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Chapter 7: Miss Tate, Warrior Prin... Er, Woman

-> KajiFireson has joined ag-chat

Jeysie: Kaji! *pounces Kaji*

Nemesis: *snicker*

KajiFireson: *is pounced and falls clear over* *Oof!* "Er... hi..."

Jeysie: Hi!

KajiFireson: Er... I'm sorry I didn't show up at all last week... I must seem horribly flakey to everyone who has been reliable...

Jeysie: *coughs politely* So what's going on? Everything all right?

KajiFireson: *grins slightly* No need to be easy on me... I need more people to tell me what they really think... but anyway, to answer the question--when I joined up at first, my Saturdays were completely open...nothing going on at all. But then people started inviting me to visit them on Saturdays... well, my mother mostly. Anyone else, I'd tell them I'm busy ('cause I would be), but I felt kind of guilty choosing D&D over my mother... to be fair, both times I've missed, I believe that it was because I was at Mom's ("I believe" because my memory is bad).

KajiFireson: This week, I'm here for the duration... mainly because Mom is expecting me to be busy (and I am... I still have to write my speech for my graduation (which, fortunately for us, is on a Friday, and should not interfere with the campaign at all)).

Jeysie: Are you valedictorian or somesuch?

KajiFireson: Co-valedictorian, actually, but I will be the only valedictorian that speaks... in the words of my father: "On [my brother's] home planet, public speaking is illegal."

-> Out2lunch has joined ag-chat

KajiFireson: Hello Lunchie.

Out2lunch: *tackles Kaji and kisses him*

KajiFireson: *is tackled once again* *Oof!* He is then kissed suddenly - he doesn't respond to this any - he's just too surprised and stunned.

Jeysie: We need to be careful, or Kaji will start staying away more often so he can keep getting pounced by the ladies.

Out2lunch: *picks Kaji up off the ground and dusts him off*

KajiFireson: *is picked up off the ground suddenly. He just kind of stands there once he's back to his feet, even through the dusting off*

Out2lunch: Am i to understand that there was another tackleing incident?

Jeysie: I pounced him myself when he first came in. I didn't smooch him, though.

Out2lunch: I was just *so* happy! *bounces with glee*

KajiFireson: *looks around wearily* Let's see... is everyone here, or am I going to be tackled a third time?

Out2lunch: I don't know. Jeysie, do you think MH is the tackleing type?

Jeysie: Only if you're in a wardrobe.

-> MH has joined ag-chat

MH: Wow! Everyone's here!

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow cautiously* "Hello... MH..." he greets slowly, looking around to see if there were any wardrobes nearby.

Jeysie: [looking at GameTable] MH, what are you doing napping on a strange lady's bedroll? *wink, nudge*

MH: I'm just resting - there is space for 2 you know.

Jeysie: Well, technically the bedroll is 7 or so feet long... room enough for one person lying down.

MH: Thats what i said - there's still room for 2 though.

Jeysie: The reason your pogs take up one space is that you can "reach" that far... not because you're that wide.

Jeysie: At least, I hope none of you are that wide. T'would give a new meaning to the term "Tank".

Jeysie: BTW, you might consider flipping through the PHBII at some point. The spell names are truly inspired... inspired by illegal drugs, that is.

MH: (OOC) Hiro bounces around, doing some shadow sparring, and suddenly he stops when he realises that he looks like a bit of a dick.

MH: (OOC) Hiro runs around the room making funny faces at people.

Jeysie: (OOC) *notes that this is hardly becoming behavior for a studious monk*

Nemesis: (OOC) Ayaka leans against a wall, thinking.

MH: (OOC) Hiro thought everyone else was asleep.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru snores.

MH: (OOC) Hiro prods Khila, and then quickly looks away.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru starts to wake up but just rolls over instead.

Jeysie: (OOC) *shines a beam of light on Khila's head with a mirror* "Khila, this the great Pel... wait, wrong campaign."

