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Chapter 5: The Tower of Trials

-> Out2lunch has joined ag-chat

Out2lunch: Woe, what are you guys doing here so eraly?

Out2lunch: Early even.

Out2lunch: That's right woe to those who show up early.

<- DhenSoll has left ag-chat

Out2lunch: Did i scare him away?

Nemesis: No idea.

Out2lunch: Those new pics at AG are really pretty.

Out2lunch: *sigh* so many games to play, so little time. I suppose i could be playing one now but i'm still too frustrated with it.

Out2lunch: *wonders if the others can tell that she's feeling a "little" hyper*

Nemesis: *s* *nods*

Out2lunch: *wonders this as she bounces off the walls*

Out2lunch: So, hi Nef. Dnd who might you be today?

Nefertiti: A CF char.

Out2lunch: What sort of chair?

Out2lunch: But seriously, CF?

Nefertiti: Crimson Feather.

Out2lunch: Well that clears that up.

Out2lunch: Wait, no it doesn't... *looks shiftily about the room* *feels the shame of her lack of experiance*

Nemesis: Crimson Feather is teh freeform RP I am in on this server.

Out2lunch: Ah, the plot thins...

Out2lunch: So are you a stranger? Or is this just your secret identity?

Nefertiti: <Nemesis

Out2lunch: Dang! You have alltogether too many aliases.

Out2lunch: *feels her ADD kicking in and changes the subject once more*

Out2lunch: So do any of you like anime?

Out2lunch: I don't know why but i just feel like yammering on insessently.

Out2lunch: *wonders if it's the chocolate pudding*

Nemesis: *hugs* *smiles a little*

Out2lunch: Just a little? Perhaps you need some chocolate pudding.

Out2lunch: *gives Nem a big bowl of pudding and a little spoon* *heaps whipped cream onto the pudding*

Out2lunch: Everything's better with whipped cream.

Out2lunch: So Dread eh? Is that for The Dread Pirate Roberts?

Dread: Erwha? (Or, in english: No.)

Out2lunch: Gasp! You don't know the dread pirate roberts?! The horror!

Dread: Somehow I am spontaneously eternally grateful for my ignorance.

Out2lunch: You have never seen The Princess Bride? That's... really kind of sad.

Jeysie: *agrees with Lunchie*

Nemesis: *thinks you guys need to read the books by Tad Williams called Otherland* And to read the Crimson Feather Website.

Out2lunch: Why's that?

Nemesis: It's... hard to explain. *nudges Dread* Help me here.

Out2lunch: Ah, give it a go.

Dread: *peers at Ky* "I did this yesterday already. Your turn."

Nemesis: Oh. Great. Thanks.

Out2lunch: And there are so many great lines in [The Princess Bride].

Out2lunch: "You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Out2lunch: "He's only mostly dead."

Out2lunch: And lets not forget the RoUS's

Nemesis: Uh what?

Out2lunch: Nothing. Do go on.

Nemesis: So. Any questions regarding the [Crimson Feather] site?

Out2lunch: Nope.

Nemesis: Cool. Interested in joining...?

Out2lunch: Sorry the last thing i need right now is another game.

Nemesis: Okies.

Out2lunch: 2 RPGs and 4 unfinished adventure games is more than enough to occupy my time.

Nemesis: I'm in... uhm ... *thinks*

Nemesis: IRC alone. 2-3 DNDs. 3 freeform ones... or is it four...

Nemesis: Then there's the RPing I do on the Mucks I go to with various chars.

Nemesis: I have 6 on one muck 4 on another 13 on another... and so on...

Nemesis: So I rp in about 20 different places. That's before I add the message board rpgs.

Out2lunch: So you don't sleep at all then?

Nemesis: Uhm... lol... I do actually.

Nemesis: Just very raggedly.

Out2lunch: That's actually kind of scary.

Nemesis: It is?

Out2lunch: I would get lost and forget who i was playing.

