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Chapter 10: "I Love You All..."

Out2lunch: 'lo MH.

MH: Hi.

Out2lunch: How's it going?

MH: Its hideously hot here and the pollen count is through the roof.

MH: So if i keep making spelling mistakes its because i'm sneezing uncontrollably.

MH: Whats a window unit?

Out2lunch: An AC unit that fits in a window to cool one or two rooms. It is a fairly economic solution to heatwaves.

MH: I prefer to use the economical solution of an open window, and a fan.

Out2lunch: And yet, you somehow remain hot...

Out2lunch: Side note: Do any of you guys have a Mac?

Jeysie: Ew, no.

MH: I have a raincoat if thats what you mean? I never wear it though.

Jeysie: No, Mac the computer.

MH: A computer called Mac?

Jeysie: Please tell me you've heard of Apple...

MH: Of course i have!! They're my favourite fruits.

MH: So whats the general concensus? Are we staying at the inn and getting hammered or venturing back out?

Out2lunch: I vote for getting hammered.

MH: Its just that i've a got a chilled bottle of wine downstairs so i could probably rp getting hammered very well.

MH: Don't worry, i'd never do anyhting so dangerous as beink drunk whilst online.

MH: Seriously though, it is really dangerous - you end up buying stuff you don't really need.

Nemesis: The magic numbers are?

Jeysie: No magic numbers for the moment if we're just going to RP.

Nemesis: Ah ok.

Jeysie: We can futz with [GameTable] later, if need be.

Nemesis: Hmm. True.

Jeysie: It's the spawn of evil and I hate it just as much as you guys do.

MH: Personally i think GT should be burned at the stake.

KajiFireson: If you can find a way to tie intangible zeroes and ones to a long plank of wood, go for it.

Nemesis: I do too. Kill it.

MH: Kaji, i'll try my best.

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "My thanks to you again madem libraian. Am I correct in assuming that we shall see you again on the morow?"

Jeysie: (as Rosie) "Of course! I work every day except the weekends... and even then I'm usually in there anyway. I just love books!"

MH: What day is it gametime?

Jeysie: It's the end of the first day... probably around 8PM-ish or so. We'll say it's Monday. By time you get to the Inn it'll be around 9 or 10-ish.


Jeysie: Very funny, you.

Jeysie: I would note that Lunchie needs to spend some time doing the Cleric thing at some point tonight.

Jeysie: Doing it after getting drunk would be amusing.

Jeysie: "Dear Mister Cora... Corelli... Coramon... um, God I worship... I'd like some chocolate, and maybe a love potion to use on Hiro, and *hic* some more wine..."

MH: So i take it Kaji's sharing my room unless he purchased his own?

Jeysie: Heh! I was going to [be] funny and wait until you realized that the room for the fellows only has one bed...

MH: I knew that because when i rented it, there was only one male. So if we're sharing, he can have the floor.

Jeysie: I know, but I wasn't sure if you'd remember or not.

Out2lunch: So are the woods outside the town safe?

Jeysie: Yes and no. Yes in the sense that it's really just a small grove of trees.

Out2lunch: Safe to meditate and/or pray in?

Jeysie: No in the sense that you're not in the confines of the city.

Out2lunch: Um... any bears or wolves or the like?

Jeysie: It's mostly meant as a convenient spot for the Academy to send its Circles to without worrying about students popping up suddenly in the middle of travelers waiting to get into the city. So no animals, but possibly travelers to deal with.

Out2lunch: So "no" then. So any nice parks, geological landmarks, ect.?

Jeysie: *thinks*

Out2lunch: Big old tree?

MH: Any cows that we can push over when we're drunk?

Jeysie: Well, if all you want is a patch of green, the Inn has a nice common ground that's not likely to have more than possibly a couple or two making out.

Jeysie: Also, seeing as how the Elvish shop was basically a giant building made out of plants, I see no reason why we couldn't claim there's a nice little park near it that the shopkeepers maintain.

Out2lunch: Cool. That would be perfect. Thank you.

KajiFireson: Pyralis follows the rest toward the inn... but he suddenly realizes something. [Hm... I think I might have to purchase a room... I wasn't part of the group last night, was I?] He thinks this in a would-be musing tone, but there is a fair bit of irony in the latter half.

