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Chapter 6: Rage Against the Machine

Jeysie: BTW, my computer is kinda sluggish with all the stuff I've got open, so if I ever seem slow, that might be part of the trouble.

Nemesis: OK.

Jeysie: Plus my brain is a little sluggish, too.

KajiFireson: Okay, experienced D&D peoples, I have a question: I can have two level 6 Sorc/Wizard spells, but I am provided with three choices: Globe of Invulnerability, Chain Lightning, and Disintegration. What do I do?

MH: I like chain lightning personally.

KajiFireson: Well, me too, especially since my character is mainly an evoker.

MH: What does disintegration do?

KajiFireson: A thin, green ray springs from your pointing finger. You must make a successful ranged touch attack to hit. Any creature struck by the ray takes 2d6 points of damage per caster level (to a maximum of 40d6). Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this spell is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. A disintegrated creature's equipment is unaffected.

MH: Ahh, ok - i'd take that one too - i like offensive spells.

Jeysie: I'd go with Chain and Disintegrate myself, if only because Globe doesn't seem all that useful.

KajiFireson: Yes... I was hesitant to give up Globe of Invulnerability, but with several front-line peoples to distract, I think you are right. Chain and Disintegrate it is.

Jeysie: Crap, looks like MH, Kaji, and Nem all left GT...

Jeysie: While Lunchie signed in.

Out2lunch: I know, i scared them off.

Jeysie: HaRK just told me that in the cartoon he's watching the main character is battling a little girl ghost named "Lunchbox".

Out2lunch: hahaha Some people have no taste in names.

Jeysie: If MH can manage to beat his GT connection into submission, we can get everyone's name changed and in the Story channel and get started.

Out2lunch: WooHoo!

KajiFireson: Hm... my GT connection could use some beating as well... but hopefully I'll be able to handle that myself...

MH: I'm trying...

Jeysie: *gets MH a new ISP*

Out2lunch: *gets distracted by something shiny and wanders off*

<- MH has left ag-chat

Jeysie: Whoops.

-> MH has joined ag-chat

Jeysie: Lunchie, which client are you running?

Out2lunch: Opera.

Jeysie: Cool, me too. It's pretty easy to set up.

MH: Me too, but it just froze on me.

Out2lunch: Your ISP really stinks MH.

MH: I know.

Jeysie: He's using AOL.

Out2lunch: The horror!

MH: It was convenient - i got a free months subscription when i got this pc.

Out2lunch: Too bad they give it away because they can't sell it.

Jeysie: OK, is everyone all present and GTd and everything?

Nemesis: Yeah.

KajiFireson: *nods*

Out2lunch: Indeed.

MH: Lets get goin!

Jeysie: About bloody time... er... I mean... YAY!

Jeysie: Intro: "When we last left Our Party, they had all gathered around a table in the Town Library to find out about the Tower they're about to go testing in, from the supposed resident expert."

Jeysie: (as OOC Narrator) "This of course was after two weeks of down time, in which many sessions of Gin Rummy, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Bridge, and Hearts were played, and a person who shall remain unnamed was whacked about the head for suggesting Strip Poker."

Out2lunch: Gee, i wonder who that was...

MH: Yes, who was that exactly?

Nemesis: O_o

KajiFireson: If you don't like me using color [red text] IC, tell me and I will stop.

Jeysie: I can read that particular shade all right.

Out2lunch: What is it with wizards and red anyway?

KajiFireson: Well... in my particular case, it's my close association with fire that prompts the red, regardless of class... besides, I'm not a wizard... I'm a sorceror.

Jeysie: Red is the color of energy and passion... makes sense that a spellcaster fond of offensive spells would prefer it.

KajiFireson: Hm... I like that. I always associated it with my pyro-ness, but I like that better, I think.

Jeysie: Cassidy smiles slightly himself, then clasps his gloved hands in front of himself on the table and says quietly, "So, what do yeh ken about this place already?"

Out2lunch: What is it that we know again jeysie?

Jeysie: Ya see... there's these things called "story logs", that I send you all...

KajiFireson: *grumbles* "Going to go and make us work a little... bah!"

