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Chapter 8: A Whole Lot of Darkness

Jeysie: I'm just glad BLusk the God of Technology was here to help us tackle another problem.

Jeysie: 2 problems solved, 498 to go.

Jeysie: Lemme post the intro, and then if everyone's set to go...

KajiFireson: *whines* Why can't I see anything...

Jeysie: Oops. OK, after Kaji sorts out his GT issues... In any case, we're at Kaji's turn, once he gets GT beaten into submission.

Nemesis: *beats Java into submission*

KajiFireson: Hm... I can see some things, but only one pog.

KajiFireson: Hm... Gametable, take ninety-three... and... action!

KajiFireson: Hm... Gametable, take ninety-four... and... action! ...

KajiFireson: Hm... Gametable, take ninety-five... and... action! ... Dun, dun dun DUN!

Out2lunch: Mabey you should just try reconnecting each time you have to move.

Jeysie: The problem is, it's his turn, so he has to get connected *now* first.

Out2lunch: To quote: "This is no place for your relentless logic."

Jeysie: I have a feeling that line will become a running gag.

Out2lunch: It's a good one.

KajiFireson: Pyralis grits his teeth a bit. "You may have dodged my Ray of Frost, but you won't dodge this!"

KajiFireson: Pyralis casts Magic Missile at his sole foe.

Jeysie: I knew you were going to throw a MM...

Out2lunch: Wait!

KajiFireson: What?

Out2lunch: Isn't Ayaka in the way?

Jeysie: Doesn't matter with Magic Missile.

Out2lunch: Oh, well never mind then. Has anyone else noticed how the answers to my questions is invariably "no"?

MH: No.

Out2lunch: Ah, just me then...

KajiFireson: *grins just a bit, but he says nothing*

Jeysie: Pyralis shouts out his magic command and a energy missile obediently darts forth, streaks around Ayaka, and hits the warrior lady squarely in the chest. There's an odd sort of "splash effect" as the energy seems to be diffused across her body, though from the grimace on her face, it still made a pretty good impact.

Jeysie: The warrior lady grins weakly. "You know, you're all really not bad at all..." She then flops over backwards and lays motionless on the floor with her arms and legs akimbo.

Jeysie: Congratulations, Pyralis delivers the finishing plink.

Out2lunch: Horray!

MH: We tired her out - kaji just finished her off.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru stands, picks up and sheaths her sword, picks up her pack, and looks to see if her fired bolt is still intact somewhere.

Jeysie: Give me a search check, Lunchie.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+3) = 6>

Out2lunch: Not my day for dice rolls.

MH: Maybe my bad luck is rubbing off.

KajiFireson: You don't have to worry about it rubbing off on me... I have plenty of my own, thank you.

Jeysie: You look around the room. Other than yourselves, the fallen warrior, the warrior's gear, and the closed doors leading north, the room is plain and barren. The walls, ceiling, and floor are all made of the same grey stone as the Library, but here the walls look less well-kept.

BLusk: Doors leading North South and Dennis?

Jeysie: Just North and South, I fear.

BLusk: Aw...

Out2lunch: Khila'eru rubs her aching side and desides to see if the lady's gear contains any healing supplies.

MH: Is it ethical to have a look in her pack?

Out2lunch: I don't care.

Jeysie: Side note:

Out2lunch: Yes?

Jeysie: If you ever have a skill check where you have enough free time and failure doesn't prevent you from trying again, you can "take 20" on a check. It's the equivalent of saying "I keep rolling until I get a 20".

Out2lunch: Oh yeah, i keep forgetting i can do that.

MH: Makes sense i suppose.

Jeysie: IOW, if you want to Take 20 on Searching the backpack, you can.

Out2lunch: Shall do then.

Jeysie: Hiro, Khila'eru: You both read the parchment and find that it says, in Common:

Jeysie: "'So I'll practice the 'Choral Hymn in A Minor'...'

Jeysie: 'That's B Minor, you dolt! B Minor!...'"

BLusk: *is gonna C major explosions soon...*

Out2lunch: If i rest a bit and drink some water how would that help my HP situation?

Jeysie: You heal 1 point of non-lethal damage per hour. So it would take you 8 hours to heal completely.

Out2lunch: So what exactly is the water for?

Jeysie: It's for her. You don't think warriors get thirsty while sitting around in dungeons?

Jeysie: Oops, misparsed the question.

Out2lunch: Well we're carrying it around and it's kind of heavy.

Jeysie: Well, it's the same answer, really... you can't expect to go without food and water for too long without feeling icky. So you have rations and water.

Out2lunch: Stink.

Jeysie: Hiro tries to open the door, but finds that it's locked.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru sighs and tosses Hiro the key.