Jeysie: (OOC) *watches as the warrior lady writes something or other on a scroll*

MH: (OOC) Hiro is looking forward to kicking her butt.

Nemesis: (OOC) Ayaka remains silent, pacing slightly.

MH: (OOC) Hiro crouches down and brings his face close to Khila - he opens his mouth to speak... "WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!" He runs away quickly.

Out2lunch: (as OOC Khila'eru) "Hu. Wha?" Khila'eru looks around groggily.

MH: (OOC) Hiro sniggers quietly. "It was Pyralis!"

Nemesis: (OOC) Ayaka looks over and snickers, her eyes glittering.

KajiFireson: (OOC) Pyralis raises an eyebrow. "What?"

MH: (as OOC Hiro) "You're getting the blame for shouting in Khila's ear."

KajiFireson: (OOC) Pyralis raises an eyebrow again, then grins slightly. "What? I don't shout in people's ears... if I have to yell at someone, I'm going to yell at their face."

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru casts Ray of Truth on Hiro. "So who was it that woke me up?"

MH: (OOC) Hiro concentrates and resists the Elf's magic. "Aww shit - it was me, pleeease don't hurt me! Ayaka made me do it!"

Nemesis: (OOC) Ayaka smirks now, her eyes glittering before she looks away, chuckling softly.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru waves her hands as if to cast a spell.

MH: (OOC) Hiro cowers in the corner.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru smacks Hiro upside the head.

MH: (as OOC Hiro) "OUCH!! Hey!"

Out2lunch: (as OOC Khila'eru) "Never wake me up unless you're missing an appendage or there are fireballs raining from the sky!"

MH: (OOC) Hiro mutters under his breath.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru leans against a wall and waits for the action to start.

MH: (OOC) Hiro regains his composure and starts to get back in character.

Jeysie: If you're planning to fight, we should roll initiative, though.

MH: So a d20 plus what?

Jeysie: d20+Initiative

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+1) = 20>

GameServ: KajiFireson rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+2) = 8>

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>

Out2lunch: Ooo, what happens when we tie?

Jeysie: Tie is broken by Initiative score. My roll...

GameServ: Jeysie rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17(+3) = 20>

Jeysie: Argh.

Out2lunch: And when that's a tie?

Jeysie: That I need to look up.

MH: The male should go first!

Jeysie: Anything else? You have a move action left.

Out2lunch: My shield's readied right?

Jeysie: You can ready your shield as your move action, yes.

Out2lunch: Sorry if i'm slow, i keep having to look stuff up.

MH: Its ok Lunchie, we all know you're a bit slow.

Out2lunch: Oh, ha ha.

MH: No - i'm going to attack unarmed standard.

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7(+3) = 10>

MH: Why don't the dice like me?

Out2lunch: *pats MH*

MH: Its not fair. Jeysie - do you want to describe me missing miserably again?

Jeysie: OK, MH, Nemesis, and Lunchie, you can make Attacks of Opportunity, if you choose. It has to be a melee attack.

MH: *prays to the God of the Dice for good luck*

GameServ: MH rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3(+3) = 6>

MH: Bastard!!!!!!!

Jeysie: OK, Lunchie, Nemesis, do you take your Attacks?

Out2lunch: And i shall thwack her thusly with my sword.

Nemesis: Yes.

Jeysie: You ladies both get flanking bonuses as well.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14(+3) = 17>

GameServ: Nemesis rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18(+3) = 21>

Jeysie: Both hit.

Jeysie: Lunchie, roll me damage for your longsword. Don't forget the STR bonus. Nemesis, roll me unarmed damage.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d8: 6 <Total: 6(+1) = 7>

GameServ: Nemesis rolled 1d3: 3 <Total: 3>

Jeysie: All right, that's 10 dmg. Let's see.

Out2lunch: *is having fun*

MH: *silently curses the god of the dice and is not having fun*

Out2lunch: If you curse them how can you expect them to aid you?

MH: I prayed, and that didn't work.

Jeysie: I'm done. Lunchie, you're up.