Nemesis: I keep a careful note of all my chars. Or try to.

Out2lunch: But i have a pretty bad memory. Mind like a steel Colander i always say.

Jeysie: I'm not sure I could keep track of that many characters either, although I tend to be able to get into "the zone" once I get going in a session. Usually.

Jeysie: I'd like to find one more RPG to join, but I think that would be my limit.

Nemesis: Crimson Feather then Jeysie?

Jeysie: Heh! No, I just can't figure out freeform RP.

Nemesis: Oh?

Jeysie: I'm a reactionary person, mostly... I like to just state an action and then see what the DM said happened.

Jeysie: That's the hardest part of GMing for me.

Nemesis: It is?

Jeysie: Yeah, in that you guys do stuff, and *I* have to figure out what would happen.

Nemesis: I find DnD hard. Freeform's easy for me.

Nemesis: Like. If say...

Nemesis: *launches self at Dread*

Nemesis: Freeform I'd miss.

Nemesis: Maybe. 50% chance of missing.

Dread: *drops to the ground and rolls to the side in a peeeerfect dodge*

Nemesis: See. *giggles*

Nemesis: *hits the floor and yeouchies*

Dread: *then impacts with the wall*

Nemesis: AH lol.

Nemesis: But for Dnd I'd have to say what happened to the person when I pounced on them. Freeform is more like you're tellign a story.

Jeysie: Actually... you would still say you launched yourself at the person. You'd roll to see if you hit, and then the *DM* would say what happened.

Nemesis: Yeah. Eitehr way.

Jeysie: Whereas, with freeform, it's the players providing all the narrative.

Nemesis: Yeah.

Jeysie: Mainly, though, I like being able to roll dice, so I don't have to decide what would be "fair" and what wouldn't.

Nemesis: *nod* I can understand that.

Jeysie: I was utterly lost during your Outsiders session, though.

Nemesis: *chuckles* I was sorta lost too.

Hiro: God i'm dumb. I've just spent 5 minutes wondering where my nick had disappeared to, and then i remembered i'd changed it to Hiro.

Jeysie: A note on GameTable: Once I load a "real" map, make sure you only move your own pog, and if you draw any lines, use only your own color. Which color does everyone want to draw in?

KajiFireson: RED! Er... when i get it to work.

MH: Black.

Nemesis: RED

Nemesis: Damn. lol

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4>

Out2lunch: !@#$

Jeysie: The Dice Gods just don't like you today.

MH: You'd better be luckier when we actually get to fight - no losers allowed on this team.

Out2lunch: You're one to talk. *rubs her sholder*

MH: What!?! I rolled a mighty 7.

Jeysie: And a 1.

MH: Sshh....

KajiFireson: In one of the campaigns I'm in, I have the second lowest average on rolling d20s...

KajiFireson: Correction. I have the first lowest average...

Jeysie: Once we've got Nem sorted, we'll get started.

Out2lunch: *plays some music and sings along*

Jeysie: *feeds the cat and watches as her cat goes from comfy on bed to eating in 0.2 seconds*

Out2lunch: *is glad that the others can't hear her*

MH *uses his mind to hear the incredibly loud screeching noise - he thinks a gang of cats are fighting outside*

Out2lunch: And that's why you shouldn't poke your mind where it doesn't belong.

MH: *considers himself slapped*

Jeysie: Looks like Nem got GameTable sorted, so we're ready to start.

Jeysie: Cue the Sorceror!

KajiFireson: *considers himself cued*

Nemesis: MH what you doing in the wardrobe [in GameTable]?

MH: I don't know - it lookd kindda interesting.

Nemesis: Ah lol.

MH: I was looking for the door to Narnia.

Nemesis: lol

MH: I was a bit slow with that one.

MH: So, who has our quest info?

Jeysie: The barbershop.

MH: Oh yeah.

Out2lunch: MH: i'm not letting go of you untill you acknowledge my action.