Out2lunch: I relize, but couldn't you mabey narrate that we "tell him what we know"?

KajiFireson: Where's the fun in that?

Jeysie: I could, though that takes away some opportunities for RP.

Out2lunch: But i'm feeling lazey...

MH: Wizard, tower, magical artefact blah blah blah...

Out2lunch: That sounds good. say that.

Jeysie: We haven't RPed in two weeks... I think you can survive a little work.

Out2lunch: I don't think we can.

Jeysie: Besides, I need some dialogue to respond to anyway if we're going to have something approximating a conversation.

Out2lunch: Oh fine then...

MH: Hiro turns to Cassidy - "We don't really know that much apart from the fact that the Tower is occupied by a poweful wizard, and that somewhere within its walls we will find a magical artefact of great power."

MH: There you go. Trust the man to take control.

Nemesis: lol *miaw*

MH: (as Hiro) "We were hoping you could tell us more."

(as Khila'eru) "That and the whole 'test' thing..."

Jeysie: (as Cassidy) "Well, I cannae help yeh with yer test at all, that's yer own thing, I'm afraid."

Nemesis: Ayaka nods in agreement. "But you can tell us more about the tower yes...?"

Jeysie: Cassidy nods. "I can at that."

Out2lunch: So that we might flee in terror...

MH: So *you* might.

Out2lunch: *I've* got my god to protect me, i'm just worried about the rest of you.

MH: I've got my fists. And my super fighting abilities.

Jeysie: Might want to tell GameServ that.

Out2lunch: Jeysie, can i use sence motive on Cassidy?

Jeysie: Give me a moment, then, yes. Roll it now, for the moment.

GameServ: Khila'eru rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19(+4) = 23>

Out2lunch: I kind of wanted to know if his intentions are honorable.

Jeysie: Ah. You could ask him.

Out2lunch: But i want him to think that i think that his intensions are hororable.

Jeysie: You could possibly ask him why he's telling you this.

Out2lunch: Well... i didn't think of that.

Out2lunch: Jeysie, might turning off or destroying this machien end up killing cassidy?

Jeysie: You can ask.

Out2lunch: You and your twisty answers. Harumph.

Jeysie: Hey, I'm channelling Cassidy right now. Where's the fun in answering OOC?

Out2lunch: I'm trying to use my years of magical training, but it's hard sence i haven't actually had any.

Jeysie: I'd note for the record that Khila still has [Cassidy's] necklace.

KajiFireson: I will assume then, that because you have noted this, that it will become significant later.

Out2lunch: Wait, what necklace?

MH: (as Hiro) "Surely you don't think that he would have wished this fate upon himself?"

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "It matters not what he 'wishes'. It is his actions which carry the weight."

MH: (as Hiro) "All that matters now is that we put an end to this evil regime." Hiro holds out his hand. "Come, let's go back inside and find a way to end this madness!"

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "You don't even know what he's done."

MH: (as Hiro) "I don't know what who has done?"

MH: Aargh, Lunchie, give me a break.

Out2lunch: I'm full of rightous anger here. I can't just let that go.

MH: Arent you a rogue?

Out2lunch: A cleric. One step removed from a palidin.

Jeysie: Ayaka's the rogue, dearie.

MH: Sorry, i was thinking that you were a rogue, that must be Nem then?

Nemesis: *nods*

MH: I found it really strange that you [Khila'eru] were getting so worked up. I didnt realise she was such a goody goody.

Jeysie: She *is* Chaotic Good. As is Pyralis, for that matter.

KajiFireson: I am back.

Jeysie: Khila's still in righteous anger mode, and Ayaka's outside eavesdropping.

Nemesis: She's not eaves dropping she's not even listening she's lost in thought... and bleak black memories.

Jeysie: Ah, oops. My bad.

MH: Hiro walks away toward the doors and observes Ayaka slumped against the wall. "Are you okay?"

Out2lunch: Hey, you stole my idea.

Jeysie: I did?

Out2lunch: No MH did.

MH: I'm sorry.

Out2lunch: No biggie.