Out2lunch: Can i smite her with my sword and then dash into the corner?

Jeysie: If you want to hit her with your sword, you need to step towards her, which would take up your move action. However...

Jeysie: No, arming your bow would be a move action, too. Although if you shoot her you can stay put away from her.

Out2lunch: Then i step back and arm my bow.

Jeysie: OK.

MH: Kill that bitch!

Jeysie: Do you attack?

Out2lunch: Sure.

Jeysie: OK. Roll Missile.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 6 <Total: 6(+1) = 7>

Jeysie: You have... I was going to say, you have Point Blank Shot, but you still miss.

Out2lunch: Drat.

MH: Jeysie - i really hope you're not fixing the dice rolls.

Jeysie: Sure, I fixed them so that Lunchie and Nemesis would smash the hell out of my NPC.

MH: Maybe its just me then.

Out2lunch: Yes MH, it is you.

MH: Every dice roll is absolutely dismal.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru pulls back the string on her crossbow. "Don't get in my way, OK, Hiro?"

HMH: Hiro mutters under his breath, "Who do you think you're talking to? I'm a trained fighter!"

Jeysie: Khila'eru drops her sword for the moment, pulls out her crossbow, and lets fly. The warrior lady manages to knock the arrow off-course with her staff, but she still looks nervous.

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "It is just that I am not a very good shot with a crossbow."

Jeysie: (as OOC Hiro) "Yes, I noticed."

Nemesis: *just finishes eating 6 eggs*

Out2lunch: That's... a lot of eggs.

Nemesis: I was hungry.

MH: But 6 eggs??

Nemesis: I was starving. All I'd had today before that was a packet of crisps.

GameServ: Nemesis rolled 1d20: 18 <Total: 18>

Jeysie: Hit. Roll damage.

GameServ: Nemesis rolled 1d8: 3 <Total: 3>

Jeysie: OK, posing...

Jeysie: The warrior lady proves to be distracted enough by the arrow miss that she fails to dodge Ayaka's swipe. It connects solidly with her midsection, and she lets out a puff of breath as she puts her hands over her middle.

MH: Surely she would be bleeding by now.

Jeysie: You have guards on your weapons.

MH: Ohh.

Jeysie: They still pack a punch, but they don't draw blood.

Nemesis: Damn. After 6 eggs and a bag of popcorn I'm STILL hungry. *has another bag of crisps*

Jeysie: Well, just to store up actions for when the netsplit fixes itself... Nem, are you going to take a move action? We'll post it once everyone returns, if you do.

Nemesis: Oh right I did didn't I?

Nemesis: * Ayaka pulls out her sword and tries to side swipe the female warrior as she steps towards her, smirking faintly, her eyes glittering strangely.

Jeysie: Well, a 5-foot step doesn't count towards either of your actions.

Nemesis: Oh right. Sorry.

Jeysie: Nah, it's OK. Combat always gives me a headache.

Jeysie: And apparently it gives the warrior lady a shoulder ache, tummyache, and headache.

-> Out2lunch has joined ag-chat

Jeysie: That's one person recovered from the other dimension...

<- Out2lunch has left ag-chat

Jeysie: Dammit. Netsplits suck.

MH: What exactly is a netsplit?

Jeysie: Techie explanation coming up...

Jeysie: OK. DarkMyst is a network of servers. Each server is a node, with data transfer connections between each node.

Jeysie: When you log into the network, you're "assigned" to a node. Each person may or may not be on the same node, but usually the connections between them keep the data synced. However, sometimes one or more of the node connections "break". When that happens, everyone who's on a node find themselves suddenly unable to communicate with people who are on the nodes who's connections have been broken. Everyone sees themselves in a "local" version of the channel, with no syncing possible. Then when the connections repair themselves, each node syncs back up with the others again, merging all the different channels back together.

MH: So, they're out in cyberspace somewhere, and they just need to keep re-connecting until they get back to us?

Jeysie: Or until the connections fix themselves, yes.