MH: Oops - yes i'm here. Whats the problem?

Out2lunch: Read back up the logs a bit, i'm hanging from your neck.

MH: When were you hanging from my neck?

KajiFireson: She's been hanging off of you for over ten minutes.

MH: Ah sorry, you mean the *neck comment? To be more precise, why were you hanging off my neck?

Out2lunch: To get you out of your comfort zone and lighten you up. I really just wanted to see your reaction.

MH: Well, i'll consider myself extremely lightened then.

Out2lunch: It's just a bit disapointing if you don't actually react.

MH: Sorry, i must have missed trhe original action. But Hiro would probably have just pushed you away.

Out2lunch: You seem a little out of it today, everything ok?

MH: Do you ever have days when you really can't be arsed?

Out2lunch: Arsed?

Jeysie: Arsed = bothered.

MH: Sorry, english phrase - i mean when you don't really feel like doing anything.

Out2lunch: Oh. Yeah.

MH: Well, thats been one of those days for me...

Out2lunch: We all have days like that.

MH: I didnt think it was showing in here.

Out2lunch: Wait. So does that mean i should do more silly things to you or fewer?

MH: I'm actually feeling a bit better now, I don't mind you being silly.

Out2lunch: Cool i just didn't want to be the cause of any more "bother".

Nemesis: *hugs all*

Out2lunch: Hugs all around!

Jeysie: *buys everyone a round of hugs*

MH: BRB - call of nature.

MH: Ok, back.

MH: *feels very very relieved now*

Out2lunch: Eww. Wash your hands!


MH: Only joking, course i did!

Out2lunch: *laughs so hard she can't breath*

MH: *sniffs his scented hands*

Out2lunch: (as Khila'eru) "And what more can you tell us of this tower?"

MH: Hiro looks at the barber. "When you say power - do you mean magical power?"

Jeysie: The barber looks back at the script. "Hey, could you turn the page there? Yeah, thanks. Let's see... ah. The little lady's question first...

Out2lunch: Khila'eru glares at the barber. *if looks could kill*

Jeysie: Roll 1d20+Evil Look

Jeysie: (Just kidding.)

Out2lunch: hahaha

Out2lunch: "Little lady", honestly. I mean for one thing i'm 5'8".

Jeysie: (as barber) " 'The Tower is a strange place... it used to be a great wizard's workshop, until he vanished one day. He took most of his magical wonders with him... but they say there's still one magic item left. Unfortunately it's protected by all manner of guards, traps, and magical wards. You'll have to be very crafty to find it.' "

MH: Why is it that all wizards live in towers?

Nemesis: No idea.

Jeysie: Because it's fancy and pretentious. And because having adventurers quest through a south-facing penthouse apartment just isn't that exciting.

KajiFireson: When I get out of school, I'm going to be a sorceror who lives in an underground lair... just to be different.

Frederick: If I had a wizard, mine would live on a floating island in the sky. *sage nod*

Frederick: Which amounts to the same thing, really. High up and hard to reach.

MH: In all crpgs there is wizard in a tower.

Out2lunch: It's because they're celibate.

MH: Are wizards celibate?

Jeysie: Nah. Even if they're too ugly to get a date, they can always Summon Bimbo.

Jeysie: Er, it would take too long to open OpenOffice... MH, what's your character's quickie description again?

MH: Monk, what else do you want?

Jeysie: I mean, what do you look like?

MH: Ah, bald with black braided pony tail, blue eyes, 6ft.

Nemesis: *teases*

MH: Hard as nails.

Nemesis: Cute. Sorta. *twitches*

MH: Imagine a shaolin monk - kinda like that.

Nemesis: As I said. Sorta cute. But sorta scary too...

MH: Well yes, thats what i was hoping for.

Out2lunch: This group has a dirty slant to their minds.

Out2lunch: Or is that just me?