MH: But what did you expect me to do? You asked to be alone so i went back to the library and saw Nem.

Out2lunch: Nah, i was just going to be roommatey, but i was too slow.

Nemesis: Ayaka gives herself a shake then looks up at Hiro. "Cassidy's touch reminds me of someone... Someone I thought was lost long ago." She swallows hard. "Someone I hope is still lost." She trembles a bit and looks away. "We have to help him."

Jeysie: *raises an eyebrow at Ayaka's comment and offers* "Cripes, I'm even more psychic than I thought..."

Nemesis: Hmm?

Jeysie: Dunno, just found it odd that one of my ideas for Cassidy inadvertently was similar to part of your idea for Ayaka.

Nemesis: *chuckles* I see.

Jeysie: I.E. I figured the effect would be creepy, but I didn't know it would be *that* creepy.

MH: Is khila back inside [the Library] then?

Out2lunch: In and sat.

MH: Lunchie - you havent moved your pig back inside.

Nemesis: *pog

MH: I know - i just like calling it *pig*.

Nemesis: *notes that Ayaka opened up to Hiro more than she has done in front of any one else*

MH: That's because Hiro is a really nice guy.

MH: So Jeysie, where's the office? Its not labelled in gt?

Jeysie: See the doors right at the right-hand edge of the marble counter? By Assistant Librarian #2?


Nemesis: Hiro's in wardrobe again?

MH: Sorry - i forgot to mention my wardrobe fetish.

Out2lunch: What is it about that closet MH?

MH: I don't know - i just seem to have an affinity for dark spaces.

Jeysie: So is anyone actually in the wardrobe, or are you just goofing around?

MH: Sorry - goofing.

Jeysie: No need to apologize, just wanting to know what everyone's up to.

Out2lunch: (OOC) Khila'eru pushes hiro down the stairs. "You first."

MH: (OOC) Hiro glares back. "Stop that."

MH: How do you know its down? We may be going up - it is a *tower* after all.

(after swapping GT maps)

MH: *quivers* I don' t like the look of the warrior [pog].

Nemesis: *shudder*

MH: Hiro eyes the woman up and down, taking in the red hair with a sly smile. "We are on a quest to enter the Tower, can you be of assistance?"

Jeysie: She twirls the staff a bit. "Sure I can be of assistance... but you'll have to best me in combat, first. You know how it goes." She winks and gives a sly smirk.

MH: Oh bugger.

MH: Jeysie, i can't die here can i?

Jeysie: *quirks an eyebrow but says nothing*

Jeysie: OK, following in the trend of my other group... what was Good, what was Bad, and what was Ugly?

MH: I was good, gt was bad and er, ugly... take your choice.

Out2lunch: Good: the bookboy's story.

Out2lunch: Bad: the anoyingly tempting wardrobe.

Out2lunch: Ugly: the actions of the evil enchanter.

KajiFireson: Good: Backstory and lunchie's righteous outburst (good in a well-RPed way, of course). Bad: Gametable would definitely fit into that category... Ugly: MH+wardrobe=???

MH: ??? Its dark and quiet - mmmm... nice.

Nemesis: It's small and cramped and...

Nemesis: Yeah...

Nemesis: *shuts up*

Jeysie: Any theories, questions, wonderments?

Nemesis: Theories? I gave you mine earlier. I think more of Ayaka's history is going to come out too.

KajiFireson: I still think that Cassidy's necklace is significant... and, in response to Nem--I've already told you my character's backstory... *sweatdrop*

Jeysie: But anyway. Any thoughts, theories, wonderments from Lunchie and MH?

Nemesis: My second theory is that some where in the tower there is a... Boggart.

Out2lunch: Thoughts: I should probobly take a closer look at that necklace.

Nemesis: Third theory if not a boggart i figure that ayaka has met the bad guy. Or at least someone like him.

Out2lunch: Theories: that the bookboy is not to be trusted.

Nemesis: Cassidy worries ayaka too.

Out2lunch: And that the wardrobe is more for down than up.

MH: It does seem strange that Cassidy has been here all this time - he seems to be more like a guardian of the tower than a mindless servant. Almost as if he actually lures people into the tower.