MH: Jeysie - don't make me roll to see if i catch the key.

Jeysie: I'm not that cruel....

BLusk: I would... just to see him suffer... MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

MH: You do know that you ain't funny BLusk.

BLusk: Actually, I wouldn't, but I haven't had a good evil laugh in a while.

MH: Hiro takes a breath and pushes the door open...

Jeysie: The door opens, revealing... a whole lot of darkness.

BLusk: A whole lot of darkness. Cute, Jeysie.

Jeysie: Thanks, I think.

BLusk: I can see that MH doesn't think I'm funny today. Thanks for seconding that, Jeysie.

MH: BLusk - Antolle ulua sulrim.

BLusk: Thanks, Windbag.

KajiFireson: Oh, that reminds me of something that happened this year... in Ancient History we took a quiz about early civilization and the development of weapons by pre-civilizations, and one guy put "a pointy stick with a metal tip" for the answer.

KajiFireson: The irony? The answer: "spear". The kid's name? "Spears"

MH: Sorry, having probs with gt and my whole system just froze.

Jeysie: BLusk, now do you understand that my group is cursed?

BLusk: Hmm?

Jeysie: We never have this sort of stuff happen in SQ/Trinsic.

BLusk: That's cause we shook the bugs out... and there was always your computer.

Jeysie: I was just going to say, I take that back, my computer was the spawn of the devil.

BLusk: Yes. On its good days.

BLusk: On its bad days, it *was* the Devil.

Jeysie: Everyone in the dark room, make a Listen check.

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+1) = 7>

KajiFireson: ...

KajiFireson: I'm deaf.

MH: What is this - pick on MH night?

Out2lunch: Isn't it always?

MH: Well - you do have a point.

Jeysie: OK, how far up do you [MH and Nemesis] want to go in relation to the doors?

Nemesis: Hmm. Fairly close.

Jeysie: In the doorway, on one or the other side of the doorway, each on one side of the doorway?

MH: We just want to see whats making the noise.

Jeysie: Well, the easiest way to see what's making the noise is to stroll right into the room and see if anything shoots you.

MH: Isn't that what we're doing?

Out2lunch: I'm not keen on the getting shot one.

Nemesis: Neither am I.

MH: If we're walking forward slowly into the middle of the room - surely we should be able to see whats happening?

Out2lunch: Not a man of subtlety are you, MH?

MH: I mean - we've got 2 elves with super-vision and me with a lamp.

KajiFireson: And me...

MH: Oh shit, sorry.

KajiFireson: Sorry about what? It's not your fault I'm so mundane...

Out2lunch: You're just so quiet.

MH: I wasn't really ignoring you or forgetting about you - i was really just thinking about the people that can see well in the dark.

KajiFireson: Yes... I know. I'm just trying to figure out whether or not standing still would be the best bet for me...

Out2lunch: He can see you Hiro. And so can anything else. Since you have that nice bright targ... er, lamp.

KajiFireson: I guess I'll hang back... I always did prefer ranged combat...

Out2lunch: And i'm sticking with you kaji.

MH: So - isn't somebody supposed to be rolling for a spot check?

Jeysie: Yeah, you and Nem, MH.

MH: Shit - sorry - i thought it was nem and Lunchie.

Jeysie: Of course, since you and Nem are the ones walking into the next room, and Lunchie is staying put with Kaji... Yet, it's Lunchie and Nem that need to make Spot checks?

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>

GameServ: Nemesis rolled 1d20: 20 <Total: 20(+2) = 22>

Out2lunch: Sweet!

MH: 20!!!

Out2lunch: *throws confetti*

MH: Hiro realises that there is someone else hiding in the room and decides to snuff out the targ... er lamp he is carrying.

Nemesis: Ayaka whispers, very lowly. "There's... creatures behind both doors..." Her eyes glitter brightly then she reaches for one of her weapons... the snake on her arm trembling with anticpation. She lunges at the door then, forcing it open while at the same time lashing out with her sword.

Jeysie: Ayaka darts around the door lashes out with her sword just as Hiro douses the lamp. She still connects true thanks to her Elven hearing, then most definitely hears a satisfying yelp of pain from whatever is behind the left door.

Jeysie: In the meantime, MH, it's now your combat turn. You currently can't see poo diddley.

MH: If i can't see where the enemy is than is there really any point in trying to attack? Can i use spot?

Jeysie: Dude, it's pitchblack. You can't see the nose in front of your face.

Out2lunch: Can't you do that ninja fighting with your eyes closed thing?

Jeysie: Anyways. For beating up the Warrior Lady and slinking around in the dark, 250XP, folks. That includes last week's XP.