MH: Not just you... I mean, Nem cornered me in a wardrobe [in GameTable] for god's sake.

Nemesis: *blushes*

Jeysie: (as barber) "Now, for the other fella there, with the braid happening... nice braid by the way, Rufus'd probably approve. Eh, uh..." The barber scans the script. "They say that the item he left is the Magic Eightball of Truth... it has the power to let the possessor to see all information in creation, both past and future. As to why he left it, one wonders... although it's said that the Truth can drive a person mad."

MH: The magic 8ball of truth!

MH: *laughs and laughs and laughs*

Jeysie: Heh! I can explain...

Out2lunch: *cries with laughter*

Jeysie: After all the fun we had with the Eightball in here, I felt I just had to find a way to include it. I had considered making a "Summon Eightball" spell... but then figured that since I hadn't really settled on a quest item yet... sure, why not?

Nemesis: *g*

Out2lunch: Brilliant!

MH: *tries to talk whilst laughing* "I think it's a great idea."

Jeysie: Rufus addresses Khila. "There's a boy in the tower, works in the Library now. They found him when the town first started building in the tower a year ago. Says that there's a crazy wizard... not the one who made the place, but another one... who's immortal by some kind of machine and has been stealing townspeople to feed it. Says the ghosts of some of the people killed are still there... and some people have seen 'em."

Jeysie: (as barber) "Yeah, but only when he's around!"

Jeysie: (as Rufus) "Shh, Boss, I'm talking here."

MH: Aagh, sorry jeysie, but whenever you say "boss" in conversation it makes me think about Morte.

Jeysie: Morte used "Chief".

MH: Ahh, yes - its just the way you say it. I think i've just got morte stuck in my head at the moment.

Jeysie: Is that a bad thing?

MH: No, its funny.

Jeysie: Kaji, you had any luck in downloading Java?

KajiFireson: It finished downloading, but when I tried to install, it had some errors (though it did manage to install NetBeans, whatever the hell that is).

Jeysie: Hmm. What sort of errors?

KajiFireson: I don't know. It said check the log of the instillation, but I haven't had the chance yet.

Jeysie: So is Java installed, just with some errors, or did it not install at all?

KajiFireson: I don't think it did. I will try again later.

Jeysie: Drat.

KajiFireson: "The installer has found that J2SE Development Kit 5.0 Update 6 is already installed, but J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 was not found."

KajiFireson: WTF?

Out2lunch: [looking at GameTable pog labels] Townsperson #4, classic.

Jeysie: *coughs a little*

MH: *ignores lunchies insane whittering*

Out2lunch: Crazy am I?! I'll show you who's Crazy!

Out2lunch: MwaHaHahaha.

MH: Er, i think we know who's crazy here dearie.

Out2lunch: But i can't be that crazy, I didn't use enough exclamation points!!!

MH: You've just used 3 in a row - how crazy is that!?

Out2lunch: You're not truly crazy untill you're up to 5.

MH: Ok, so you're not truly crazy yet, but you are gettin there.

Nemesis: Uhm... is the new map loaded or has my GT crashed...

Jeysie: Hmm, what do you see?

Nemesis: Just the wardobe etc.

Jeysie: Hmm.

MH: Stop going on about that bloody wardrobe.

Nemesis: *eyes MH and giggles*

Jeysie: So what is everyone's status for GT usage?

Out2lunch: Hunky dory.

Nemesis: Ok here.

KajiFireson: Absolutely craptastic. But I'm trying.

Jeysie: Um, I have Pyralis standing on a table [in GameTable]?

KajiFireson: I thought that was how you signified sitting at it...

KajiFireson: [moves his pog on a chair] Is that better?

Jeysie: Yes. Mind you, if you want to stand on the table, you can... I'd just have to react to that.

KajiFireson: *is laughing at his own folly* "No... that was not my intention..." he manages to reply as he laughs at himself.

Out2lunch: Say jeysie, what would i have to roll to kill a cantalope?