Out2lunch: Wonderments: the lack of public reaction to my boystarusness.

Jeysie: Heh, yeah, I got a bit distracted.

MH: Jeysie, if you're going to be here for a while, can you please forcibly kick me out if i'm still here at 5am?

Jeysie: OK, I've always wanted to try my op powers on a willing butt anyway.

Jeysie: That reminds me... dunno if you remember said chat, but Cassidy was one of the results of my starting with a very simple idea and asking "Why?" and "What if?"

Nemesis: Oh yes. I remeber.

Jeysie: But there's a fair bit of stuff I added in on the fly, too.

Jeysie: That's why I tend to be character-centric... once you "know" a character, you can have an idea of how they might react to different things, even if the other folks do stuff ya didn't expect.

Jeysie: Which is pretty much all the time.

MH: It was probably the most interesting session so far.

Jeysie: Well, this was the bit where the adventure really gets into swing, TBH. The rest was intended to just be setup, for the most part... and it took several sessions longer than I thought it would thanks to the Karm/Redhill wackiness. It wasn't supposed to drag out quite this long.

MH: *chuckles and remembers his early d&d adventures*

Jeysie: So, what were your fave bits so far?

MH: Its all been good, but i enjoyed the stuiff with Khila and the elven chocolates.

Jeysie: I had fun watching that unfold. I like it when you guys add in details I didn't think of.

MH: It was hard to get used to lunchie's rp style at first , but now its quite fun.

Jeysie: What style is that?

MH: I think its called *sarcasm*

MH: Or possibly sarcasm/flirting.

KajiFireson: *laughs uncontrollably* "Heh heh heh... I am going to have much fun in the new D&D campaign that starts for me tomorrow..." (Yeah... off topic, I know... I just want to see how you will react to the news.)

Jeysie: What sort of campaign?

KajiFireson: It's just your basic D&D campaign... well, we start at level 13, but otherwise, it's basic D&D... but I will have much fun. Wanna' know why?

MH: Not really.

KajiFireson: Oh... are you sure? I thought you might get a kick out of the idea...

MH: Ok then. *was only kidding*

KajiFireson: Well... being difficult like I am... I will just quote my DM at first... to see who gets the reference. <Neco_On_White_Fire> Right then. You are now the proud owner of a ranting mini-griffon.

MH: *ducks as the refernce flies over his head*

Nemesis: Huh? OWW! *gets smacked by the reference but doesn't get it*

Jeysie: *is a bit clueless as well*

KajiFireson: *raises an eyebrow* "Oh... no one? I must initiate you then!"

Jeysie: That reminds me... assuming Nem thinks it'll work in her idea, you're [Kaji] entitled to a sorceror's familiar as soon as you can afford one.

Nemesis: Hmm? Oh yes. It might.

Jeysie: That reminds me I need to ask the DM in my other group if *I* get one. I was thinking of having a weasel named Ronald.

Nemesis: I think I want a ferret called Draco.

Jeysie: *grins*

Nemesis: *falls over laughing*

Nemesis: You need something dirty for the mudblood tho. Maybe a pig?

Jeysie: Aw, Hermione's not that bad.

Nemesis: She's a gryffindor.

Nemesis: <- is a slytherin.

Jeysie: <- Is a Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff leanings.

Jeysie: Though I do think [Hermione] and Ron are a complete mismatch.

Nemesis: Yes. I think her and draco would be a good match.

Nemesis: Or her and harry.

Nemesis: Or harry draco.

Nemesis: Oooh yes.

Nemesis: harry <> Draco

Nemesis: *drool*

KajiFireson: *shudders*

Nemesis: Kaji here is Ravenclaw I think it is.

MH: Stop with the Harry potter refs please.

Nemesis: Eep sorry.

Jeysie: I think I'm Ravenclaw, but every test I take puts me in Hufflepuff, so... who knows?

Jeysie: And, heh! Sorry...

MH: *pounds his head in bewilderment*

Jeysie: Although to be fair, you and Lunchie did dish Rice the other night...