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "Hmm? I see no reason why the two rooms would provide insufficient space..."

Jeysie: I'd note that Pyralis thought that, Lunchie, he didn't say it.

Out2lunch: Oops. Well never mind then.

Jeysie: Hmm. So, are you *all* heading towards the Inn, or does Lunchie want to make a break here?

Out2lunch: Nah, i'll join them for dinner.

Jeysie: In that case, feel free to RP chatting and arriving at the Inn at just the perfect moment.

Out2lunch: Perfect for what?

Jeysie: Or to quote from a previous session, the "The DM declares that, in the spirit of perfect timing, you arrive at the Inn whenever your conversation ends."

MH: Jeysie, can you say that there is a patch of green with a tree, because i need to meditate and pray first.

Jeysie: If you go around back of the inn, there's a small courtyard.

MH: Cool. Can we just say that i know about it already, rather than having to ask?

Jeysie: Working on it...

Jeysie: Everyone finds themselves back outside the brick-walled Inn, now lit by a couple of gold lanterns on either side of the door. Hiro, looking to see if there's someplace suitable for meditating, notices a small path around one side of the building, heading towards the back.

Jeysie: There we are.

MH: ty.

MH: Hiro admires the ancient looking tree in the middle of the garden behind the inn and thinks to himself that this is the perfect place to pay thanks to his gods.

Jeysie: As Hiro stands outside the garden, looking in, the man at the gate looks up from his book. "Do you have a room key?" he asks.

Jeysie: *ahem* Sorry, but the Inn's not going to just let any old nut enter its garden, or it wouldn't be as pretty and peaceful.

MH: :)

MH: Hiro finds a place in the shade of the old tree and sits crosslegged with his palms resting on his knees. He closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths and then a series of small ones, feeling his body start to relax. He feels himself becoming closer to nature and knows that the gods are looking down on him - "Spirits of the forest and of the trees, i give thanks for the strength you have given me."

Jeysie: (as OOC Hiro) "I don't thank you for the horrible dice rolls you keep giving me, but keep up the 19s, and there just might be some nice tribute coming your way."

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "Gul-edan, care to join me in a pint as we wait for the others?"

KajiFireson: Gul-edan = ???

Jeysie: Sorcery man.

KajiFireson: Ah. Forgive my lack of knowledge of Elven. I know English, have an Al Bhed translator, would like to learn Draconic... elven is not in there.

KajiFireson: Also... have I been referred to by that term before? I do not recall...

MH: Kaji, too much FF eh?

KajiFireson: In my past, yeah... that and my brother and I write fanfiction involving people that speak Al Bhed.

Jeysie: The Orcs called you magic man, and Lunchie called you Gul'edan when hinting you might want to move out of the way of the Orcs smashing you.

KajiFireson: Ah yes... I remember the latter now...

MH: I like this kind of RPing - its a pleasant change from the fighting stuff. Its fun beating up on people, but chatting as your char is even more fun.

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "Good evening barkeep, what manner of drinks are you serving this evening?"

Jeysie: The barkeep stares at Khila'eru's lips for a moment as she speaks to figure out what she's asking, then shouts, "We've got beer, wine, mixed drinks, sarsaparila, water, and apple cider!"

MH: I'm not looking forward to Hiro drinking alcohol for the first time.

Out2lunch: Altho i am curious as to what sort of mixed drinks they have...

Jeysie: Um. Let me put it this way... I don't drink, so those of you who do can be creative if you like.

MH: Hehe. I'm looking forward to Hiro getting drunk.

MH: I'm probably the only one here who actually drinks in real life, or who is legally allowed to.

Jeysie: I'm legally allowed to, but don't.

MH: Lunchie is allowed to but probably doesnt, and Kaji? I'm not sure if he's allowed to.

KajiFireson: I'm not legally allowed to and don't... yay for goody-goody Kaji.

Nemesis: Legally allowed but doesn't very often.

Out2lunch: I have a glass once and a while.

Jeysie: The bartender hunts around the bar, and plops a bottle of wine in front of Pyralis. "Three silver!"

Out2lunch: A whole bottle?

Jeysie: I'm used to my roommate's family. When they drink wine, they're the "pass around the bottle" types.