MH: A bit like Quantum Leap.

Jeysie: It's like we're all in parallel universe versions of the channel.

-> Out2lunch has joined ag-chat

MH: Is she or isn't she here?

Out2lunch: I can see you but you can't see me, is that the thing?

MH: We can all see you.

Jeysie: *waves her hand in front of Lunchie's face*

MH: *smacks her across the face*

Nemesis: *tackles Lunchie then smirks*

MH: While you were gone we RPed for you and i'm sorry to say that you got killed.

Out2lunch: Well that's a bit of a downer.

MH: That female warrior was a real hardass.

Jeysie: Not to mention that Kaji's Magic Missile backfired horribly.

Out2lunch: *shakes her head*

MH: Hehe - we're only joking.

Jeysie: Yeah. Magic Missiles can't backfire.

Out2lunch: Where is kaji? Still lost in cyberspace?

MH: Looks like it. It is just like Quantum Leap, but at least lunchie found her way home.

Out2lunch: I'm persistant.

MH: *wonders what happened to Kaji*

Out2lunch: Or stubborn, whatever...

Nemesis: He's still yet to come "home".

MH: He's obviously leaping from node to node...

Nemesis: Probably trying to get Al to bring him home.

Out2lunch: I think he is perhaps a bit less stubborn.

Nemesis: *falls over cackling*

MH: You mean AI.

BLusk: I think you guys need some serious smacking by Scott Bakula.

Jeysie: No ideas what to talk about?

Out2lunch: Nope.

Jeysie: I guess you never really did a "Getting to know you" session with me... then again, I'm not generally reticent with my opinions anyway.

Out2lunch: My mind is dry.

Jeysie: No questions? No things of confusion to ponder? No theories on when MH will actually hit something?

Jeysie: `eightball Will Hiro ever actually hit an enemy?

GameServ: Jeysie: It would take a disturbed person to even ask.

Out2lunch: What a day that will be.

Jeysie: `eightball Do the dice hate MH?

GameServ: Jeysie: Most likely.

Out2lunch: I always thought as much.

Jeysie: Kaji, you need to help us out here.

KajiFireson: Er... what am I doing now?

Jeysie: Helping us think of a topic.

KajiFireson: I'm supposed to tell you what to talk about? I'm not really too great with that sort of thing...

Out2lunch: Meh, neither are we.

Jeysie: BLusk and I usually sit around coming up with weird RP ideas.

Out2lunch: Like what?

Jeysie: The Divine Inspiration thing was funny...

Out2lunch: Do continue.

Jeysie: Didn't BLusk post that one already? The one where you call upon your deity to have them come down and give you an idea that's so crazy it just might work?

Out2lunch: Oh yeah. That was funny.

Jeysie: There was the idea of the Cleric that turns undead with Holy Root Beer...

Jeysie: We have this obsession with root beer now. And of course in Monkey Island root beer killed ghosts...

Out2lunch: Well it worked once didn't it?

Jeysie: So, Holy Root Beer is an obvious logical extension.

Out2lunch: Obviously.

Jeysie: Then there was the time that we were discussing the classes BLusk hasn't tried yet. I joked that he just needed to create one character that multiclassed all of them. Some of them had some serious alignment clashes, though. After noting that a Bard/Paladin mix wouldn't really work, I said, yeah, but, a non-bard Singing Paladin would be so cool.

Out2lunch: His enimies *would* flee in terror. I know i would at any rate.

Jeysie: Yeah, terror of his singing.

Jeysie: There was the notion of the Ice Cream Golem...

Out2lunch: If that's not an ill concieved idea, i don't know what is.

Jeysie: I also remember the time I admitted to BLusk that I had seriously considered having my Bard carry around a concertina.

Out2lunch: Brilliant! A polish bard.

Jeysie: Ranks in Perform(Concertina)? Hey, it worked for Judy Tenuta, Goddess of Love...

Out2lunch: Polka of inspire exuberence.

Jeysie: Dude, totally.