Jeysie: Erm... let me see.

Out2lunch: And what kind of bonus would a sharp carving knife have against said melon?

Jeysie: OK... a cantalope would probably have an AC of 12. You'd hit it automatically with a melee weapon with a full-round action, and a +5 to ranged with a full-round action.

GameServ: Out2lunch rolled 1d20: 12 <Total: 12(+5) = 17>

Out2lunch: Sweet! I can already taste that jucy melon.

Jeysie: You go over to the other librarian that Khila isn't talking to and ask after what sort of books Monks might like. "You'd want the bookshelf about three left from the door, there..." The librarian points. "That's the section on martial arts-related tomes, if memory serves."

MH: Jeysie - are you going to move me or do i need to do it myself?

Jeysie: You can generally move yourself, I don't mind, but in this case I'll stick you in the right spot, since I know it.

MH: Oops, that was like the total opposite direction that i would have gone.

Jeysie: Well, that's three left from the door.

MH: Well yes, but if you look at the screen - 2 left from the door is the opposite direction.

Jeysie: You're not accounting for the librarian's perspective from the counter.

Out2lunch: It's just your other left.

KajiFireson finally gets bored and gets up, perusing an unoccupied shelf at random.

Jeysie: You might want to try doing that IC.

KajiFireson: Oops.

Jeysie: You head over to the bookboy. He notices your attention, swallows, and pretends to be occupied looking at his pile of books.

Out2lunch: So what does this book boy look like? Does he have red hair by any chance?

MH: He's probably spotty with glasses. And he'll be scared of girls.

Out2lunch: Oh, but not as scared as he'd be of you.

MH: Scared of me? why would that be?

Out2lunch: Never mind, that was pretty poor anyway.

Out2lunch: Khila'eru smiles at the boy in a reasuring way.

MH: Hiro watches in amusement as Khila flirts with the bookboy.

Out2lunch: It is a good thing that you've been locked away from the world for 20 years, Hiro.

MH: Oh - why is that? I might be naive but i still know when someone is flirting.

Out2lunch: Because otherwise i wouldn't chalk your comments up to naivety. *rolls her eyes*

MH: hehe I'm just tring to play my char right.

Nemesis: And I'm tired. My shoulder is killing me too.

MH: Sorry Nem, what happened to your shoulder?

Nemesis: Bashed it yesterday friday - fell out of bed. Bruised it.

Jeysie: Eep.

Nemesis: Right in the spot I broke it more or less.

Out2lunch: I'd ask how you managed that, but i may not want to hear the answer...

MH: *chuckles at the thought of Nem falling out of bed*

Nemesis: I fell off a horse... over... uh... let me think.

Nemesis: 12 years ago or so.

Nemesis: And bounced.

Nemesis: Twice.

Out2lunch: Ouch.

Nemesis: Big horse too. About 15 hands.

MH: Was this a giant horse?

Nemesis: Ah hand = 4 inches. No 15 hh isn't that big really. Giant is liek 21 hands.

Jeysie: 60 inches = 5 feet... that's still pretty large.

Nemesis: That from the ground to the shoulders.

Nemesis: And the horse had been cantering so it's more.

Nemesis: And I lost my stirrups.

MH: So have we persuaded you to stay? If your shoulder is hurting then you can just type with your other arm.

Out2lunch: Or get acupuncture.

Nemesis: That's needles! *hides*

Out2lunch: Best thing in the world for pain. And they don't hurt! Really.

MH: Or i could come round and *snap* your shoulder back into place.

Nemesis: *shivers*

MH: I go to this really good osteopath in Lancaster - whenever i'm in pain he justs twists me and snaps my spine and i'm in heaven for a few days.

Nemesis: Doesn't it hurt?

MH: Oh god it hurts!!!!

Nemesis: Oh forget it then. *shudder*

MH: But afterwards it feels so good.