MH: Ah, sorry - you do have a point.

KajiFireson: I will only say one more thing about HP, and that is only to confirm Nem's suspicions about Kaji=Ravenclaw.

Jeysie: But yeah, I like the Weasleys. Sweet personality + red hair = what's not to like?

Nemesis: They're ok. It's the DUHrsleys I want dead. They are so bloody annoying.

Jeysie: Maybe Arthur would be a better name, considering my sorceror's personality.

MH: If they were girls with red hair they would be more attractive.

Nemesis: *lol*

Jeysie: Well, Ginny's cute.

Nemesis: Oh yes, she is. She'd be a good match for draco.

MH: *frowns* She is very young though.

Jeysie: Well, most of the HP characters are a little young for you.

MH: *chuckles*

Jeysie: Molly's nice, but not what I'd call sexy.

MH: Is molly the ghost?

Jeysie: Molly's the Weasley matriarch.

Nemesis: The ghost girl that's... oh oh gods what's her name.

MH: Who's the ghost?

Nemesis: The ghost girl is myrtle.

KajiFireson: Molly != ghost; ghost = Moaning Myrtle

Jeysie: The ghost girl is Myrtle.

MH: Thats it!

MH: *quickly looks around - "not that i have any interst in harry potter!"*

Jeysie: I like guys with red hair, but there aren't many, so I don't mind redheaded ladies either.

Jeysie: Like Jean Grey or Mary Jane Watson in the movies. Mrow.

MH: I must admit that i have a preference for red hair, but if its on a man, then he will be made fun of!!

Jeysie: You Brits are so awful about red hair. Not that redheads don't get their fair share over here sometimes... the phrase "red-headed stepchild" comes to mind.

MH: As i said - red hair on a girl is incredibly sexy, but on a man - then he is a geek.

Jeysie: But I like geeks.

MH: Maybe, but a geek with spots and spectacles? I think not.

Jeysie: Well, geeks with glasses, yes, I like.

MH: And red hair?

Jeysie: And red hair.

MH: *shudders*

Jeysie: My ex-boyfriend was a geek with red hair, glasses, green eyes, and freckles. I had a crush on him for years before we dated.

MH: I'm a geek, but fortunately i don't have red hair, spots or glasses.

Jeysie: No glasses? *pouts*

MH: Sorry - i have 20/20 vision.

Jeysie: As for spots... considering I have a crapload of acne myself, despite my best efforts, I'm in no position to complain.

Jeysie: But anyway. Yeah, I know about the general Brit attitude towards redheads... I factored that in.

Jeysie: Although the warrior lady is meant to be more of a cheesy reference.

MH: I don't care, as long as i beat her. *Then* we'll see what happens.

MH: My natural hair colour is very light brown/almost blond but i have dyed so many times with so many coplours that my true colour is virtually non-existent.

MH: In fact i think i've gone through the rainbow.

MH: Lets see...

MH: I've been black, blond, red, purple, pink, orange, green, and sometimes with braids - i'm pretty sure my hair is dead now.

Jeysie: I've dyed my hair various shades of auburn a few times, but for the most part dark brown hair isn't very versatile without some major money expenditure.

MH: There's a really cool thing called *bleach*, and once you've used it all the colours of the rainbow are open to you.

Jeysie: Yeah, but in order to do it enough to play with dark hair without turning your hair to wheat you need to go to a professional. Believe me, I've seen the results of dark-haired folks who tried self-bleaching. Twasn't pretty.

MH: hehe And thats why my hair is in a terrible condition.

MH: *realises that he sounds really gay when he talks about his hair*

Jeysie: Nah. I love it when a guy has cool hair. I hate buzz cuts and shaving and baseball caps and stuff.

MH: I think its because i grew up in a rock/grunge environment, so i always modelled my hair on my icons at the time.

MH: Although as a very young child, my icon was James Dean - eventually it grew into Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and *coughsMarilynMansoncoughs*

MH: I'm normal now.

Jeysie: Well, relatively speaking, anyway.

MH: Hey! I'm as normal as any other sci-fi obsessed freak.