Jeysie: The bartender, sensing a bit of quiet, pulls off one earmuff and starts to shout, "CAN I HELP... er, can I help you?"

MH: Hiro looks at the barkeep and shouts back, "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO DRINK!!"

KajiFireson: *winces a bit* He's not deaf anymore... you don't have to shout...

Jeysie: The bartender looks slightly taken aback, shugs, and shouts, "WE HAVE BEER, WINE, MIXED DRINKS, SARSAPARILLA, WATER, AND APPLE CIDER!"

MH: Hiro looks at the barkeep in confusion. "You don't have to shout you know."

Out2lunch: Hahaha!

MH: (as Hiro) "Barkeep, a bottle of your best wine please."

Jeysie: The bartender sets his earmuffs back in place, shrugs, hunts around under the counter, pulls out a fancy-looking bottle, plops it down in front of Hiro and shouts, "Ten gold, please!"

Out2lunch: On the bright side he probobly won't be able to afford it...

MH: Aww, thats not fair. 10 silver for a bottle of wine? Thats more than our rooms cost.

Jeysie: 10 gold. And, have you ever seen how much really nice wine costs?

MH: So how could kaji afford a bottle?

KajiFireson: I didn't buy a bottle of "your best wine".

MH: Hiro looks at the barkeep. "You do realise we have a tab here, which the Academy will pay?"

Jeysie: Hiro, I hate to break it to you, but last I checked, college tuition generally covers meals on campus, not in the surrounding town. And even if it did, it certainly doesn't cover fancy wine...

MH: Well, it should cover costs as well. Meals etc..

Out2lunch: Not booze.

MH: It should do.

Jeysie: It doesn't. Discount, yes. Free ride to spend the Academy's money, no.

MH: Ah, well - it was worth a try.

Jeysie: The bartender puts together some turkey, lettuce, cheese-like substance, mayonaise, and mustard sandwiches and sets them in front of Khila'eru. He then rummages around, pulls out a basket, and throws some nachos in it. He then appears to do some mental math for a moment and says, "2 silvers and 4 coppers, please."

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "No cheese?"

Jeysie: The bartender takes back the basket of nachos, drizzles some cheese-like substance on it, and hands it back. "Er, sorry. And wait, I'll add it to your tab, right. By the way, can I see your student ID?"

Nemesis: Ayaka shows her student ID.

Jeysie: Nem, aren't you at the table?

Nemesis: Oh yes but I thought the bartender was at the table sorry.

Jeysie: Ah. No, Khila went over to the bar.

Nemesis: AH 'k.

Jeysie: I just assumed you all shouted your orders around... that's about par for a near-empty bar.

Nemesis: True.

KajiFireson: Pyralis takes another sip of wine as he thinks to himself, [Hm... that monk is a fish out of water... especially with booze in his system...]

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "Yes, but trying to stop him is an exercise in futility. Perhaps it is best to let him have his experiences and learn from them."

Jeysie: Pyralis is still thinking to himself, Lunchie.

KajiFireson: Should I make my thoughts a different color instead of just using brackets as opposed to quotation marks?

MH: No need kaji - we all read your posts properly before replying.

Out2lunch: You should just start thinking out loud.

-> BLusk has joined ag-chat

BLusk: How goes the game?

MH: The game goes fine.

BLusk: You must have hit something, MH.

MH: My char is absolutely wankered.

BLusk: Wankered?

Jeysie: Toasted. Sloshed.

BLusk: Aha.

KajiFireson: I am trying to keep him from drowning in his own drunken vomit... when it happens, anyway.

MH: Hammered, pissed, slaughtered, etc.

BLusk: Good luck.

KajiFireson: Hey... my Sorc has a Strength of 11... if worse comes to worse, I can just pull him up out of the puddle of his own bodily fluids...

MH: Oh god please don't let me die!! I've got so much more to give.

KajiFireson: Yep... right after you recover from being hungover.

MH: Kaji, i'm relying on you to make sure i don't choke in my own vomit.

Jeysie: So, you guys have a drunken Monk, and the other party has a drunken Paladin... i.e. the two members of a party I'd normally consider least likely to be the drunk ones.

MH: It was to be expected really, the monk has just left a life of purity. He doesn't know much about the ways of the world.