MH: Jeysie - we must be lvl 2 now then.

Jeysie: Yep.

Out2lunch: Yeah! Level up!

Jeysie: Everyone but Pyralis is level 2.

KajiFireson: Yay -- what? Damn.

Jeysie: All right, scratch the GT substitute, I'm going to need to spend Monday telling you folks how to level up.

KajiFireson: Except me, who actually knows how to level up, but I can't yet...

Jeysie: Make me up a level 2 sheet for your character anyway... might as well stay ahead of the game. You'll be level 2 soon.

KajiFireson: Can do, boss lady.

MH: Really the only thing individuals need to do is choose any skills or feats.

Jeysie: And roll Hit Die.

Jeysie: And Lunchie and Kaji need spells.

Out2lunch: I can't get mine untill i pray.

Jeysie: Although TBH I need to hold off on new/extra spells until you guys have a chance to sleep/meditate/commune with your gods/etc.

Jeysie: Right.

Jeysie: Side note: I find myself wondering exactly time of day a Corellon cleric is supposed to be communing.

Out2lunch: I'll look it up.

Jeysie: With Ascii's Pelor cleric it was easy... dawn or when he finally decided to get up... whichever came later.

Out2lunch: When the moon is highest at night.

Jeysie: That's what I would have guessed, but I wasn't certain. Fortunately for you folks it's nighttime.

Out2lunch: It would be great it i could get outside to pray. Or at least find a window.

Jeysie: Well, you guys are free to leave any time you like and tell Rosie you'll return later...

Out2lunch: What? Like i've got somewhere to go?

Jeysie: You guys did pay for two inn rooms...

Out2lunch: Are we allowed to leave the tower before the test is over?

Jeysie: Yes.

Out2lunch: Cool.

Jeysie: Why else would the Head Librarian have someone wait around?

Out2lunch: That idea hadn't crossed my mind.

MH: Although - none of us are badly injured - i don't see why we would want to leave...

Out2lunch: I have 2 hit points left! 2!

Jeysie: Well, except Lunchie, who can take 3 points more damage before you have to carry her out and let her snooze it off...

MH: Yes but you're a cleric - can't you heal yourself?

Out2lunch: Well yeah... but still...

Jeysie: Physician, heal thyself.

KajiFireson: Physic to the dogs! ... Er... sorry. I had a Macbeth flashback.

Jeysie: *pats Kaji*

MH: I take it you had to study it in school.

KajiFireson: Hey... I expect nothing less... I've only lived with the Senior English teacher this past year... I was in her room four hours a day.

KajiFireson: 9th--Romeo and Juliet. 10th--Julius Caesar. 11th--Er... no Shakespeare. In-between 11th and 12th--Hamlet. 12th--Macbeth.

MH: I had to study Romeo and Juliet, and Othello. For a-level english we had to read from the books aloud, in class.

MH: *embarrassingly admits that his sadistic english teacher always made him read the role of Juliet*

KajiFireson: *chuckles* "A couple of guys in Honors English IV read the part of witches when we read Macbeth aloud...'Pointy Stick with a Metal Tip' was okay, but another guy was alarmingly convincing..."

MH: My english teacher just didnt like me - i think it was the fact that i had long hair.

Out2lunch: Did you come to cheer us up B?

BLusk: *points out the fact that *his* sessions never degenerated like this... no no no, his degenerated into entirely different problems*

Out2lunch: To disagree is the essence of conversation.

MH: No it isnt!!!

Out2lunch: Of course it is, if every one agrees, then conversation is very short and dull.

MH: No - it isnt.

Out2lunch: How so MH?

MH: I'm just tryiong to disagree to keep the conversation going.

Out2lunch: *is having a *ball*!*

MH: It was a joke!

Out2lunch: Hahahahahahahah!!!!

Out2lunch: *snort*

Jeysie: If it makes you feel any better, I was ready to start bashing my head on the desk a few times during the session.

MH: Me too.

BLusk: I was ready to bash all your heads on the desk... don't make me pull out Dan Killjoy!

MH: I really don't know why but all of you were really winding me up.

Jeysie: Well, I admit I was annoyed because you were tossing "I don't have that skill!" stuff at me when I knew very well you did and that you should know how to find it. So I was winding you up because you were winding me up, so to speak.

Out2lunch: General bad vibes all around really.

BLusk: Bad bad bad! Bad vibrations!

Jeysie: *wonders if there's a good way to export Opera notes*

Out2lunch: Don't ask me - i don't know how to do anything.

MH: Thats not true - you know how to pick on people.

Out2lunch: Well yes, there is that. You always know how to cheer me up, MH.

MH: I always know how to cheer you up?

BLusk: What was that, you know how to cheese someone off?