Out2lunch: And the needles are very very small.

Nemesis: They're still needles

Out2lunch: No thicker than a hair. And you don't even feel them. Honestly. And i *hate* getting shots.

Jeysie: OK, Lunchie, MH, move your pogs, and we'll call it a wrap so we can get to session opinions and hand out XP and stuff and get back to chiropractors.

MH: Where are we moving to?

Jeysie: The table with all the pogs at it.

MH: Ah yes i've seen it now.

Nemesis: That was a good session.

Out2lunch: Weird session.

MH: Weird sums up tonight's session.

Jeysie: Any details other than weird?

KajiFireson: Once we got Gametable to work, it was sweet.

MH: Oh god - trying to get GT to work was like a whole new campaign.

KajiFireson: You are preaching to the choir...

Jeysie: I didn't realize it would be *that* much of a hassle, I apologize...

Out2lunch: Once again, it's funny because it's not me.

Jeysie: So, I want to gauge how well I'm doing with details and whatnot. Anything you're curious/puzzling/guessing about so far considering the plot and such?

Out2lunch: You're not going to kill us right? Because that woud be a real downer.

Jeysie: Uh... well, if you're clever/smart, you won't get killed.

Out2lunch: Oh no, we're all going to die!

Out2lunch: So Hughes, how do you pronounce your first name [Pyralis]?

MH: I would have thought "peeralis"?

KajiFireson: *is pronouncing it as (p*long i*r-AL-is)*

Out2lunch: But what if it's pie-er-all-ees.

MH: Lunchie - don't be awkward.

Out2lunch: I'm always awkward

MH: I've realised that.

Out2lunch: So it's pie-er-alice?

Jeysie: I thought Pie-rah-lis myself.

KajiFireson: And Jeysie would be correct.

Out2lunch: Well it's a good thing i asked then.

Jeysie: Hey, I pronounced something right for once!

MH: i should have been clearer - i thought pee-rah-lis. Oh well.

KajiFireson: Well... MH gets a near second place.

MH: Woohoo!!

Out2lunch: And i'm dead last! Hooray!

MH: *sniggers*

Out2lunch: I mean i was *miles* off.

Out2lunch: Or kilometers for you brits.

KajiFireson: Well, you were close, too. If you had combined the Pie-er into one syllable, you would have been really close.

MH: And that's why i was sniggering (sarcastically)!!

Out2lunch: *sniggers just to see what it's like*

MH: Lunchie, Lunchie... you do have a lot to learn.

Jeysie: BTW, weird is more or less what I was going for. Not *everything* in the campaign is funny.

MH: I was just amused by the way you usd the word chief - it really did feel to me as if it was something morte would say.

Jeysie: Boss.

MH: I was just amused by the way you usd the word boss - it really did feel to me as if it was something morte would say.

Jeysie: That's better.

MH: Sorry, i've been playing planescape so much recently that it's getting hard to differentiate betwen the real and the game world.

Out2lunch: I'm sure we've all been there.

MH: Even in my dreams i see morte bobbing up and down, and making some odd comment.

Out2lunch: Sometimes i put down a book and it's the real world that feel fictional for a bit.

KajiFireson: I don't have that problem... my typical reading material is too fantastical.

Out2lunch: The level of fantasticality has never hindered me in acheaving that state. In fact it sometimes makes it worse.

Out2lunch: Um, that's *really weird* isn't it?

MH: *nods*

Out2lunch: So, anyway. what was it that you like to read Kaji?

MH: We'd all like to know.

KajiFireson: *is a huge (almost too huge) fan of the Harry Potter series, and he also enjoys the Dragonriders of Pern, LOTR, and other such things* I got a kick out of "There and Back Again...".

Jeysie: Gratuitous references are my speciality.

Out2lunch: The more gratuitous the better i say.

Jeysie: I used to have an illustrated children's book of either The Fall of the House of Usher or Masque of the Red Death, I can't remember which off-hand.

