them so he knows what they're like.

Jeysie: Wyatt points around at the goblins. "Let me see... that one over there is Gronk, this one is Squee, he's Flug, and over here is Krink." The goblins mutter and wave half-heartedly as Wyatt introduces them.

KajiFireson: Pyralis grins slightly. [Gronk, Krink, Squee, and Flug... my goodness, what names to match this motley crew...]

Jeysie: Side note: Thinking up Goblin names is hard.

KajiFireson: Hey, now, I didn't mean it that way...

Jeysie: Squee I stole from Magic: The Gathering, Gronk I got from an adventure game, and I forget how I came up with Flug and Krink.

Out2lunch: Wasn't Krink that dumb guard in 'The Emperor's New Groove'?

Out2lunch: No, wait. That was Kronk.

Jeysie: For deflecting the fight into a drinking contest, you all get 200XP.

Jeysie: GBUs are welcome, for any staying people.

Out2lunch: Good: Easily swayed wiz, Bad: Leaving early, Ugly: The thought of more drunken Hiro.

Nemesis: I liked the easily swayed wizz too.

MH: Good - No fighting, Bad - Lunchie leaving early, Ugly - The goblins.

KajiFireson: Good: Getting to taunt the wizard. Bad: Not getting to beat the wizard at his own game. Ugly: Drunk Glory...

Nemesis: Updated that file btw jeysie.

Jeysie: OK. *updates the uploaded fire*

Jeysie: Er. File, even.

Nemesis: *s* *jokes-* Argh! ;) Fire? ;)