Finals at the Academy:Campaign/Chapter 07

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Chapter 7: Miss Tate, Warrior Prin... Er, Woman

"When we last left Our Party, they had been just about to enter battle with a denizen of the Tower of Trials... well, sort of."

The warrior woman continues looking at Hiro for a moment, then glances over at Khila'eru and relaxes her stance slightly. "A map? Of what?"

"The tower... or anything of interest, really."

"Well, if you want a map of the city, you can ask for one at the Information Office. But a map of the Tower? You really think we're going to make it that easy for you? Besides, I'm a scribe, not a cartographer!"

Khila'eru shrugs. "It was worth a shot..."

Ayaka narrows her eyes thinking, then chuckles, dryly. "Hmm..." she mutters, before she falls silent again.

The warrior woman gets back into her stance again. "So, do we battle or not?"

Khila'eru lets her lips curl quietly into a smile, then drops her pack and draws her sword. Hiro turns back to Pyralis and comments, "I hope you've got some good offensive spells to back me up here."

Pyralis smirks. "Offensive spells are my specialty, my friend."

Hiro eyes up his opponent, then lets out a mighty shout and tries to deal a roundhouse kick to her; however, she notices it coming and manages to dodge backwards just in time. "Not bad form," she says, "but not quite good enough either!"

Hiro snarls back, "I won't miss next time!!" The warrior woman merely smirks at him. He glares at her fiercely and takes up a defensive stance as he eyes her closely. "Come on then - show me what you've got!!"

The warrior woman takes a step to the left, swipes with one end of her staff, and manages to tag Khila'eru solidly in the waist, sending her reeling. However, when she goes to hit Hiro, he mimics her dodge move from earlier with a grin. The warrior woman looks slightly frustrated.

Hiro laughs at his opponent. "Nice try..."

"All right, maybe that was good enough," the warrior woman says grudgingly.

Ayaka watches, snickering slightly, but ready to attack herself. Pyralis stands at the ready as well. His quarterstaff is laying inactive, but, then, he has no plans to use it anytime soon.

Khila'eru, her side really smarting from the blow, points her finger and says in a commanding voice, "Nice hit... now, drop the staff!" Khila'eru's eyes flash with an odd light, as the warrior woman looks startled for a moment and drops her staff, in spite of herself.

She looks down at the dropped staff in dismay. "Wha... ?"

Ayaka watches intently, narrowing her eyes, while Pyralis raises an eyebrow and thinks to himself, "She cast Command... interesting choice."

Khila'eru finishes her command, "I wouldn't bother trying to pick it up for a while..."

"Argh!" The warrior woman says in annoyance, while Hiro and Ayaka snicker at her.

As Khila'eru readies her shield, Ayaka drops her pack, smirks, back-flips towards the warrior woman, and then spins round in a jump-spinning hook kick. Unfortunately, she misjudges the transition from her back-flips to the kick, and her foot whiffs too far in front of the warrior woman's back. Ayaka mutters an Elven curse under her breath.

Pyralis takes a step to the north to create a clear path between himself and the warrior woman, then points his finger out in front of himself and shouts the incantation for a ray of frost. The warrior woman catches the flash of light out of the corner of her eye and manages to duck just in time with her hands over her head. The spell goes past and splats uselessly against the far wall, leaving a chill in the air.

Pyralis furrows his brow in frustration and thinks, "That's it... you may have dodged the Frost this time... but next time, we'll see how you fare against my more advanced spells..."

Hiro tries to land a solid blow on the warrior woman, but fails to wait long enough after Pyralis' attack. His fist sails over the warrior's head as she makes her ducking motion. As the woman peeks up at him from under her arms, he glares at her and rights himself back into a defensive stance. "Hmm, it seems we are equally matched!"

"Yes, thanks to your friend, there." The warrior woman glares at Khila'eru. "Not for long, though!" She grabs up her staff and starts to stand back up...

As she does so, Hiro sees an opening and launches a kick aimed at the woman's head. Ayaka smirks a bit and tries a jump-spinning roundhouse kick herself, while Khila'eru brandishes her longsword.

The warrior woman manages to deflect Hiro's kick with her recovered staff. However, the ladies take advantage of her distraction to plow into her. Khila'eru swings her sword solidly into the warrior woman's left shoulder, still leaving a good mark even with the guard in place. The warrior woman is staggered to the right, where she meets up with Ayaka's foot on the side of her head.

She reels for a moment, looking as if she's not sure which part of her body to grab in pain first, then finishes standing up. She warily takes a step backward at an angle. "OK... ow... maybe you ladies should give some lessons to your friend over there..."

Ayaka snickers softly, while Hiro catches his breath and flashes another evil glare toward the warrior. Khila'eru, meanwhile, drops her sword for the moment and pulls out her crossbow. "Don't get in my way, OK, Hiro?"

Hiro mutters under his breath, "Who do you think you're talking to? I'm a trained fighter!"

Khila'eru pulls back the string on her crossbow and lets fly an arrow. The warrior woman manages to knock the arrow off-course with her staff, but she still looks nervous.

"It is just that I am not a very good shot with a crossbow," Khila'eru notes to Hiro a bit dryly.

Ayaka pulls out her sword and tries to side-swipe the warrior woman as she steps towards her, smirking faintly, her eyes glittering strangely. The warrior proves to be distracted enough by the arrow miss that she fails to dodge Ayaka's swipe. It connects solidly with her midsection, and she lets out a puff of breath as she puts her hands over her middle.

"Not bad," she wheezes. She's still standing, but looks decidedly out of sorts.