Jeysie: Yes, a children's book, as weird as that sounds.

Out2lunch: That is pretty off the wall stuff to read a kid.

Jeysie: I was a morbid kid, creativity-wise. Used to freak out my teachers.

Out2lunch: It's no wonder, with your parents reading you Poe.

Jeysie: I also used to love poking around in the occult section of my elementary school library. No seriously, we had one.

Out2lunch: Did you ever raise the dead?

Jeysie: Nah, never got that far.

Out2lunch: Aww.

MH: With regard to "Tristan and Isolde" i'm looking forward to it beacuase its such a cool story - the hero kills a dragon and bathes in its blood which makes him immortal - he falls in love with a maiden, but ends up having to win her favours for his friend - eventually the secret is revealed, but it is all too late and teh hero and heroine both die.

Out2lunch: Wait the immortal guy dies? That's not very immortal.

MH: Yes, he has a weak spot - very similar to the way that Achilles dies in the Trojan Wars. Although, i think that Tristan's weak point was in his back?

Out2lunch: He baithed in blood and missed his back?

MH: Exactly! Or something like that

Out2lunch: *bangs her head against a wall* The man can kill a dragon, but he can't wash his own back. *sigh*

Jeysie: Of course. He's a guy.

MH: I seem to remember that he bathed in the dragon's blood but he missed a spot.

Out2lunch: Anyone that dim doesn't deserve to be immortal anyway.

Out2lunch: Hey but this just goes to prove my earlier point: the basic fantasy story hasn't change sence Beowulf.

Out2lunch: You simplify just about anything enough and it almost always end up as: good person fights bad.

Out2lunch: And there may or may not be a love interest.

MH: Ok, a google search shows that the movie is actually based on the arthurian hero tristan rather than the norse hero. The concept is very similar but withiut the whole bathing in dragons blood thing.

Out2lunch: Well good i hate to see dragons die.

KajiFireson: Yes... from what I've heard, we prefer it if other things die at the hands (or claws) of dragons.

Jeysie: Yeah, there seems to be an obsession with dragons in this group.

MH: Hey, it was a bad dragon.

Out2lunch: But dragons are cool.

MH: I've killed tons of dragons in NWN.

Out2lunch: Cooler than the majority of knights.

MH: Although my monk has never killed a dragon, but my elven ranger has...

Out2lunch: Yes it's because dragons are, as stated earlier, cool.

MH: Don't get me wrong - i like dragons, but the satisfaction you get when you kill one is pretty undescribable.

Out2lunch: I'm pretty satisfied when i see a dragon eat a char-grilled knight.

Out2lunch: If only there were some place where you could get dragons and vampires.

MH: If you played the White Wolf world then yuo wouldnt be diappointed.

MH: If you played the White Wolf world then yuo wouldnt be disappointed.

Out2lunch: That was brilliant MH.

MH: What part was briliant?

Out2lunch: Sorry, i don't mean to be mean.

MH: I think you did.

Out2lunch: You added an 's' but you left yuo. I didn't even see the missing 's'.

MH: Hah! Oops.

Out2lunch: No, but really i don't intend to be mean. Sorry.

MH: Mmm...

Out2lunch: *cough* Most of the time that is...

MH: *snorts into his coffee*

Out2lunch: Let's see. I need a new book to read so, MH what's your favorite Rice book?

MH: Ooh anne rice ? Don't get me started - we'll be here for hours.

Out2lunch: Just one for now please.

MH: Have you read any of them yet?

Out2lunch: Nope. That's why i need some advise from an expert.

MH: Well, i have to say "interview with the vampire" - in my opinion its the most engrossing book of them all, although it wil give you a very bad opinion of Lestat. Lestat is not the villain he is made out to be, and in fact he turns out to be a very cool anti-hero later on.

MH: So - if you want to be a fan of lestat, then i suggest you read "the Vampire Lesta" - it describes how he came to be a vampire and from here on you really grow to love him.