KajiFireson: Pyralis nods a bit. He reaches into his gold pouch with his free hand to put two gold coins down on the counter. "There's the gold for my room..." Pyralis turns to Hiro. "Where is your room?" he asks, speaking slowly.

MH: Hiro drunkenly points to the Elves' room. "There!"

Jeysie: You're in the foyer, MH. Drunken or no, there's no rooms to point at.

MH: I guess i'm too drunk to realise.

MH: Hiro hugs Pyralis tightly.

KajiFireson: Pyralis is hugged tightly by a drunken monk. "Okay... that doesn't tell me anything..." He takes the key from the clerk. "Thanks. I guess I'll take it from here, now..."

Jeysie: It's a good thing you didn't upgrade to a double room, Kaji... at the rate Hiro's going he'd probably start trying to make out with Pyralis.

MH: Heh! He's not that drunk - he did point to the girls' room after all.

Jeysie: The clerk chuckles and says helpfully, "The room numbers are on the keys."

KajiFireson: Pyralis nods a bit. "Thanks." Pyralis frowns a bit. [Great... now I have to find his key...] Dutifully, he goes off towards the rooms.

Out2lunch: I wouldn't want to look for the key.

MH: It's in my trouser pocket.

Out2lunch: I *really* wouldn't want to look for the key.

MH: It's really strange to play a totally drunk character when you are actually very sober.

BLusk: Oh, shoot, that's easy. I'm always sober, and most people think I'm probably droonk anywash.

BLusk: *cough* *wanders off*

KajiFireson: Pyralis winces a bit as he hears the burp right by his face. He gets to his room and fumbles with the key a bit, finally getting his door open. He goes in slowly, setting Hiro down on the bed as he sticks the key in his pocket. "Oi... Hiro, where is your key?" he asks, really hoping he doesn't have to go fishing for it.

MH: Hiro slightly breaks free and by some miracle fishes his key out of his pocket. He holds his key up as if he is brandishing a weapon. "Come on, I can take you."

Jeysie: I should have Hiro roll for using the key on Pyralis, just to see what he gets.

KajiFireson: Knowing his luck, he'd roll a one for a spectacular drunken failure. ...But knowing MY luck, he'd roll a freaking natural 20...

Jeysie: Side note: Lunchie, whenever you figure out what you want your current pick of spells to be, tell me via chat or e-mail or whatever.

Out2lunch: Oh yeah, i really should get around to that.

Jeysie: You have to spend at least an hour doing the commune thing... other than that, you can spend the night wherever you feel like trancing.

Out2lunch: I'll just stay where i am.

Jeysie: OK, then.

Out2lunch: It's a nice park.

MH: I think this is a good place to end. Unless lunchie wants to carry on praying to Captain Corelli, or whatever his name is...

BLusk: "Whatever his name is?"

KajiFireson: Good: No getting beat up today. Bad: Being farted on. Ugly... no. UGLY: The small-person "band".

BLusk: That IS ugly.

Out2lunch: Good: Park, getting to play. Bad: Music. Ugly: Drunkin Hiro.

MH: Good - getting drunk; Bad - getting drunk; Ugly - getting drunk... Good - farting. Ahhhhhhh.

Jeysie: XP: Lunchie and Nemesis get 200XP for being their lovely Elven lady selves. MH gets 250XP for being a sad sack of a drunk, and Kaji gets 250XP for putting up with him.

KajiFireson: Jeysie... do you remember how much experience I got last week?

BLusk: More than none, less than you need to level?

Out2lunch: Spells are picked! Lv0: light, detect magic x2, and read magic. Lv1: magic stone, summon monster, and command.

Jeysie: Cool. Domain spell?

Out2lunch: Protect from evil.

Jeysie: Cool.

Nemesis: damn.

Nemesis: mav

Out2lunch: ?

Nemesis: Wrong window.

Nemesis: Cool at the spells, BTW.

Out2lunch: Meh, there's not much to choose from in Lv:0.

Out2lunch: Well, i'm going to head off too.

MH: What? How come??

Out2lunch: Because my mom wants to spend time with me. And i want to watch tv.

MH: OK, thats fine then.

Out2lunch: And i think i'm going blind from staring at the comp screen for too long...

BLusk: What was that Lunchie? Your text came through blurry.