Out2lunch: To the library home page! We have the greatest library system here, i can get just about anything.

MH: Buy the books, don't loan them - you can probably find them ridiculously cheap on amazon or ebay!

Out2lunch: But these are *free*. F-R-E-E

MH: Well yes, but you have to give them back.

Out2lunch: But for a month and i can get them out whenever i want. It's like their mine, but free.

MH: But you have to give them back

MH: But you have to give them back

MH: But you have to give them back

MH: !!!!

MH: !!!!

Out2lunch: Oh, 4 you're on the edge.

MH: Ah yes, but i'm not quite there yet!!!

Out2lunch: hahaha

MH: See? I'm not crazy...

Jeysie: !!!1!

Out2lunch: 1?

MH: But, Jeysie on the other hand???

Out2lunch: Gahh! She's nuts!!!

Jeysie: You needed exclamation points to figure that out?

MH: Thats a definite 5!!!

Jeysie: I obviously need to throw weirder stuff at you guys, then.

Out2lunch: It's the final nail in the metaphorical coffin.

MH: She's insane.

Jeysie: I have a couple King's Quest books, and Jane Jensen's novelization of the first Gabriel Knight game.

MH: Ooh, the jane jensen GK novel is great - it really reads like you're playing the game.

Jeysie: I wish I could find the GK2 novel, but it goes for ridiculous prices on eBay.


MH: Er GK2 novel?

Jeysie: Those are all the first game, which is pretty easy to find.

Out2lunch: Well fine. I'll look harder. Sorry.

Jeysie: I didn't mean to be, er, mean.

Out2lunch: What was the 2nd one called?

Jeysie: The Beast Within.

Out2lunch: Same author?

MH: Jane Jensen!

Out2lunch: S-A-M-E

Out2lunch: Not n-ame.

MH: Yes.

Out2lunch: Ok thanks.

Jeysie: Don't make me come between you two.

MH: Jeysie - i really don't know waht you're talking about.

MH: ................

MH: Abe's consists of loads of sellers who's heads are pretty much stuck up their arses!

Out2lunch: Only in the UK. They're pretty cool here.

MH: Do you think? I used to be listed on abe. Most booksellers are total snobs!

Out2lunch: And it's a central payment thing, you pay through abe's and they protect your info.

MH: The payment section is fine, but most of the sellers are tools!

Out2lunch: Dang, someone really pissed you off didn't they? I need to be more carful about not getting on your bad side MH.

MH: Don't get on my bad side - you won't like me when i'm angry...

Out2lunch: Somehow that statement doesn't hold the weight that it should...

MH: Hey!

Out2lunch: I'm sorry i know that i should fear your anger.

MH: Yes you should.

Out2lunch: *laughs and laughs*

Out2lunch: So did you get your book jeysie?

Jeysie: I might at some point... I'm a bit short of funds.

Out2lunch: But $6.80! And i thought i was cheap...

Jeysie: Well, if MH wants to run a WW campaign, I'm going to need to buy a sourcebook. Although admittedly I should be job-enabled by then.

MH: Although like WW i won't subject you all to it.

Jeysie: Oh, don't take that as a complaint. I'm willing to try any RP you're willing to DM.

Out2lunch: "Subject" sounds so nasty. "Enable" sounds better.

MH: Hmm - i suppose i would be interested in DMing a White Wolf Campaign - it would take a lot of setting up though.

Jeysie: Do what I do... work up a plotline in your head, then end up pulling out all the details on the fly because you can't think of anything beforehand.

Jeysie: (Just kidding... mostly.)

MH: Oh my god!! I see daylight out of my window. The only problem is that i don't feel tired yet.

Out2lunch: LOL I hate it when that happens.

MH: Hmm - its not funny. I really should be in bed - but i don't feel tired.

Out2lunch: No. See: it's funny, because it's not me.